Tufted Duck on the Moskva River became more and Gogol — less

Conducted in late November surveys of waterfowl on the Moscow River showed an increase in the number of tufted ducks, compared with previous years, while Gogol in the city and in the region has decreased, according to Russian Bird Conservation Union.

"In November 2012 compared to November 2010 and 2011, was a high number of tufted ducks — 57 individuals (in 2010 — 32 individuals in 2011 — 54 individuals), the reasons for this are not clear. Goldeneye number in November 2011 was higher (626 individuals), and in November 2010 — the following (475 individuals) than in the current year (548 individuals). also decreased the number of grebes, and smew goosander compared to November 2011, "- said in a statement.

At the same time, ornithologists found a significant increase in the number of all species of gulls from last year November — presumably, as in 2010, this year's Top Accounting gulls had not yet migrate from the Moscow region.

"Comparison of the November accounting standard survey routes Printers-Korobcheevo with data for November 2010 and 2011 shows that the number of mallards in November 2012 decreased slightly compared to November 2011 (then considered 5,1 thousand individuals), and by reducing the number of mallards in the area. In November 2010, mallards considered less than this November — about 3.1 thousand individuals, "- said in a statement.

A smaller number of these birds in 2012, most likely due to the fact that in November 2011, had standing water under the ice for about two weeks, and waterfowl at the time focused on the freezing Moscow River. In November 2010, as this year, standing water is not frozen, according to the conservation group.

The following account of wintering waterfowl on the Moskva River is scheduled for December 22-23, said the Russian Bird Conservation Union, adding that the birds are invited to consider all applicants.

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