The shot total war

Combat shotguns that were used in the fields of labor even in the last century, the positions do not pass

The emergence of new models of small guns in the power structures of — quite a rare event. And yet at times it happens all the same. A recent example — a special carbine KS-K, which began to flow in units of special forces of the Interior Ministry in 2009-2010.

In appearance the COP-K is very reminiscent Kalashnikov rifle, but in fact it is exactly, however, is not directly on the famous AK, and from a smooth-bore carbine "Saiga" — civilian branches of the genealogical tree of the known products on all continents of the Russian defense industry. Smoothbore carbine KS-K has a caliber of 18,5 mm or more than usual in this case the 12th. By the way, Russian law enforcement almost last in the world have similar smoothbore gun. But they use it (at least for now) commandos, while the PPP staff for the most part continue to do their duties with the AKS-74U. In the Armed Forces of guns and not at all. The question as to whether they are necessary intercessors Russia, is debatable. Although almost all countries have accumulated a very wealthy experience in implementing shotguns during different in terms of conflict and war.


The first combat smoothbore guns 12 gauge steel five-shot pump action Winchester model 1897 and 1912's, which had a bayonet mounts. Examining the course of battles between European armies in the criteria for positional Crisis World War II, the United States supplied their expeditionary force sent to France in 1917, a sufficient number of such guns. Shotguns intended for combat on small distances, first for "cleansing" of enemy trenches, since these criteria shoplifting long barreled rifle proved to be ineffective.

When to use rifles military officials of the Entente were noted prior to the arrival of American troops on the Western Front. Thus, in the period of the Entente Dardanelles operation (February 1915 — January 1916) be successfully carried out fire shotgun hunting shotgun one of the officers Australian contingent. After he almost shot off the heads of the men of the enemy, the Turkish command tried to appeal to the international rules of war, arguing his protests that shotgun — not a military weapon. In 1918, these samples have decided the Germans, but also of success have gained. On the part of the Kaiser's Germany, the first to use poisons, statements regarding the inhumanity of shotguns and ammunition canister looked, of course, is somewhat surprising.

Value canister rounds in melee explains the possibility of the unsighted but efficient high density fire at one point appearing targets. We can say that a pump-action gun, such a loaded ammunition, was the forerunner of the German response to the challenges of "trench war" — a submachine gun MP-18, began arriving in the German army in 1918. Meanwhile, on the Western Front as it became clear that the shotguns are very useful for fighting in the criteria for urban development. By the end of the First World War, the U.S. Army had 19,600 pump-action shotguns. South American Expeditionary Force at that time consisted of more than a million people, half of them turned out to be at the forefront. Solid counting allows you to find that one shotgun accounted for approximately every 25 th U.S. soldier who was at the front. If you take away the number of soldiers artillery, tank crews, pilots, it turns out that the infantry had several shotguns in the squad.

Pump action shotguns Americans and intensively used in the second world war, with all this with greater efficiency — in the Pacific theater. In the tropical undergrowth visibility was very limited and opponents could all of a sudden come across a distance no greater than a couple of meters 10, and specifically such distances — up to 50-70 m are effective for firing of guns of the shot and grapeshot ammunition. Pump action shotguns of different models were applied to the Yankees and all subsequent wars, including the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since 1999, the prototype of a single shotgun combat shotgun for all U.S. forces became self-loading rifle 12 caliber M1014 development of Italian firm Benelli. Although in service while also saved Mossberg 500 pump action shotguns and a Remington 870.

The carbine M1014

M1014 carbine has underbarrel tube magazine for 8 rounds 76 mm long. The mechanism of the automation — removal of gases in two symmetrically located under the barrel, gas cylinder. Locking barrel by turning the bolt. The gun has a pistol grip and a folding tubular butt. Length of guns in firing position — 1010 mm with folded butt — 886 mm, weight unloaded — 3.8 kg.

In the middle of other modern combat shotguns can be noted in South Africa developed a double-barreled pump-action shotgun NeoStead 2000, held in the British army tests SAS, and automatic combat shotgun AA-12 South American designer Atchissona, food which is made from a box or drum magazine.

Carabiner NeoStead 2000

Automatic combat shotgun AA-12

In addition to ordinary shotguns, grapeshot and non-lethal rounds at the current time, and more than developing technologically advanced standards, such as the family of bullets 12 caliber FRAG-12. Bullets have a length of 19 mm Expanding plumage and are presented in the following versions: high-explosive, high-explosive, cumulative. The effective range of fire such cartridges — 200 m cumulative armor-piercing bullet, according to the developers, punches armor plate width of about 10 mm. The use of cartridges with bullets FRAG-12 can significantly enhance the ability to combat shotguns. At the current time it is tested in the armies of the United States and England.

The composition of the double-barreled

It must be said that the benefits of combat shotguns — the effectiveness of the weapon at close range, the ability to solve a wide range of additional tasks ranging from vyshibaniya doors and ending with the delivery of special charges for different purposes, and they are immediately shortcomings. Fighter, armed with a smoothbore gun, because of its features in the criteria Firefight on average for assault rifles (machine) distances becomes ballast in their own division. Because in some kinds of cases, it is required to have both guns. That's why the U.S. has a very curious development. In the 80's the company Knight's Armament Company proposed to combat shotgun barrel-attached version under the title "Skeleton Key." Remington 870 shotgun with no stock, with a small (25 cm) barrel and a magazine with three rounds of the 12th cali-ra was mounted under the barrel of the M16 rifle or M4 carbine. How should the name of the main purpose of this module grenade was vyshibanie doors during sweeps populated Fri

Remington 870 shotgun without stock

The forthcoming development of the idea CAS office was shot underbarrel module M26, which began to enter the army in 2003. Compared with the "Passepartout" is a more ergonomic device, since the gate is driven by not moving with the gun, and the handle, located specifically on the bolt carrier. Meal made from a box magazine capacity of 3 or 5 r
ounds. In May 2008, the U.S. Army announced its intention to purchase 35 thousand modules M26.

Russian "HELLO"

In the Russian Armed Forces need to combat smoothbore guns not beheld. And a special tool for the police in the Soviet Union for a long time to develop, to a large extent on political grounds. But in the 70 years to the creation of non-lethal weapons to fire non-lethal ammunition in our country still started. Research Institute of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs Special equipment has taken on the design of tools created to deal with the massive mess in the prisons.

Apparently, in the Interior Ministry meant that it would have to be used not only in the "zones", but the official rationale for these works was particularly so. After the analysis of typical situations and international experience have been identified tactical and technical requirements. They anticipate the hit of tear gas, forming a cluster of unbearable concentration of approximately 30 cubic meters. m, in a square 50×50 cm at a distance of 100-150 m first seek samples do "little blood" and used for throwing gas grenades flare gun, but he did not have the appropriate accuracy.

By creating a new instrument connected TsNIITochmash. To achieve the desired accuracy, it was decided to create spetskarabin with a rifled barrel, and not to lay down an additional burden on the enterprises of the defense industry in the design of instruments introduced a shortened barrel and a lightweight automatic gun caliber of 23 mm. In the Interior Ministry carbine, received the designation KC-23, began to flow in the middle 80s. It has to be manually reset Pumping scheme underbarrel tube magazine for three rounds, unchanging butt. Length of the COP-23 — 904 mm, weight — 3.8 kg.

On the basis of operating experience carbine Interior Ministry officials have put forward a proposal to make it more small-sized instrument, as in the standard version to use it indoors proved to be very difficult. By the end of 1991 was designed rifle with a shortened barrel and a fairly simple tube attachable butt, designated KS-23M. There is also the option of KS-23-1 with a short barrel and vsepolnotsennym butt.

Initially, for the shooting of the COP-23 used two types of cartridges: "Bird cherry-7" with a grenade equipped with CN, and "Wave" with a training grenade. The ability of the rifle extended nastvolnymi two mortars — "Nozzle-6" caliber 36 mm and "attachment-12" 82-mm. With their shooting could be performed more massive gas grenades "Bird Cherry-6" and "Bird cherry-12." Then he was made patron, equipped with a spherical rubber bullet "Hello", designated "P-wave". In the upcoming rounds appeared to stun grenade grapeshot ammunition cartridges with tubular metal bullet to shoot at the wheels of cars and cartridge "Barricade" solid-pointed bullet, were intended to disable the engine and box car. There is also a cap OC-06 "Cat" for shooting ropes with grappling hook at a distance of 35 m and a height of 20 m

In the early 90-ies in the Tula Central Design Research Bureau of Sporting and hunting guns in the active order made smoothbore shotgun RMB-93 12-gauge. To achieve the most compact and easy employees TsKIB COO invented an extraordinary scheme of the mechanism of re-charge: at RMB 93 motionless detail is the gate, and feed a new cartridge and extraction sleeve to move forward trunk. RMB-93 has a pistol grip and folding up the butt. Length guns stock folded — 657 mm with barrel length 528 mm, weight — 2.6 kg. Capacity nadstvolnogo tubular magazine — 6-7 rounds. Distribution, but the gun RMB-93 has not received.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for a long time did not want to change the caliber of 23 mm on the hunting of the 12th, as it was believed that in this position the cartridge is not productive gas grenade, a decrease of traumatic caliber bullets reduce its effectiveness. But now adopted Russian policemen entered all the same KS-K.

Carbine KS-K made on assembly scheme Kalashnikov. It will equip the neck to facilitate the accession of the store and automatic gate delay. Capacity — 8 rounds. Length of guns in firing position — 970 mm with folded butt — 725 mm, weight without magazine — 3.8 Kg. Properties generally normal for combat shotguns, though some of Prof. nick note that the COP-K cumbersome.

Shooting a rifle is special ammunition — grapeshot, bullet, armor-piercing, traumatic, lighting, alarm. Operation of COP-K Interior Ministry special forces units, as can be judged from the reports found in the Web network, priced very versatile. Claims are made about the build quality, attention is drawn to the impossibility of substituting regular forearm for a similar item with a Picatinny rail set up to mount additional equipment, namely, the front handle, and the total for the entire family of AK is no duplication on the left side of the receiver interpreter modes of fire and pens shutter.

How effective will carbine KS-K in the criteria of a belligerent in the region of — the North Caucasus will practice. It should be noted that in recent years one of the more common situations here was blocking the bandits, armed with automatic weapons, grenades, grenade launchers, and often, in personal house or apartment. In such a situation, of course, about vyshibaniem door shot shotgun at close range is not out of the question, here are more suitable RPG-7 or KPVT mounted on an armored personnel carrier. And in close physical combat in the mountains and forests, maybe COP to bring not less useful than its overseas counterparts.

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