The U.S. is trying to organize a coup in Russia

"Senator John McCain is trying to realize the threat, voiced one of Putin"

Tony Kartaluchchi

Photo: Senator John McCain is on the background of the tri-color flag of the Benghazi terrorists, whom he relevant U.S. agencies and NATO armed, financed, provided air support by NATO air force, while they ustaivayte genocide of civilians across Libya. Wherever McCain did not show up — everywhere sow discord and called for the overthrow of national governments. So it was in Egypt, and Libya. Now the senator wants to dance a jig on the ruins of Moscow.

As chairman of the U.S. International Republican Institute (an organization dedicated to fomenting "color revolutions" in sovereign countries around the world), U.S. Senator John McCain has become a central figure in the implementation of the U.S. State Department operations developed the "Arab Spring", involving reformatting multipolar Arab world in the interests of British American big business.

Edition of The New York Times attributes the International Republican Institute (IRI), participated in the "inspiring" uprisings "in the Arab States" by funding and training of civil society activists, who were later used by Washington to overthrow the sovereign governments of Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. Unlike other politicians, puppets engaged in promoting the interests of the West, Senator John McCain is fully aware of the ultimate goal of the Americans organized the "color" revolutions around the world, which brings all the forces.

Earlier this year, John McCain, telling his Institute helped organize a "popular uprising in Egypt," said: "… in place of Vladimir Putin and his KGB cronies, I would behave a little less daring. And I would not be so sure of his power in place, Hu and several others, to solve life's 1.3 billion people … ".

On its website IRI representatives recognized that deal in Russia, "search and support of leaders of social and political organizations and movements" at the local and regional levels, in order to "lay the foundation for the next generation of Russian democratic leaders of the state." Thanks to the efforts MRI 'new network structure, together politicians, NGO activists and elected officials interested in the functioning of the local self-government on a democratic basis. " Using including an extensive network of Americans organize and finance roundtables and conferences, the stated purpose of which is to "increase the participation of civil society in public life" (read: people search, ready to join the US-backed Russian opposition movement).

Image: Screenshot of the official website of the U.S. National Endowment for Democracy, showing that Americans have sponsored the Russian NGO "VOICE." This Russian structure involved in "monitoring of the electoral process and the search of election fraud." Currently, "voice" and other US-funded non-governmental organizations, political parties and movements on orders from Washington are struggling to organize an "Arab Spring" in Russia.

Work makkeynovskogo MRI was clearly visible when he was accused of interfering in the electoral process in Russia. The National Endowment for Democracy (U.S. nongovernmental umbrella organization founded and sponsored by the U.S. government), which operates under the auspices of MRI, other structures, including the "voice", trying to "expose voting irregularities." The purpose of the American plan was to cast doubt on the legality and fairness of parliamentary elections in Russia and justify the protests of opposition groups, training and education are engaged in MRI in order to create the conditions for the organization of the "Arab Spring" in Russia.
U.S. Senator John McCain himself dispel doubts of skeptics regarding U.S. involvement in the preparation of the "color revolutions" in sovereign states, including Russia, boldly stating on his Twitter, "Dear Vlad (Vladimir Putin), the Arab spring is next to you." McCain also refers to an article in the Wall Street Journal, c tells of the remarkable accuracy of the Russian opposition protests, flooded the streets of Moscow after the publication of the guidance of the Americans controlled the "Voice" of information about "violations found in the parliamentary elections in Russia."

Image: screenshot of the message of U.S. Senator John McCain, on "public unrest" in Russia, preparation and financing of which he was engaged and the International Republican Institute.

U.S. Sen. John McCain, also refers to an anonymous article in the Washington Post (written by request of lobbyists Podesta Group), in which protests in Russia compared to the beginning of the "Arab Spring." Again mentioned the Russian organization "voice", but does not say that it is funded from the U.S. budget. In the Washington Post article is sensational conclusion that, in response to protests and impending defeat in the elections, "Putin will move in a more dangerous direction, fueling Russian nationalism and seeking out enemies at home and abroad." It's funny that this statement was made after the U.S. itself tried to destabilize the situation in Russia and overthrow Putin's government and one of Washington's "hawks", who is training and financing of "civil unrest" in general, the Kremlin threatened to "Arab spring."

A serious concern is contained in an anonymous article Washington Post advice to President Barack Obama, "to be ready to repel attacks and protect likely targets Putin such as the democratic government of Georgia." Simultaneously, the article states that "the whole civilized world is hoping that Sunday's parliamentary elections — is not the end, but the beginning of revival of Russia."

Recall that in 2008, Georgia, directed by her American sponsors, tried to invade to protect Russian peacekeepers to South Ossetia, which has led to a serious military conflict. On the example of Libya and Syria, one can see that the "riots", inspired by the U.S. National Endowment for Democracy and its subsidiaries (the International Republican Institute, National Democratic Institute, etc.) and presented by corporate media as "spontaneous actions disturbed the population", in is really the first step in the preparation of U.S. military aggression.

Unambiguous hints Washington Post on Georgia, as a guide for U.S. interests in the region, suggest that Washington's plans to start training terrorists from among Georgian citizens for use against Russia. Fortunately, that such experiences Americans have already received funding and arming Libyan and Syrian rebels.

Representatives of corporate U.S. financial oligarchy through their puppet politicians, like McCain, a leading Western media louder and more vocal about the fact that Vladimir Putin should fear the coming of popular unrest. In fact, the main concern of ordinary citizens to the United States and Russia, who suffer the most in case of turning the political debate in the active phase of the conflict, including the use of military force.

John McCain, the other members of the corporate-fascist scum, the administration of President Obama, EU officials and other powers of the Western world, forcing Russia their principles and their will to play a dangerous game with the winner of the second country after the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile. All they need to remember that the attempt to overthrow the legitimate government of a sovereign state is regarded under international law as an act of war.

Unlike Libya or any other country to which the United States organized a coup by trained members of civil society, the consequences of the conflict with Russia will be unpredictable. If the Americans do not want to start World War III, they must ask the question: who is behind the likes of McCain? ..

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