The tragedy of the aviation industry

The staff of the Engineering Center "Yakovlev Design Bureau. AI Mikoyan "(IC), an internationally known aviation company JSC" RAC "MiG" wrote a letter to President Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin with a request to look into the situation at the plant.

As they say the creators of the message, the company has developed a tragic situation, "threatening the collapse of the aviation industry."

Employees OKB. AI Mikoyan say the first problem came from the fact that in recent years at the head of the Center are natives of the "dry" and "Irkut" which are specific rivals office.

Yury Malakhov, chairman of the trade union committee of the Engineering Center "OKB Mikoyan" and spokesman for the Aircraft of "Mig" Elena Fedorova Metro Comment out the situation.

The engineer said that all orders are the best in the "dry", the wages of employees as OKB. Mikoyan, according to Malakhov "is lower than in the adjacent trolley park."

At the same time, the press secretary of the Russian Aircraft Corporation "MiG" Elena Fedorova said that in her opinion, with the arrival of people from the "dry" in the company "has started a positive trend — were signed zabugornye large contracts, the contract with the Defense Ministry to supply MiG-29 SMT" .

"Today portfolio RAC" MiG "- more than $ 4 billion. bucks deployed batch creation of new aircraft. Positive dynamics is, maybe it is not such a swift and wages are not the highest, as we would like. Some of the young professionals comes and stays, someone leaves. But in general, the company has excellent prospects, "said Malakhov.

At the disposal of Metro was the full text of the letter of engineering trade union of the enterprise (the text is published without changes)

Pochetaemy Emperor President! Pochetaemy Emperor Prime Minister!

Pochetaemye chairmen of the political parties?

It refers you to the team of the Engineering Center "Yakovlev Design Bureau. AI Mikoyan "(IC), an internationally known aviation company JSC" RAC "MiG". On our aircraft grade "MiG" was established 72 global record, 9 of which up to now nobody has been able to outshine. Our aircraft are operated in the framework of the 10-states. They participated in almost all of the local conflicts and wars, showing their high combat characteristics in competition with the aircraft the leading states of the West.

Unable to stand and fight charter of the "inside" of the dying aircraft industry, we have decided to openly declare dire doldrums of the 1st of the leaders of the global aviation industry. Now JSC "RAC" MiG "just dies.

But that still left a 20 post-Soviet years with the famous company of JSC "RAC" MiG "? The team of IC read the article by Ilya Kramnik (weekly "military-industrial complex» № 7 in 2011) with an apparently provocative headline "Long sunset fighter Mikoyan" and a response to the article in the magazine "Aviation panorama» № 3 and № 4, 2011 A . Buravleva, G. and G. Skoptsov Shibanov. The team IC absolutely agree with the analysis of the management system, scientific, technical and economic qualities of the problems raised in the context of historical events in the country and in the global aviation market, in their connection and interdependence.

Apart from this group of IC pays its attention to the subsequent:

1. Why, after the departure of General Designer RA Belyakov our company is ruled by natives "Dry" and "Irkut" who are rivals of our company?

The result of their many years of work with an inability or unwillingness to protect the interests of the office on this day are:

debt of $ 48 billion. rubles;

closure of a number of themes (1.44, MiG-AT, MiG-110);

failure of the Algiers Agreement;

loss of the tender in India;

India delay in delivery of MiG-29K (not the fault of the EC);

delay in the decision of the questions on the MiG-29K for the Russian Navy;

removal of "RAC" MiG "from the role in the tender of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for unmanned aerial vehicles.

2. Despite all the difficulties, in KB successfully conducted a promising development and make current contracts with foreign customers.

3. Salary of the chief engineer and the chief engineer and designer who actually are responsible for the operation of this or another unit designed product is from 8000 rubles. up to 10,000 rubles., even with other temporary gain in the amount of more than the average wage in the IC (31 000 rub.), and sometimes there are problems with the payment of these allowances. Moreover, for a small increase in salary "falls" award, ie Final size is not changed, and even decreases. The situation with the creation of an experienced even worse. In the end, it first goes to the company and more young people the necessary personnel spices. Almost IC became a supplier of highly qualified personnel in other organizations where salaries are 2-3 times higher ("dry", "Irkut" and so forth). The question arises, how can receive our leaders — representatives of "Sukhoi" hundreds of thousands of rubles, with their obvious poor performance?

4. Translation IC in Zhukovsky — adventure, does not justifiable and not justified. In Moscow, there are scientific and educational universities NIAT, Aviation Materials, MAI, MATI, etc., workers and students who are Muscovites and waste on the road for work for more than 2 hours each way, no one will.

5. Closing the "MAPS" ("Banner of Labor") — is a sin. Violated built more than 70 years of a unique organism, where OKB. Artem Mikoyan — this is the head, and the "MAPS" — this body. "MAPS" — a blacksmith shop and personnel for the aviation industry (when it was previously and vocational schools). Apart from this, with their own unique pay-off, "MAPS" is a funny place, even in the criteria of Moscow, less than 1 sq. km., To the "clearing" of which the purpose of the allocated 12 billion. rubles from the budget of "RAC" MiG ", and this is when a debt of 48 billion. rubles!

6. The population of the earth has not developed other methods of growth of labor productivity and increase product properties to enable an enterprise to survive in the global market, not including fair competition. It's just we created the KLA — not clear crotch superstructure, one of whose goals is to eliminate internal competition and the opportunity to lobby for any one firm or person. It is more that the president of the KLA became emperor Pogosyan, the person which As managing AHC "Sukhoi" and immediately the Director General of JSC "RAC" MiG "(a little over 2 years), closed all promising topics that are showing promise for the future of the world-famous famous office them. Artem Mikoyan. And specifically with him we lost the tender for the supply of MiG-35 in India. For example, in the U.S., in order to counter corruption obschezakonadatelno allowed developers to directly apply to the Ministry of Defense for weapons development.

7. The most unfortunate that appeals to explain the situation to the management of JSC "RAC" MiG "or UAC constantly remained unanswered because Now all of these leaders — proteges "dry" or "Irkut".

In connection with the above, we consider it necessary to:

A full audit of the financial situation of "RAC" MiG ", optimizing the cost of mana
ging the device and thereby increasing the salaries of ordinary engineers.

Carry out an impartial investigation into the circumstances of the situation, with the public announcement of the results.

Clamp down on MA Boghossian and Co. on breakup of the aviation industry.

Suspend the destruction of our company, which can still create the best possible standards of aircraft, and, especially, to preserve the unique Mikoyan design school — in the name of strengthening the defense capability of Russia.

The Chairman of the Trade Union Committee

Engineering Center "Yakovlev Design Bureau. AI Mikoyan "

YA Malakhov

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