The tragedy in Yaroslavl is a reaction to a sample of the Russian Federation to the candidacy of world government

Language by which communication occurs between the high and on this meta-political level, does not suggest a direct link between them. Sent messages of this kind means those or other events that have deep symbolic overtones, very well understands those to whom the message is addressed. Ordinary mortals are always declared as more mundane explanation of what is happening.

More than a pleasant example of such nestled message was the tragedy of Yak-42 near Yaroslavl, which killed a hockey team "Lokomotiv". We here presented a standard set of versions, leading public opinion as far as possible from the essence of what is happening.

What is the decryption of the message? Russian blogger Dmitry day brings a subsequent version:

"The world must be a locomotive! Specifically, so consider our sworn Anglo-Saxon "partners". And so it was clear to everyone, and in particular — of, they re-arrange the "speaking" terrorist attack. Specifically, since I qualify drop Yak-42 with a hockey team "Lokomotiv" on board.

But first things first.

Everyone who watched the movie with exposure Anatoly Nosik of "Bulk", probably drew attention to the contrast, compared with the topic of discussion, comment, Anatoly Wasserman, and I quote: "The plot focuses on the subordination of one political and economic center not of, but of the world." I have no doubt encyclopedic knowledge Wasserman, and even more — in its analytical capabilities. Because just try to develop this logic — one political and economic (especially emphasize this) It shall assume the functions of management of the entire world. That is, become the world government, which is quite often referred to in the near future in political forums, blogs and the media. But entering a world government with the subordination of all countries in the world one center now hardly likely in the usual arrangements between countries. So who among the rulers want to have over a still of the 1st control? There needs or global commotion, after which the losers (and they should be in fact all except one country or group of countries united by common aims) recognize the world government, assigned favorites, or function of a world government must take some kind of international organization, which is uniformly switch the functions of the management of all countries in the world, having developed the same for all of tips, models, etc. So at one point, all countries usvoyut that their internal control standards fully implemented by a supranational structure, and their own government has no role to play.

Now we look at the implementation of both scenarios at once. With world zavarushku clear — what is happening now in North Africa, some politicians called Third World. But who claims to be the organization that has the potential to take on the role of a world government? Let's deal.

UN has long been discredited by the U.S. — remember to be ashamed of leaving "blue helmets" of the UN Serbian villages, where Albanians came immediately and worked there the atrocities: "In 1999, the armed forces of NATO in almost three months of anger against Yugoslavia forced to withdraw its armed forces from Kosovo and pass the edge of the control of the UN mission. It was believed that this measure would have lead to a normalization of the conflict with the Serbs by Albanians, but in fact the "blue helmets" just gave all the power the Albanian administration. Then began the slaughter in Kosovo. "

Strongly discredit the UN and in the near future — we all have the freshest in the memory 1973 resolution adopted by the UN without any investigation of what is happening in Libya, and not repealed after its countless violations by NATO.

Pay attention — discredit the UN is engaged in NATO — a military unit, made by the United States against the Soviet Union and continues to exist after its collapse.

So, the UN is not appropriate — the reputation is not the same.

Can the WTO? She's "The World"? No — it has a narrow specialization — it is "Trading", and the world government required to have more opportunities.

What still remains? And still … Global Economic Forum!


The global economic forum (WEF) — Swiss non-governmental organization, the more popular the organization of the yearly meeting in Davos. At the meeting, invited leading business leaders, political leaders, prominent intellectuals and journalists. The subject of discussion is the more pressing global challenges, including health and environment protection.

At the first meeting, which took place under the auspices of the Commission of the European Communities (now — the European Commission), open a discussion, priemuschestvenno, issues of improving the position of Western Europe in the competitive struggle. With age, the topic is uniformly expanding, the agenda of the day or cut in the political and economic issues affecting the other regions, the difficulty of improving the mechanism for global trade, proper partnership.

WEF — is not only a platform for discussion, it initiates economic and political research.

From this rather short reference shows that under the sheep's clothing of economic (by name) of the forum is hidden monster-valued, its jaws open wide for virtually all of the major areas of state activity: politics, health, trade, and even the protection of the environment (the latter, by the way — a good tool for putting pressure on objectionable country, I tell you to!)! In short — the complete world government, with headquarters in Switzerland, which was once the party went around even Hitler, and the Swiss Guard nepoprostu hitherto kept secret guarded by the Vatican!

In the meantime, I will turn attention to another fascinating fact — Our homeland has joined this monster in 1986, ie within a year after coming to power … yep you guessed it — Misha Gorbachev!

And since we're talking about of, it shall, as a successor of the USSR, and should probably come candidacy VEF — world government. And such a candidate is! Since 2009, in Yaroslavl began its work at first International Conference, and from next year, as opposed to the economic forum in Davos — the political world (!) Forum! The terms of the broader issues, and even more globally concrete than in Davos: global security, international law, etc.

It is interesting that the choice of specific Yaroslavl is not accidental, as well as the choice of Switzerland — in the history of the Russian Federation had a special role.

Yaroslavl forum gathered force evenly. At first, as I have just mentioned, it was the International Conference. In the future — the 2010th year it was already a world political forum will by fluctuations in the global pretensions of the Russian Federation on the establishment of a world government candidates. So, this year we were given a clear signal and bloody: the locomotive, which will be pulled over the composition of the whole world, there is only one, and Yaroslavl Lokomotiv must wreck, unable to gain altitude! It is more soft-spoken than the explosion of the Nevsky Express train and bombs, had been found at the railway / Moscow-Kiev, during the warming of relations with Ukraine. It is more soft-spoken than the terrorist attacks at the Lubyanka station and Park Kultury. This is the twin brother of the terrorist attack in Domodedovo on the objective pursued, since then we have tried not to make policy statements on our competitors.

This triple repetition of Yaroslavl threads in the end:

1. The collapse happened during
the Yaroslavl forum.

2. Died Yaroslavl "Locomotive".

3. The plane crashed right near Yaroslavl.

What is still needed confirmation?

Ambition and opposition Davos clearly given to understand our "partners" about what country can prevent them realize their global plans, creating another center of power. And we were given to understand clearly that the competition will not be tolerated. How did not want to endure a strong Russia in 1914, 1941.

That's just our homeland always won and became stronger after the most severe test. And I believe that we stand and win and now! "

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