The tragedy of the Yak-42: strange and unusual

Experts point out that so far it is unclear why the pilots until the last moment tried to raise the plane in the air, and in general, the originality of what happened

Representatives of various agencies continue to investigate the crash prerequisites Yak-42, indicating that a plane crashed near Yaroslavl happened, "something extraordinary." According to the official version, voiced by a representative of the Union of Russian Vladimir Markin, a real moment consider all versions, are a priority engine failure and pilot error.

"Until now, the question is not clear why the pilots until the last moment tried to lift into the air plane, but did not take a critical braking" — said, "Interfax" a source in the commission of inquiry into the collapse of the liner. According to him, the Yak-42 went beyond the runway and drove through the grass about 400 meters. "With all of this on the lawn only traces of the rear bogies. This indicates that the pilots tried to raise the plane in the air," — said the source.

The source also said that at the current time arrested fuel, which was filled with the Yak-42, his standards are sent to Moscow for examination. "Coupled with the fact the bad fuel, probably could not be a prerequisite of the crash, since these same kerosene was fueled passenger plane, taking off on Wednesday morning from Yaroslavl to Norilsk, "- said the official.

As the manager said Tatarstan region Department of Federal Air Transport Agency (Kazan) Shaukat Umarov, commenting on the show in the media version of the likely causes of a plane crash near Yaroslavl Yak-42 could soar to 2-engines in the event of failure of the third. "Yak-And 42 can take off and fly to the 2-3-engines "- said Umarov," Interfax-Volga Region "on Thursday. Especially since, he said, the plane was not loaded: in the cabin was a little more than 40 people at capacity 120.

Earlier, it was announced in the media world power in aviation circles that the technical characteristics of aircraft of this brand does not allow him to soar to 2-engines.

Interlocutor of the agency declined to answer the question about the likely, in his view, the causes of the disaster. "I can not say, all can be, there is an investigation. But the fact that it happened on the rise, says that something extraordinary happened. When you are one and the same do every day, is you have to be obtained, but there is something. . . Even hard to imagine, "- said Umarov.

He confirmed that the plane crashed in the middle of August was held in Kazan maintenance, in the center of the certified aircraft maintenance. "Maintenance goes well, issued respectively set the standard documentation, the plane flew to work on," — said Umarov. He could not say, tested whether this center engines. "It is based on the number of hours flown or other motor: yes fifty-, one-, trehsotchasovye. Depending on it and carries out certain types of work," — he explained.

According to the views of Umarov that crashed near Yaroslavl plane Yak-42 in 1993 and had issue a certificate of airworthiness before 1 October 2011, is of no importance. "It's like in the case of car maintenance: the plane once or twice a year passes inspection. For a good result next check that the plane could fly even a thousand years" — said Umarov, highlighting that the Yak-42 — a reliable plane. "It is a reliable plane, We all aircraft reliable. A fall can and a whole new plane, as happened with a brand new Airbus in France. Anything can happen, "- said the official.

Meanwhile, experts at the Interstate Aviation Committee expect to find "dark boxes" Yak-42, which crashed with hockey in Yaroslavl, in the rear of the aircraft. "The focus of work — making KROOKU scene and the rise of the tail section of the aircraft in order to detect the flight recorders are stationed there," — said the "Interfax" on Thursday, a representative of the MAC.

Earlier, the committee agency uttered that after the discovery of the "dark boxes" will be delivered to Moscow in the MAC lab to decrypt. On the morning of Thursday the head of the technical commission IAC Alexei Morozov said to "Interfax" that the flight recorders of the aircraft has not yet found a. "The Commission is working" — said Morozov, who heads the technical investigation into the disaster.

Plane Yak-42, which was carrying members of the hockey team "Lokomotiv", crashed on takeoff from the airport near Yaroslavl last Wednesday. Of the 45 people on board, only two survived — hockey player Alexander Galimov and crew member Alexander Sizov.

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