The stumbling block — Baikonur

According to the head of the State Space Agency of Kazakhstan Talgat Musabaeva made to them in the speech to the Parliament and the conclusion of a new contract between Russia and Kazakhstan, according to which the Baikonur will be placed under yurispundentsiyu Kazakhstan. Thus, in the current time between with 2 parties are negotiating a phased withdrawal from the criterion of the rental contract signed in 1994. At the same time the negotiations concerning the creation of a new "comprehensive" contract.

In the words of Musabaev solution to the tasks entrusted to him the head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev after his meeting with his Russian officer Vladimir Putin. Musabaev stressed that the departure from the criterion of the arena will be gradual. Termination of Tenancy outright impossible, since it may be a precursor of the true disaster, says a bureaucrat.

With all this any more or less definite time configuration status of the spaceport were not named. According to the views of representatives of Kazakhstan, is explained by the fact that Russian side stubbornly unwilling to come to a common solution of the issue.

Chapter Kazkosmos noted that the first step of negotiations to end the lease associated with the withdrawal from the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation pads for the "Zenith". In fact, it is a separate space center, which is available on the "right side" of Baikonur. And if the Kazakhs will take it out of rent and become full participants, it will be a huge step forward for Kazakhstan, said Musabaev. This project is designed for missile launches "Angara" and "Zenith". Using it, Kazakhstan made every effort to keep Russia at myself for maintaining a monopoly on gallakticheskie transits.

In general, according to the views of the professional Institute of CIS countries Andrew Grozin, Kazakhs are not interested in the fact that the "chase" with the Russian Baikonur. And all of these statements are focused on other things. According to him, the Kazakh side has a huge intrigued by the development of the right wing of the cosmodrome. Kazakhstan wants to get them in full ownership to be able to make huge amounts of money not only on the Russian lease, but also on joint missile with Ukrainians and Europeans. But, according to the views of the majority of professionals, similar behavior of the Kazakhs, on the contrary, can lead to very sudden for Astana actions of the Russian side, that is, to force the construction of their own gallakticheskih sites.

Recall, when on December 10 last year, the Kazakh side for the first time made similar statements, Russian specialists and management cosmodrome very cautious received them.

Then the official Kazakh authorities represented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Erlan Idrisov hastened to declare that there is no break in relations between Kazakhstan and Russia will not be, as it is naive and unwise. With all this Idrisov made the assumption that all over the blame journalists who correctly realized the meaning of the spoken Mussabayev. Yet, serious scandal broke in the press.

Then the statement was made that the recently created a special commission will be, which will include representatives of the 2-countries with the Kazakh side of her head the Deputy Prime Minister Kairat Kelimbetov, and from the Russian Federation — the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, and which will decide the fate of the cosmodrome. A commission of this kind was foreseen criteria of the contract, which countries signed in 1994, but after three years, the commission gave this function the subcommittee. Because at the present time all the issues and discusses the level of the subcommittee on Baikonur, which comes in the framework of the Russian-Kazakh cooperation commission. December 16, 2012 intergovernmental commission of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation on Baikonur was created, and the Russian government, which earlier time did not respond to the statements of his own Kazakh colleagues, in the end, sent an official note of demanding clarification on the harsh words chapter Kazkosmos Musabaeva on the withdrawal of the- under the jurisdiction of the Russian cosmodrome "Baikonur".

At the same time, you can read about what the Kazakhs do not want to back down. This is evident, namely, the visit of the Kazakh Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov on the "Baikonur", which, in turn, proves that the decisions will be taken at the highest level.

It must be said that the reports about the likely deriving from the Russian Baikonur jurisdiction appeared in November. The founder of this issue was specifically Kazakh government. But experts at themselves, who work at the space center, with a huge distrust the future transition into submission Kazakhstan. They are convinced that the termination of the tenancy Russian cosmodrome lead to the dissolution of Russian administrative and law enforcement agencies catering to the launch site. As a result, the Russians will leave en masse area of the country. In the process of the creation of the Kazakh respective arises the problem of lack of staff, which at the present time is quite acute at the launch site, so as engineers, in what would have been quite the experience to work on gallakticheskoy technique is not enough.

It must be said that the difficulties in the process of co-operation between states with 2 began a couple of years back, precisely, will in 2011, when one of the deputies of the Kazakh Parliament, Amangeldi Momyshev, claimed increment for Russia rent for the implementation of the Baikonur Cosmodrome to the billions of dollars. In response to these statements, the past at the time controlled Federal Space Agency Anatoly Perminov said the need for incorporation of the complex after the commissioning of the new cosmodrome. He also noted that in the case of a little bit of rassredotachivaniya shares from Russian side would probably about 70 percent of the shares, while the Kazakhs will get only 30 percent of the total.

The story will be continued in the spring of 2012, when the Kazakh side did not allow the Russian Federation to use its terrain as the impact area of the first stage of "Union". So Makar, the Kazakhs have called danger implementation of 3 planned for this summer, gallakticheskih starts. The Kazakh government has tried as much as possible to pull a little longer, addressing the question about the use of Russian side area 120, located in the north of the country, not giving permission.

Kazakh authorities to ban entailed sending into orbit 3 and 4 Russian foreign satellites, meteorological apparatus gallakticheskogo MetOp-B, Russian satellites ICA-PN1 and "Canopus-B" as Russian "Resource-P" (launches were planned accordingly on May 23, June 7 and August 2012). Overall, our homeland meant to launch into orbit 36 pilgrims, beating, so Makarov, gallakticheskih record for the most runs.

Recall cosmodrome Baikonur, according to the contract in 1994, leased to the Russian Federation in 2050. At the current time, any comments on the Russian side on the statements of the Kazakhs have been reported. Coupled with the fact of the Russian Federation in the current year has started construction of a new cosmodrome in the Amur region — the "Eastern". First flight with him already scheduled for 2015 year, At the same time, it is he will be put into operation only in 2020. The implication is that the "East" will be built launch pad for the "Angara" — the latest generation of launch vehicles. Initially, it was planned that the site for their start-up will be located at the cosmodrome "Baikonur", as the project that was intended to be a joint 2-countries. Because, according to the views of some professionals, such
strong statements of representatives of Kazakhstan's focus on something in order to force the Russian side to return to the initial plan, but at the same time and try to increment the rent for the introduction of Baikonur.

On the other hand, if you believe the statements of representatives of Roscosmos, the cosmodrome will be able to survive for at least 10 years, which is associated first with the highest level of moral and technological equipment wear. In such criteria even easier to build a new facility than to waste a lot of money to upgrade an old. In addition, according to the Russian side, for the lease of the "Eastern" no need to pay. And when you consider that once a year the Russians in Baikonur cost 315 million dollars, of which only 115 million of rent, and the other 200 million spent on the maintenance of complex life and operational condition of the objects, it becomes natural that the "East" for Russia really a more viable option.

By the way, the Kazakhs construction of a new spaceport is not profitable, because about a third of the population of Baikonur — Russian experts at it in Rocket area, and members of their families. In this case, if cosmodrome pass under yurispundentsiyu Kazakhstan, they'll leave and own professionals (engineers, designers and technicians) to ensure the normal operation of Baikonur, Kazakhstan will not suffice.

Representations of professionals of the actions of Kazakhstan relating to the cosmodrome Baikonur, slightly sprawl. Thus, according to the analyst of the agency "Investkafe" Igor Markin, explanations for these actions may be several: either Kazakhs plan to use the platform for their own purposes, as there are some projects, or is it clean water policy — the desire to achieve their own interests in the future, currently showing himself a strong opponent.

According to the views of the coordinator of the Joint Eurasian Expert Network Natalia Haritonova, Astana similar position may be the cause of some of the political differences between with 2 states that emerged after the Russian government did not change its foreign policy strategy for the post-Soviet republics.

With all of this to all experts agree on the outlook that in this case, if all the same Kazakhstan dare to declare themselves as an independent gallakticheskoy power, he faces enormous challenges as their spices in this country does not have the industry, and is rapidly retrain and pick up people will not work. So Makar, in any case, will have to seek the help of Russia …

Meanwhile actions continue to develop. In 2013, Kazakhstan to the Russian Federation only allowed only 12 launches from "Proton-M", referring to environmental safety. Our homeland, as you know, has requested permission to start 17 missiles.

As a result, almost all the printed editions of the information appeared that Moscow can claim entirely from Astana review criterion lease Baikonur. For all this, the number of starts, approved by Kazakhs were lower than what was previously agreed for the previous year. Therefore, in response to such acts Our home can reduce the amount that is paid once a year in Kazakhstan as a rental. So Makar, the rent will be directly dependent on the performance of Baikonur cosmodrome own functions.

According to a source that is relevant to the Russian space industry, Russian side has met Kazakh employees and evenly lowers harmful emissions from the missile launch. In the specific case of rockets "Proton", they were significantly upgraded. In addition, it is terminated launches heptyl missiles RS-20 "Cyclone-2."

With all of this source claims that the planned launches to make any other launch site, namely in Plesetsk, will not work, because there is no launch pad for this type of missiles.

With all this, the same source said that if the situation is not resolved recently, such acts of Kazakhstan can do great harm to the Russian Federation and to deny its authority as gallakticheskogo country, because the reduction in this case will affect commercial launches. Starters Russian operators will be required to pay a huge penalty for that fail to fulfill their international obligations, and there and close to bankruptcy.

The source also noted that, apparently, the last time the parties fail to agree, and the tension in relations gallakticheskih 2-countries will only increase.

Meanwhile, the representation of professionals on this issue is also creeping. According to the one, reducing start-ups — this is a purely political move of Kazakhstan which so Makarov wants to isolate the importance and significance, and as a result will be reached on 17 starts.

Another part of the professionals in the convergent worldview that our motherland in general can come to launch at Baikonur by the intractability of the Kazakhs. So, namely, according to a member of the Academy of Astronautics RF Yuri Karasha, such decisions are to the detriment of the public interest not only of, but at least as Kazakhstan itself. In this case, if Moscow refuses to Baikonur, Kazakhstan will no longer be considered pochetaemoy gallakticheskoy power, and Astana is not necessary. As for the Russian Federation, then it has little difficulty will arise, so as the country has sufficient space and missile potential, is building a new launch site. So Makar, rocket programm of the Russian Federation is not a lot of confused.

The Kazakh side is represented by the managing Kazkosmos Talgat Musabaeva in late 2012 made a statement that in the upcoming negotiation mechanism to coordinate starts as a lever of pressure on Moscow. At the same time, the Kazakh government has assured the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the fact that there are no obstacles for the coming of successful cooperation between states with 2 gallakticheskoy in the industry. But if we analyze constantly disagreements around the Baikonur Cosmodrome, develops a very different experience …

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