To Moscow is 30-degree heat

This summer's heat will come to Moscow at the beginning of next week, weather forecasters promise. Warming will begin on the weekend.

The next two days will remain dry and cool weather, told the "Ytra" leading expert Meteocentrum "Phobos" Leonid Starkov. "The capital region will remain on the eastern periphery of Scandinavian anticyclone, and South Stream will continue to spread and cool dry air from the north of the country," — he said. The temperature in the coming night will fall to 3 … +5 ° C, the field of possible weak frosts. On Thursday in northern wind air warms up to 17 … +19 ° C.

On Friday, in the Moscow region will come south atmospheric front, the temperature will rise a bit, but will be sunny. The day will be about +20 ° C. Weekend, according to meteorologist, will delight gardeners and other nature lovers warming to +22 ° C, which would bring the cyclone. Grow and atmospheric pressure, which amounted to 751 mm Hg. However, in the possibility of a strong storm Saturday.

And on Monday, May 16, the air warms up in the capital of +23 … +28 ° C. The truth will be clear, and the citizens have to grab their umbrellas. On Tuesday, the Moscow and did a summer 26 … +31 ° C. Look out the sun, and will be dry.

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