The X-Files — Under the sign of water. watch online

The X-Files - Under the sign of water.  watch online

"Although the world is not a subject that would be weaker and softer than water, it can damage the hardest thing" — Lao Tzu. The largest desert in the world — the Sahara — on land than Brazil, and to the territory of the United States. But due to lack of water, these vast areas not actually inhabited — then home to only 2.5 million people. But any three thousand years ago, it was a burgeoning paradise. The second life of the area decided to give the Libyan Muammar favorite Gaddafi. On Construction in Libya majestic man-made river is not a lot of people know, but in 2008 this building was recognized CONCTACTS Guinness largest irrigation project in the world — it has even been called the eighth wonder of the world. The fact is that under the sands of the Sahara are huge supplies of fresh water of the highest property. But Libya under Muammar Gaddafi was able to use it, it is providing the country with water. The project was also to the role of other countries in Africa — in Africa would end up to be a starving continent itself have started to export agricultural products. But suddenly, in 2011, Libya began plainclothes warGaddafi was killed. It is believed that it was war for oil, but in fact it there was a war for water. Water vector stories, or what will happen to the population of the earth in the not to distant future — in the program "The X Files" — "Under the Sign of the water."

Hidden materials — a series of programs

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