Tourist Office in Khakassia talk about the places inhabited by leopards

 The visitor center for tourists, which will provide information on hard to reach areas of the reserve "Khakassia", such as "Zaimka Lykovy" and reserve for the conservation of the snow leopard (snow leopard) "Pozar", opens on Wednesday in the town of Abaza in Khakassia, said reserve.

"Zaimka Lykov '- mountain taiga site called by the name of the family-conservatives Lykovy hermits who settled there in the 20th century and where he still lives the last representative of the family — Agafea Lykov. The Federal Reserve "Pozar" created by the Russian government in 2011 on the border of Khakassia and Tuva to save the rare snow leopard and other animals Red. In the visitor center in Abaza also be presented mountain taiga region "Small Abakan."

"In the visitor center area of 8000 square meters of office buildings be located sites" Small Abakan "and" Zaimka Lykov. "Complex also includes educational and ecological trails, eco-ethnographic exhibition in the open, information boards, a museum in a stylized taiga fishing hut Hunter "- said in a statement.

The visitor center was built as part of a pilot project Ministry of Russia "Development of tourism infrastructure in protected natural areas" and was financed from the budget and environmental funds. According to the Reserve "Khakassia", the total investment of more than 20 million rubles, the construction and organization of the center took less than a year.

"The visitor center was established with the aim of environmental education, which, together with the development of tourism in protected areas (PA) is one of the priority areas in the reserve" Khakassia. "Infrastructure visitor center will enable staff to successfully coordinate the scientific departments, Security and Environmental and educational activities ", — stated in the release.

Take tourists visitor center will be all year round.

State Nature Reserve "Khakassia" located in southern Siberia on the north slope of the Western Sayan and mountain steppes Minusinsk depression in Tashtypskogo, Ust-Abakan, Bograd, Shira and Ordzhonikidze district of Khakassia. The reserve area — 267.5 thousand hectares (excluding the territory of the Federal Reserve "Pozar" — 253.7 thousand hectares).

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