The U.S. Secret Weapon / America’s Secret Weapons: Desert Storm and Beyond watch online

The U.S. Secret Weapon / America's Secret Weapons: Desert Storm and Beyond смотреть онлайн
In the first episode of the documentary series "American secret weapon"Commanders who fought in Iraq, tell about how they fought, with special attention to the role of the Air Force United States. In the second series deals with the unique military range "China Lake" in California. It is a place where the air force the U.S. spend their super secret weapons tests.

1. Wind storm. The air campaign during "Operation Desert Storm» / Winds of the Storm.

"That's for you to strike a hammer striking example where it was possible to dispense with a hammer." These are the words of the 1st American generals about the actions of the U.S. Air Force, during "Operation Desert Storm". The stories of witnesses, assessed by professionals, frank recognition of specific members of the Gulf War. In this war, the air-the U.S. military built the most successful plan of action in the history of military aviation.

2. Super weapon. Secrets of China Lake / Superweapons. The secrets of China Lake.

Welcome to California in a unique place, China Lake, California. It is the center of artillery testing and implementation of combat weapons, the test air and ground test site. It is a research center and the base of the Navy United States. Then look to the future and solve the technical secrets. Here heart of progress and the cradle of the revolution weapons. There are testing their latest achievements in the field of high-precision weapons carried by the modern aviation, before an authorization for combat use.


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