Titans found new signs of life


Unusual distribution of substances in the atmosphere of Saturn's moon and its surface supports the version of the existence there of microorganisms. And although I found anomalies, as revised by the specialists, it can be found and abiogenic explanation bacteria Titan — one of the most likely candidates for the perpetrators of the observed miracles.

Five years ago, scientists have suggested that Titan may be an unusual form of life — organisms that produce methane. Breathing such creatures must hydrogen and acetylene in the food consumed. The presence of such bacteria would lead to a difference in the hydrogen concentration of the atmosphere Titan near its surface. The same is true of acetylene: on the surface it almost does not have to be if the microbes eat it consistently.


This is the result of data analysis, and brought to the spectrometer Cassini. No signs were found at the bottom of acetylene, even though ultraviolet should always make it to the atmosphere of the satellite from the available materials there. The situation is similar to hydrogen. Ultraviolet light in the upper atmosphere breaks down methane and acetylene is still the same, so that the hydrogen on the ground Titan enters the flow of no less than escapes into space. But on the surface of hydrogen disappears.
The lakes on Titan include ethane, propane, methane, other hydrocarbons, and, according to some estimates, quite a bit of acetylene. Titan — the only known body in the solar system besides Earth where there is liquid on the surface and its circulation (illustration NASA / JPL).

Possible abiogenic explanation: a synthesis of methane from hydrogen and acetylene on the surface of the moon. But because of the low temperatures on Titan, such reactions can be run only in the presence of a powerful catalyst, such as certain as yet unknown minerals, researchers report in a press release the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. While Occam's razor makes nominate a biological version of the last, before the opening of the predicted anomaly for proponents of extraterrestrial life — an optimistic tone.

Titan — a real storehouse of organic matter. Here is another confirmation: not found on the surface of water ice, but he's supposed to be. Definitions: continuously falls from the atmosphere so many organic compounds that they harbor an ice layer from a few millimeters to centimeters (this land, and the depth lakes more precisely known). In particular, the devices found on the surface of benzene and Titan another complex hydrocarbon yet unidentified.

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