Thunderstorm warning in the U.S.

Heavy Rain continues to move to the southern plains of the United States of America. The line of thunderstorms stretches from east to Del Rio, Texas. Some of the lightning storms are signs of strong rotation on radar. So it is quite likely that they are accompanied by tornadoes. Now, however, the greatest danger is highest rainfall causing flooding and large hail. Were recorded various reports of hail, according to an information hailstones were the size of the ball, ping-pong table.

Furthermore, it is a three-hour thunderstorms cause delays in Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas, as well as in the international airport of Minneapolis.

In the event of a storm warning, to all residents encouraged to immediately take shelter in their homes.

Of greatest concern are thunderstorms in Kansas City, Missouri. It was recorded the highest winds, large hail, hail showers, that is, as expected, provoked floods.

In addition to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma were closed road filled with water. The same situation in Dallas, also according to the forecast heavy rain will continue through the night.

There is a chance of thunderstorms in the north, in the states of Iowa, Eastern South Dakota and Minnesota. It is unknown whether the storm will intensify in the east, in Ohio, Virginia and Carolina.

As we reported the most serious threat to cause hail and continuous rainfall.

We will continue to monitor and inform you about the weather in the states. Stay with us.

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