The tragedy of the Ka-52. Premise version of the hypothesis

With at least some flying techniques at some point flight accidents happen from time to time, even with human victims. In the evening on March 12 this sad list made up for new Russian combat helicopter Ka-52 "Alligator". As reported by the media, citing sources in the Ministry of Defense, the commander of the helicopter Lt. Col. D. Rakushin and navigator Lieutenant Fedorov made a training flight in the 344 districts of the Center of combat deployment and re-training of flight personnel (Torzhok). Around 9 pm, your connection with the helicopter. In the district, which at that time was supposed to be a fighting machine, sent a search party, but eventually the search for, as stated in some media had to involve almost the entire staff of 344 PPI and the PLC. Carding proposed district tragedy gave results only in the morning thirteenth. Around 8:40-8:45 air found missing helicopter. The remains of the car lay on the edge of the forest near the village of Great Kiselenko approximately 10 kilometers from the airport.

BACKGROUND — The Ka-52 ("Alligator")

Multi-purpose all-weather combat helicopter Ka-52 "Alligator" (Hokum B to systematize NATO) first developed the 1990s in the name of the Kamov design bureau. Is a modification of the two-seater Ka-50 "Dark Shark". First flight took place on the layout of June 25, 1997. In 2008, a helicopter into service, at the same time at the "Progress" in the Maritime region started its mass creation.

The crew — two people (pilot and co-driver). Fuselage length — 14.2 m, width along the wing span — 7.34 m, height — 4.9m, take-off weight — 10.8 tons, the highest level speed — 310 km / h, hovering ceiling — 3.6 thousand m., the practical range — 520 km. Ka-52 to equip with 2 gas turbine engines with a capacity of 2.5 million liters. s. Bears built a 30-millimeter cannon in four to six hardpoints can be mounted guided and unguided missiles "air-to-ground" and "air-to-air" guns in containers bomb. By the beginning of 2012, "Progress" has made 20 series Ka-52, which went into the center of the combat training of Army Aviation in Torzhok (Tver region), and the air base in Chernigovka (Primorye). In August 2011, the Ministry of Defence signed a contract for 120 billion rubles. to supply up to 2020 140 of these machines. It is planned that the naval version Ka-52K will be the main striking force of the helicopter type Mistral, which should go into service in 2014-2015.

Arrived at the place of the search and rescue team first launched a search and relief crew. Navigator, as told in the press service of the Ministry of Defense, died in helicopter crash. It has been reported that the commander was found alive and even managed to bring to the clinic, where he died. But by Tuesday evening it became clear that Colonel Rakushin also died in the crash. The crew of the Ka-52 is not able to say anything about the causes of the tragedy, but there are on-board recorders (so-called "black boxes"). Their condition is satisfactory and will decipher the writing for a number of days. To investigate the disaster was created by the commission, and during the investigation helicopter Ka-52 is temporarily suspended.

It must be stressed that the Ministry of Defence on behalf of Colonel Vladimir Drik, as usually happens in similar situations as tersely. One can understand the military — they need to have a real investigation and based on its results to draw appropriate conclusions and statements. But, as the saying goes, people want to know and to this fertile soil begin to spread versions of the rumors and speculations regarding the catastrophe. For example, some people question is the fact that the search for the missing helicopter was carried out "by hand" rather than on emergency beacons. It is clear that they cut one after the ejection of pilots, but on a fallen Ka-52 and they have not worked. The fact that the crew did not pull up to the last for the life-saving handle ejection seats. After the fall of the helicopter did not go to the same 3 days, but at this point there is immediately a few guesses, from the sane to outright lies. In an environment of aviation enthusiasts that tragedy visibly alarmed, exaggerated wide variety of versions: some say that the pilots tried to save the last helicopter, and other "truth seekers" says de 'pilots were intoxicated and therefore not ejected. " Perhaps we can make the appropriate conclusions not only about the plausibility of versions, and the "skills" of some home-grown professionals.

But even from the fact that the pilots were broken, along with a helicopter can make the appropriate conclusions. Existing photo of the crash site, "Alligator" shows that the helicopter was destroyed, but it is not lit and exploded. You can also see that the snow around the wreckage of human traces except there is no sign of long-term "drive" on the surface of the earth. So Makarov, one can imagine that the helicopter fell vertically or almost vertically, with a low forward speed. At the same time, the vertical speed of the machine was quite in order to destroy and damage the construction crew. As you know, all the helicopters are able to create coercion landing without engines, using the effect of rotation. With such landing structural loads more than usual, but they are obviously not sufficient to structural failure — its sturdiness calculated with significant supplies. It turns out that only the failure of the engines could be a precursor of the tragedy. One would imagine that something happened with the blades, for example, overlap and destruction. And this version for detailed examination does not look right: in-1's, in the training flights the pilots did not have to go supercritical regimes where the likely overlap of the blades, and in-2, even in the middle of the helicopter wreckage existing photo and video materials can be bent to consider and the broken blade. When cresting they would be virtually cut off to each other and the helicopter would have remained only the root portion thereof. There is another version, related to the real part. She is concerned, if I may say so, the overarching problems with the power plant. To ensure the ability of autorotation in the box there is the so-called helicopter freewheel. It allows the propeller to spin even when the engine is not running. If the engine and the clutch fail at once, the helicopter is doomed.

In addition to problems with the technique may be other versions of the prerequisites disaster. It must be emphasized that the human factor or the weather conditions really are one of the most frequent circumstances of the accident. Namely, some media quoted some anonymous source said that in the area of flight in the evening Sun was bad weather and the helicopter could get in so called snow squalls. In this case, the pilots could lose orientation, which ultimately led to the disaster. But this version has its disadvantages. The Ka-52, in contrast to its predecessor Ka-50 has the ability to work in adverse weather conditions. Also, some fans of aviation, closely reviewing the photos from the crash site, put forward this suggestion: helicopter just fell off, but then rolled over itself. This can be regarded as a certain sign of a strong gust of wind drift. Again version can be rebutted by the technical features of the machine, because the helicopters pine scheme less sensitive to lateral gusts than aircraft with a rotor
. In the end, a meteorological version of "finishing off" information about the weather criteria in flight. In the evening the 12th, the temperature was around zero, while the north-west wind had a speed of 4.3 meters per second. This is even less than that required for the creation of severe problems of pilots.

As we see, you can believe whatever you like, but for an impartial investigation of this we just do not have enough disk imaging. You can, of course, to be like a detective Dupin from the books of Edgar Allan Poe and try to do their own investigation on the basis of publications in the media disk imaging. But even here there are a lot of hiccups. For this reason, will be most reasonable to consider their own and other people's guesses only as versions, but less so. But the findings do not earlier than the military will publish the first results of its own investigation, also have long to wait for it. As they say in the Ministry of Defense, black boxes of the crashed helicopter almost hit their transcript and will end by the end of this week. Then, we assign the responsible person will share with the public the newest portion of the details of the incident, and the mystery of the fall of the Ka-52 under Torzhok at least a little clearer. At this point, the commission is considering three main versions: design failures, pilot error, or security, and weather conditions.

In Torzhke the funeral of the dead pilots. All costs associated with the burial, took over the company "Kamov". Families pilots — Fedorov was married, and in D. Rakushina left wife and two kids — get insurance in the amount of 1 million rubles. Colleagues dead pilots started raising funds for the support of their families.

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