Creator of an extensive spy network Vatican, already in the Middle Ages enveloped in the world and known as the "Society of Jesus", was a man of remarkable intelligence, guile and a fair excessive cruelty Ignatius Loyola. He also organized a secret squads Jesuits, who for many years, like bees, accumulate in the blood zagashnikah monastic treasures acquired by following the covenant canonized boss: "Monarchs — slaves of gold and gold — their only passion, but it must be ours."

To some extent, the way it is! Because in the XVIII — early XIX centuries is the reigning persons, in order to fill holes in state budgets, periodically undertaken more hunting Jesuit monks, brutally torturing them, hoping to find out where the hidden riches just recently almighty Order. The Jesuits, the faithful of the oath, were silent. As a result, the authorities getting any crumbs. And according to our contemporary, Cardinal Jelly Maurois, 85-90% of imperishable property of the "Society of Jesus" is still in good caches. And, to add, though rarely, these treasures are, of course, not without tremendous effort black Jesuits: their secret society thrives to this day. And dirty tricks crafts spies Hypocrites have not changed much. True, but they dropped robes have adopted advanced technology of our time.

According to credible sources, the disciples of Loyola (the so-called themselves the Jesuits) managed by checking old maps of the area with the results of the satellite scan, return the Church two unique treasure. Vatican exulted: "The search of our legal heritage that began in The Hague in 1902, failed after a century. This is a product of the ancient craft of jewelry that are unrivaled. Revealed plans to put in a museum in Rome. "

Three years have passed. The promised exhibition not remember. Why? Author of the excellent multimedia CD-encyclopedia "perished masterpieces" Sam Shefrin, spending painstaking research, concluded: "chests with valuables, so to speak, swim in the blood. Infamies and adventures compete with huge cost of their content. " He also reconstructed the unsightly, sophisticated concealment procedures treasures.

"My great-grandfather on the maternal side, Isaac Stanyukovich — writes Shefrin — held at The Hague in the late nineteenth century burial office" Torch ", artisans who took over the whole sad rites. Naturally, these people were aware of what is happening in the town cemetery. But one day, I told mother, grandfather house door knocked. On the threshold stood hunched dwarf and to talk in German with a marked Italian accent. Great-grandfather, a youth who was in Venice, spoke to him in Italian, very happy customer, who immediately explained in the old cemetery, where long been buried, an urgent need to dig a hole the maximum possible depth. It also requires a large zinc box, which, after it is lowered into the ground, you need to pour a few barrels of oil, mixing it with sand. Ought to erect a gravestone, which will give himself, the customer. Work must be done in secret, at night only. Diggers in payment will be gold, but are required to leave the country for good, because they have the means to a comfortable life. Of course, what had happened, they must under pain of death, to forget forever. Great-grandfather to the question how to handle it, the answer was that the funeral offices close in any case should not be. But he will have to bear, again on pain of death, personal responsibility, as his great-grandfather used to say, for the integrity of the days shorten it a strange and sinister burial.

There was no choice. Having received from the dwarf box of gold coins by performing required, he wasted no time, far away sent his family to America. Himself to the last fateful day not lived — there all alone, taking the oversight graves: they became a little. Every three years, he was a dwarf. Grandfather passed fees — another box of gold. Treatments with zinc box, mixed with fuel oil sand, imported headstones repeated.

Then dwarf visited my great-grandmother in the U.S. Straw, saying that his great-grandfather died, handed her a card and gold. Card required treasure it, gold spend as they please — it was a lot, even more abundantly. "

Next Shefrin writes that, apparently, does not doubt the honesty paid gold great-grandmother, the dwarf admitted he was a member of the Order of the Jesuits, and the card — in fact not a card, but disguised it, specially treated chemical composition of parchment inscribed with important "Society of Jesus" information. Read them without having a very complex chemical treatment is not possible.

Dwarf disappeared. Did not appear. In 1910, when the great-grandmother, Straw Brook, was dead, her name came from The Hague registered letter. Lusena Monbrouz who once worked in the firm "Torch" obivschitsey coffins, very belatedly notified the brutal murders every single diggers involved in the cover-up of zinc boxes. Let us hear Shefrina:

"Generous remuneration Digger seemed inadequate. They encroached on the integrity of the last grave, split granite headstone. The police took the act. Made to bring all in the proper form, and sent to their homes, to trial. To the house none arrived. Poor guy was stabbed with knives for butchery. Grandfather hung on curtain cord. Those first diggers that had left and, being a contract, silent, too strung, previously subjected to torture with red-hot knitting needles. The executioners took out each of the loops. Laid on the floor. Found in houses stuffed his pockets with gold tortured. "

Shefrin was the last keeper of the maps, the title to which no one makes. Maps are stored in secretaire as useless gimmick. But one day, when the writer and his wife have returned after a long absence from the farm and found the back door of the mansion open, and the floors and drafts carried the sharp smell chemicals. Card was not there. Near the bureau — scraps of parchment. By windowpane cabinet tape was attached to the cashier's check for 100 thousand dollars and a note: "Thank you for your service." Share the results of cooperation. Students of Loyola. "

A lot to the letter slipped under the door, "Sir! You are aware of many things. We, as promised, we would like to satisfy your curiosity child custody, for it is not so secretive and vindictive, as our elder brothers. Strictly complied with the agreement with the government in The Hague, exposing the top layer of information cards to special treatment in your absence in your office, we have ensured that the will of God happened. Two false graves opened. A third of zinc box in a beautiful ruby, the other tabs — cunning work amber panels and malachite tiaras. So that you do not question the importance of the event, open those empty box of your secretary, and poshar'te in the far right corner. Record our decency, say goodbye to your family forever. "

In the bureau drawer, where he kept card Shefrin found three amazingly beautiful large ruby and malachite with a tiara on her head carved dog. Tragic family's "Odyssey" held hoards seem sunk into oblivion.

Shefrinu wanted to visit The Hague to stand at the former home of his great-grandfather, a look at the now famous false tomb. Which he did, but the rest is not found, then learned that the officer who signed the contract with the treasure seekers in broad daylight on the steps of City Hall received a stab in the heart Rumor was unhappy with the fee, for which he paid. Sam Shefrin announced that it will continue to seek new facts about the treasures of the "Society of Jesus".

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