Trees have been able to prolong life


Mammals that live in trees, about half live longer than their counterparts who inhabit a more dangerous place. Work in which this conclusion is reached, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Briefly sets out the results of the study New Scientist.

Scientists have analyzed the life expectancy of 776 mammal species, representing all major groups of this class of vertebrates. It turned out that the inhabitants of the trees always live longer than their terrestrial relatives. This rule was observed even when the wood smaller mammals were related animals living on the earth. In general, the major animal life than ones.
Evolutionary biologists have long hypothesized that postulates that natural selection is less cruel to animals of "better" ecological niches (which includes trees), and so they should have a long life expectancy. The new work has provided evidence on this point.
Several years ago, another group of authors conducted another study concerned with the study of life expectancy. The scientists analyzed what animals are least affected by changes in temperature. It turned out that the best global warming (in reality, which has recently questioned some experts) will take the animals with a short life cycle.

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