The tragedy of MIGs in Perm. Recorder problems are not fixed

In Perm, nearing the end of investigation into the crash of a fighter MIG-31. As a result, the fall killed two fighter pilots from the air base "Falcon," The basic premise of the disaster say experts at the fuel system fault blink. But, according to the testimony of some media recorder flight characteristics of aircraft equipment malfunctions did not fix. As can be seen, the disaster would have been a prerequisite and the problems that he mishandled recorder.

And yet, experts are convinced that the premise of the disaster MIGs were most likely a problem in the fuel supply. This was said by some media source, which is close to the investigation into the disaster. As it became clear over the detailed data from the "black boxes" fighter. As you know, fighter MIG-31, tail number 11 crashed on September 6 in the morning immediately after take-off from an airfield huge Savino. MIG-31 conducts routine flight in the squadron of four fighters under the control of the crew commander Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Stolpyansky and co-operator of Major Andrew Gorbachev. Board that crashed was driven second pair. Was carried out in the criteria for low flying clouds. A few moment later, immediately after the fighter took to the air, plane lurched and fell into the field. The crew did not have time to eject and died.

Military investigation department of the TFR in Perm garrison upon the crash and the death of the crew initiated a criminal case under Art. 351 of the Criminal Code (violation of flight rules or prepare for them, which caused the death of a person). At the airbase "Falcon", which included a plane, the Ministry of Defense, the military prosecutor's office and the state security authorities conducted a thorough investigation into all of its work. Already in the process of checking the likely prerequisite death of their fellow pilots have advanced version of the equipment failure. They speculated that, apparently, the pilots "could not see" the earth until the last seconds before the fall, had hoped that the people on the plane will not fall down.

Colleagues dead pilots claimed that Sergei Stolpyansky was a very experienced pilot. He had already been forced landings experience MIGs. So, in 2003 he made a test flight on MiG-31 Polga after repairs on one of the repair plants. "During the flight is broken pipeline that runs under the highest pressure — says one of his colleagues — fuel miraculously caught on fire. I had to land on only one engine running. Already on the ground of the fuselage spilled several tons of kerosene. " Then, in the course of the investigation into the incident found that the seal has been installed in the pipeline with non-compliance technology.

To clarify the situation with the disaster MIGs would assist aircraft flight recorder transcript. Recorder talks crew was found in the first same day after the tragedy, but he is very hurt, and immediately it was virtually impossible to decipher. According to the sources, the parametric data recorder was found on September 9. He was found at the top of a tree near the crash site of MIG. According to the testimony of colleagues killed pilots, parametric recorder transcript of records found no irregularities in the technical parameters of the aircraft. It was also revealed that after the climb plane banked to the right. Then plane more "sinks" in the right side and immediately began to drop suddenly. When the surface of the land left a bit less than 80 meters, the crew tried to align the aircraft and climb, but did not succeed. As experts say, in order to gain the desired plane was able to maneuver the height, the pilot had to put knobs engines (ORE) flashes to the "Maximal". But during the investigation, it was found that in the regime of "Maximal" only one of the throttle was moved. Experts say that this is the case do not realistic, as it should, Lieutenant Colonel Stolpyansky were any reasonable grounds, that he tried to climb all on only one engine.

And even then, the assumption was made that the MiG Stolpyansky refused appliances, recorders, and this refusal to fix failed. On the days are close to the air base source revealed that the flight data recorder crashed MiG equipment failures are not recorded. "No official conclusions about the disaster still unavailable. The denial technique, apparently, was not set on a course of study records the flight data recorder and the results of some other analysis, such as the study of the remains of the crashed plane. "

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