Tuesday on Belarus — Storm Warning: Hurricane!

Tuesday on Belarus - Storm Warning: Hurricane!Today, 7 February, the weather in the country is mainly determined, the field of low atmospheric pressure and warm air masses of Atlantic origin, and in the south-western areas will affect the impact of atmospheric fronts, reports Meteoinfo.by. Therefore remain warm. The south-west will be precipitation in the form of rain and sleet. On the roads in some places sleet. West wind moderate. Air temperature 0 .. +6 ° C.
In the next day, February 8, the weather conditions will determine Belarus young Cyclone German meteorologists named "Nicholas". Tomorrow, in the middle of the day it is released to the Leningrad region of Russia, and with him will be associated rainy, windy weather in Eastern Europe, including Russia. Most parts of Belarus will be held precipitation (sleet, rain). On some sections of roads icy. In many areas, will increase wind gusts up to 15-22 m / s in places expected to be very strong gusty wind. Night temperature -4 .. +2 ° C during the day +1 .. +7 ° C.
On Wednesday, February 9, Belarus will still be under the influence of cyclonic vortex, which will continue its journey to the East. In most places, will be snow showers, blizzard, the roads remain icy. In much of the strong gusty wind in the afternoon, the wind will die down. The air temperature during the day -4 .. +2 ° C.
On Thursday, February 10, will determine the unstable weather and cool air mass coming from the Scandinavian Peninsula. Places will be snow showers of snow. A night on the northeast gusting wind storm. Black ice on the roads. Colder. The air temperature during the day drops to -3 .. -9 ° C at night in clarifying to -12 ° C during the day on the south-west 0 .. -2 ° C.

Look at the "Nicholas" recommend the window. And do not go out, warns kp.by!
February 8th through our country will be a powerful active cyclone "Nicholas", it will bring strong gusty winds and snow. In Minsk already written out a storm warning.

— According to the city will wind up to 24 m / s. People as possible, you should try not to go out, — the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" the chief of the National Weather Service Hydrometeorological Forecasts Dmitry Ryabov.


Wind gust to 24 meters per second blowing away roofs and billboards.

And the weather

The temperature on Tuesday night will be -4 … 2, day 1 … +7. But with the media in Belarus will be winter again. During the day the country -4 … 2, strong wind, 15 — 22 m / s will continue to be ice. On Thursday, the cold snap will continue: the day will be -3 … -9, The south-west a little warmer 0 … -2 To -12 at night, wet snow and wind from 15 to 20 m / s.

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