The tragedy of a trillion dollars. Yes, Iraq was a war of titles (The Guardian, England)

[B] vorachivayutsya troops home, but the Iraqis have not increased significantly freer in comparison with 2003, and their life has become much less harmless. During the seven years of anarchy two million people were displaced, 2 million more — displaced persons required to immigrants in their own country. Surprisingly, almost all Iraqi Christians have had to flee. Under the rule of the Western establishment of oil — Iraq's main product — is still below pre-war levels, and only a few hours in the homes of delight in electricity. It's scary.

According to preliminary estimates as a result of the occupation and the violence associated with it, killing an estimated 100,000 civilian officials. The country has no stable government, a small recovery times daily killings and abductions occur. Local corruption fueled by uncontrolled. Strengthening Islamic law makes most of the ladies of the least and less free. All this — the result of a staggering U.S. spending 751 billion. bucks. Naturally, this is the worst value for property in the history of modern diplomacy.

Starting from the second world war, most of the failed "liberal" interventions, at least, began with good goals. In Vietnam, it was necessary to protect the non-communist government of Chinese expansionism. In Lebanon, the defending pluralist country from the grip of a neighbor. In Somalia, a failed government restored.

In Iraq, the "casus belli" was a lie, George Bush and his humble Secretary Tony Blair. Saddam Hussein was accused of involvement in the September 11 and run — in planning attacks with weapons of "mass destruction". Because nothing coming out of this is not confirmed, the apologists for Bush and Blair launched a fallback: Saddam was a bad man, and he was overthrown — is excellent.

In assessing any war, should not only be based on statistical values "before and after", and to anticipate the consequences of being able to develop action if she had not occurred. Start the anti-Iraq hysteria put Bill Clinton in 1998, when launched "Operation Desert Fox". The three-day bombing of military and civilian infrastructure of Iraq Saddam punished for the fact that he let the actions of UN inspectors to monitor WMD. This was to divert the attention of much of the world from the Lewinsky case.

Most independent analysis believed that at the end of the first Iraq war in 1991, Iraq has ended any serious nuclear development. This investigation proved that last from 2003 year. Even in this case the "Desert Fox" as stated "significantly worsened Iraq's ability to create and use a weapon of mass destruction." Was it true or not, but by 2003 there was no evidence that this ability was restored. Incidentally, the case Iraq was a failure of intelligence.
Meanwhile, Western sanctions have led to the stagnation of the economy of Iraq, destroying its middle class and deriving Saddam to sixth place among the richest rulers in the world. However, he was faced with constant komplotami against the self. Western hostility may have solidified his power, but the opposition, ultimately, would suit a coup by the army or the Shiite militias supported by Iran.

Even if it came out soon, then Iraq would be unpleasant, but stable secular state, no longer poses a serious danger even for the neighbors. His restrained fly zone, which provided almost oppressed Kurdish autonomy. It was no worse than Assad's Ba'athist Syria, and Iraq's oil production and improved energy situation is not getting worse as the moment.
Chilcot Commission was inundated with stories about the US-British occupation comparable to "The devastation of the North" the days of William the Conqueror. It exceeds all expectations that in the XXI century, some bureaucracy could behave with such merciless and ruthless incompetence. The truth is that she was blinded by faith in his neo-imperial omnipotence. But we will not impale themselves: the West still manage favorites, especially generals, brought up in the glory of past triumphs, the leaders refuse to recognize that other countries have the right to decide their own affairs. Threat Iraq in 2003 was not so large as to seek our intervention — even if we were able to build a pro-Western, pro-Israeli, secular, capitalist utopia of neocon fantasy.

Germany, France, Our homeland and Japan did not support this war. They did not believe the heresy of Saddam's weapons depots and beheld duty free the Iraqi people from dictatorship. Even before the Chilcot supernatural in his speech, Blair sweetens, appeared before the public held view lacquered current version of Richard the Lion Heart.

All wars are not going according to plan, because all the army quite good at landing, but bad at sharp configurations and terrible at the occupation — it was clear to everyone the military for a long time before Iraq. The truth is that it was war headlines, fueled by the desire to create a celebration Bush: "Mission accomplished!". It was at this time excited Pentagon muttered: "We are not keen on the municipal building." It was a political motivation, not to fight the invasion or occupation areas, and for earning points in the fight against militant Islam. This war has led to the fact that one of the few secular regimes Asia was destroyed another of unblemished hypocrisy.

The overriding lesson of Iraq teaches rejected by many of the goddess of humility. Thousands of bombs, the loss of Western forces 4,000 people and nearly a trillion dollars of expenses still could not overcome the AK-47, roadside bombs, suicide attacks and rejection of the occupation. For seven years, the countries with different cultures may not be similar. Bush and Blair thought differently.

The war in Iraq will go down in history as a tragedy, has done more than anything else for breaking off the Atlantic forces from the rest of the world and putting their global gendarmes. It was a feral paranoid over-reaction, over-militarized the South American country on the only resonant but inconsequential act of terrorism on September 11. It illustrates how far advanced international affairs since the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo. Supporters of the war are still blinded by the incident.

Pomposity of the UN can not be a barrier to such conflicts. UN is powerless in the face of fame hungry politicians who are pushing unparalleled ability of the military-industrial complex. It would seem that after the 20th century, the lesson, the most powerful recorded in the book — in the history of the West is being protected from repeating such idiocy. And yet, when he was challenged, requiring a response to terror exercise prudence and maturity, the West once again playing by the rules of terrorists. It operates a policy of terror.

West out of Iraq, leaving a pool of blood, and the remains of bucks. The same dowry will get another crazy war — a twin sister in Afghanistan.

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