Tours in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Malaysia — a country that every fan wants to travel to visit at least once in life. One of the most attractive tourist Malaysian cities — Johor Bahru. The largest number of tourists here — from neighboring Asian countries, who come here to have a good time, besides paying quite a bit. It should be noted that the burning vacation in Malaysia in March and will not cost our compatriots, because, as a rule, such offers are low cost, and allow yourself to obtain a tour can be anyone.

Johor Bahru-Singapore ties bridge over the Strait of Johor. Every day for him is forwarded to a neighboring state to work a large number of city residents, the evening always come back. Johor Bahru is very beautiful, the people of carefully honored national tradition, with is tolerant of other religions.

The main attraction — the Mosque of Sultan Abu Bakar, which is visible from virtually anywhere in the city as well as standing on top of a hill. The mosque was built of white stone with turquoise roof, and therefore attracts admiring glances. Next to it is the Grand Palace, which houses the Museum of Abu Bakar. It is also an interesting relics belonging royal family, in addition, there are still regular traditional ceremonies and rituals.

Johor Bahru is worth a visit for another reason: it is the largest free trade zone. In the mall, you can optionally rest and eat, and fun — has everything you need for a comfortable shopping experience. Shops are open all year round, so the flow of customers does not stop. It should be noted that low-cost things to do in this direction appear very often, and you at any time of the year can arrange a wonderful holiday.

To escape from shopping, you can go for a walk around the city, feel its special atmosphere. In the center of town is a smart Hindu temple, beautifully framed by an ensemble of colors and sculptures. And nearby is the old Chinese temple, which tourists can visit, but if all the necessary rules, as the townspeople are very sensitive to their values. In Johor Baru peacefully coexist quite representatives of different religious faiths. So for tourists not come as a surprise, and the Catholic Church — Church of the Immaculate Conception.

It should also be given to Malaysian cuisine, which can be enjoyed in one of the restaurants or cafes Johor Bahru. Culinary traditions of these places were formed by the action of two different cultures — China and India. That's why when cooking uses a lot of aromatic spices, and on the table during each meal served in Fig. You can also indulge in dishes of mineral seafood, exotic fruits and fancy desserts. In that case, if you want to return to traditional dishes, in Johor Bahru has restaurants with French and Italian cuisine.

Visit Johor Bahru at any time of the year — the city always welcomes guests. A program of entertainment pick yourself opportunities how to spend your leisure time, there is provided a great variety. Today discount cheap tours to Japan, China, Malaysia, are very common, and if you want you can always arrange a memorable stay in one of these countries, regardless of the season. Note, however, that these cheap deals are very popular, and better take care of their search in advance.


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