The tragedy of a missing submarine K-129

February 1968. These days the world has never been so close to World War III. Only a few people knew that the fate of the world depended on a submarine — the Soviet submarine K-129, which is in the midst of the Vietnam War, was given the task to take in the sights of the Pacific coast cities and seven ships of the U.S. Navy.
However, the American coast submarine did not appear …

March 8 crew is not made contact with the base. 70 days of searching yielded no results. Soviet submarine disappeared in the ocean as the Flying Dutchman. On its board were 98 people …

This story and is now considered the most mysterious and closed in the Soviet submarine fleet. For the first time in a documentary film tells the story about what really happened to the submarine K-129. Professionals and relatives of the missing talk about why thirty years they were forbidden to speak about the missing submarine. How is it that the crew members were declared "dead simple", but not killed in the combat mission? Why K-129 not found the Soviet secret service, and Americans will be spending on a few years?

Which version of the death of the submarine was right: crew error, technical failure — a hydrogen explosion in the compartment housing the submarine, or a third — a collision with other underwater objects, an American submarine "Swordfish"? ..

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