TOP 9 myths about twins, or what they say about the mirror the children


Uzi has shown — you will have a baby. But not alone! You develop within two identical man. Who are the twins, and that we are born alone, on their head and share it?

Myth number 1. Twins are born in a generation

Predisposition to the birth of twins genetically transmitted, really. But this "feature" can never occur.

In general, the twins is not so simple. Toddlers have appeared more than one egg — may well be born in different generations of the same family. A coincidence twins who come from a single egg — is still a mystery to science.

Myth number 2. They are always born by Caesarean section

Not always. Some gynecologists performed cesarean section with twins are even rarer than one child. Of course, the likelihood of cesarean increases depending on the number of expected twins. But the two brothers or sisters can give birth and your own!

Myth number three. All twins are born prematurely

High risk of premature birth. But not all twins are born prematurely. Full term pregnancy at birth of one child — 40 weeks.

But experienced obstetricians say it's fine if the twins are hatching a little less — 37 weeks.

Myth number 4. All of the twins the same set of genes and chromosomes

Those who came from the same egg — yes. The so-called dizygotic twins are genetically no more alike than ordinary siblings. Although the twins, whatever they may be, are always different fingerprints.

Myth number 5. Twins are different characters

One — the gentle, the other — a terrible vrednyuga.

No, it's like a normal siblings. Another thing is that they are constantly trying to compare. So everyone wants to prove his own separateness. Sometimes it comes to fighting. If you remember that each of them — the independent person, it is possible to balance the relationship.

Myth number 6. Senior twin — the first in everything. Junior — slave

Between the birth of the twins undergo minutes, during which time nothing important can not happen. And even more so, such that would affect the development of personality.

Myth number 7. All of the twins — "psychics." They feel each other at a distance

Clear evidence to this effect is not present. Twins spend a lot of time with each other. It is understandable that they may assume the thoughts of another at some point.

Although the twins convince others that this is not a myth, but true.

Myth number 8. Twins share better in school. Or vice versa — to plant a single desk for eternity

For teachers and educators separate the twins, maybe even better. But no permanent form of placing students in the school is not appropriate for the twins. They need to sit together. But apart. How so? Yes, just change places every year, as do all the students!

Children with twins is better to start training in one class. When the twins are separated before they learn independence, they will not be able to concentrate on their studies.

Myth number 9. Because of the resemblance they can not distinguish

Some twins are alike, and some — not so. Even identical twins have the same faces are subtle differences. Birthmark, protruding ear, the way to smile …

To see the difference, just need to take a closer acquainted with them.

What other myths about twins met you? What do they say your friends and acquaintances? Share this!

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