The sunken city of the Bermuda Triangle

Canadian scientists have found an underwater city located in the Bermuda Triangle. According to the researchers, the pictures ocean floor there are four pyramids, one of which is made of glass. Architecture, in the opinion of Canadians, like the ancient culture and the "advanced" civilization Teotiukana Preclassic period of history the Caribbean and Central America.

Team led by Paul and Pauline Zalittski Vayntsveyga explored the ocean floor by a robot. With his camera photos were taken the ruins of the city, which is about seven hundred meters north of the coast of Cuba.

The footage, which came to the researchers, it is possible to consider not only the pyramids, but also sphinx and solid construction. And on the walls of buildings visible engraved inscription.

According to Pauline Zalittski, in images taken in high resolution sonar, there is an amazing picture: endless white sandy plains in the middle of that clearly comes through man-made architecture designs. It's like flying over the city project, when they begin to appear tunnels, roads and buildings.

Agree with it, other Canadian researchers, who said they did not know what it could be, but the exact nature could create such symmetrical structures.

They also suggested why the information about the underwater city was not made public earlier. According to Paul Vayntsveyga and his wife Pauline Zalittski, the Americans found him back in the 1960s, during the Caribbean crisis, but then allegedly classified all the data about the object, taking him under his control.

Opening Canadians was not accidental. In the early 2002's the company Vayntsverga Zalittski and received an order from the Cuban government cartographic description of the ocean floor. This was in 2002, reported by the newspaper The Daily News. The original purpose of the Cuban government was to find a sunken Spanish ship carrying treasure.

In so doing, the couple came across a strange formations on the ocean floor, which they attributed to a permanent structure. It was then Vayntsverg his wife started looking scientific explanation of its finding.

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