The tragedy and the Russian character

But of all the dens of all nightmares, We're going back to the "Avos"…"
Andrei Voznesensky

It is not true that things are bad in Russia. In fact, things are very bad. So bad in Russia's history was only three times — in the middle of the XIII century, first XVII and early XX centuries. But the sense of failure is only a small layer of the educated class. But his will to resist completely paralyzed.

There's nothing we can do to us it still does not depend, for we still deem to be only worse, new ones are not better than the old — that wafts from all over RF. It seems as if the Russian people forever resigned to his own ill-fated destiny. Only there was no war … And war has long been coming, just got used to it.

This tragedy occurs imperceptibly. This is its main feature. The country is disappearing, but no one on it does not direct attention. Russia now living in the shadow of the "public Chernobyl", where the level of personal risk perception completely inadequate to its impartial level where mortal danger successfully disguised as everyday life. People continue a normal life, oblivious to the fact that they have long been found in the area of "historic defeat" that

into question the very preservation of the Russian ethnos, the Russian culture and the Russian state.

I remember the spring of 1986 in Kiev, hot and bright as ever. We swam in the river and walked along the sunny parks, is unable to understand that under every bush blossoming lurking danger. We took aback when suddenly in the middle of a riot of spring came out to meet someone, shrouded in a chemical protection suit with a dosimeter in his hands. Obeying the normal human instinct and habit to believe only what litsezreem with our eyes, we started back in fear from this "intruder" from some other malicious world.

Now I himself look malicious intruder in the eyes of millions of people who continue to lead a normal lifestyle in the oil and gas paradise and do not understand, than their present day different from yesterday and the day before yesterday. In fact, no special distinction does not exist, except, perhaps, the 1st — this day last.

Deadly radiation from which is now dying Our homeland is heresy. It cuts through all human affairs from top to bottom — from the family to the country. Everyone knows that you can not live like this, but live. Everyone knows that you can not lie, but lie. Everyone knows that you can not steal, but stealing. Someone — the ruble, and someone — billion, but which in fact is the difference?

The epidemic of heresy — a sure sign of an impending revolution. So it was in France in the XVIII century, it was in Russia itself 100 years ago. Society, zavralsya, all included in a blind alley from which there is no other way, as the destruction of this society to its foundations. The main thing that is left after something, from which it will be possible to build a new society …

Our home does not need to modernize the industry, and in the modernization of the soul.

The soul of the Russian people — the darkness. Deal with it — it nepriznatelnoe. It takes a lot of improvement "engineers of human souls", but success is not headed for the special one. "Russian mentality" remains constant for several centuries, and it specifically to a large extent determines the course of Russian history.

What makes Russian Russian? This question everyone responds differently. It seems to me that the base of the Russian temperament is fatalism. It is equally a source of unique resilience of the Russian spirit and the premise of the acquired historical vegetation of Russia.

Russian fatalism is, of course, the Orthodox religious roots. But he also formed and as a result, "acquired" historical experience. Russian one believes in destiny, more than myself.

Russian — doomsayers doubly when it is on the public and political life. They are asocial because they a priori alien to the idea that they can have an effect on something in their country. That's why they deeply care about politics, a role in which they take sporadic and incoherent. Russian man does not see the feedback from the social world around him, he was not exciting parties, elections, the political struggle. She knows in advance that his okolpachat, and used to take this as a tribute to deception.

Russian fatalism — a special kind. In contrast to the eastern fatalism, it is not a contemplative, and initiative. Russian — active doomsayers.

They do not expect favors from nature, and ready themselves to rob her, taking away all their due.

Russian fatalism — rebellious, he lulls, and wakes. He urges the Russian people to go forward, not Looking back and arguing. This allowed the Russian colonization great places to make their empire and to defend its independence in countless wars.

But the Russian fatalism useless "at home." In Russia, are building the "good luck", but Russia can not be "good luck" to equip. Russia, being human initiative, are not at all that people actions. On this devoted his attention even slightly bitter, personally oversaw the way unfolds Russian revolution.

Russian are poorly informed and obmyslennye historical acts, but they can make majestic historical deeds. No reform in Russia has not been successfully brought to its logical conclusion, but the revolution and the war made famous Russian ever.

Russian just go to silence, and the feat, but the organization's own daily life seems to them an impossible task.

Russian fatalism — is the axis on which the grapes are strung all the other elements of the Russian mentality. He creates and cements the traits of the Russian character, which "Chinese wall" separates Russia from liberal Europe — selfishness, irresponsibility, lack of confidence to all and even to themselves for themselves.

Russian fatalism makes selfish. Doubts about the usefulness of their own their own actions, it is absolutely the Russian bid defiance to act collectively. They show a reluctance to engage in outrageous cooperation together. In any joint public undertaking they would "pull the blanket over himself." On the property of the Russian temperament than once devoted his attention philosopher Ivan Ilyin.

Russian for no more an alien idea than the thought of self-restraint. Will not freedom — that is their standard.

Russian fatalism makes hostages of the permanent crisis of confidence. Their "nekooperabelnost" forces to build only in the surrounding enemies. Russian believe that justice exists only in parables, that if you're not the first to cheat, then here you will become a victim of fraud, if not ottolknesh elbow close, you'll get clobbered mass. Deep down, they want to live differently, most of them disgusted that style of life that they lead. But they can not allow themselves to live honestly, because they are convinced that their honesty here will take advantage of someone against their interests.

Fatalism does stupid create a sense of individual responsibility. What responsibility can carry man for being a foregone conclusion that you still can not change it? Like everything else, and I, what with all the demand, and such with me …

To move from a standstill Russian history, it is necessary to change the national character. But in order to change the public nature, it is necessary, first, to overcome the typical Russian fatalism, the total disbelief that something, somewhere, sometime in general can be changed to the best result in a coordinated and concerted efforts of the people.

No less than faith in God, Russian people must now have faith in yourself, in your hand, in your own mind, in the efficacy of collective concerted effort to change the criterion of their lives.

Nothing will change itself. Nothing will fall from the sky. Nothing will exchange up to that time, while the Russian will remain fatalistic. Enough to leave "for good luck" to act.

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