Tuskedzhiysky shame. Scandalous episodes in American history

The result of a grand experiment, conducted at the University of Tuskedzhi for forty years, was a shock. And it's not a high-profile scientific discoveries — they were not there at all. Tuskedzhiysky experiment wrote one of the most shameful pages in the history of the United States of America.

Bad blood

In 1932, the city of Macon County (Alabama) started the experiment, officially referred to as "Tuskedzhiyskoe study did not treat syphilis in the male Negro race."
At the time, syphilis was considered one of the most dreaded diseases. They suffered 35% of the population in the south, "black" states. For the experiment were recruited 399 patients with syphilis and 201 healthy people. Most of these African Americans were poor Alabama sharecroppers.
The original purpose of the clinical trial was ostensibly noble — to understand how to treat syphilis in poor "colored" population. Implicit treatment of the "bad blood, bringing the disease." Carefully concealed from the participants that they had syphilis, not to advise on how to avoid the spread of the disease, and were not treated during the observation period. They never said that the "bad blood" was really hard venereal disease. Doctors are studying the ravages of illness and death awaited test in order to be able to conduct an autopsy.
The experiment proved that the findings do not represent the slightest scientific interest. Meanwhile, from the terrible symptoms such as paralysis, blindness, heart disease, cancer, psychosis, etc., many test subjects died. Were infected with their wives, had children with congenital syphilis.
In 1972, the experiment was forced to closed down. As unnecessary.

Belated apology

Began an experiment sponsored by the Ministry of Health. Originally stated that Negroes will observe patients for several months, then donate all the necessary treatment.
However, the Great Depression did its work — funding was discontinued for lack of funds. Summed up what has been done, and the experiment was closed.
But only on paper. Have decided to continue his doctors: they are very interested in one question — life expectancy of patients with syphilis in the absence of treatment. Fearing publicity, doctors began to cheat the test, offering his patients a "special free treatment." This "treatment" includes only diagnostic tests. Individual patients were also repeated (and very painful!) Spinal tap — as doctors monitored for neurosyphilis, ie development of the disease in the brain and nervous system. Nothing but suffering, she, of course, does not work.
In 1947, already active syphilis treated with penicillin. Government was interested in treating patients in the shortest possible time. Nationwide campaign inviting people to visit health centers, and men who are conscripted into the army, carefully examined and, if appropriate treatment is prescribed. Only participants Tuskedzhiyskogo experiment for studying the natural history of syphilis carefully "protected" from receiving a drug that could save their lives. Until the day they have not learned about penicillin …
Everything went "well" until the information is not leaked to the press. Peter Bukstun, venereal disease investigator in San Francisco, accidentally found out about the experiment and reported to higher authorities. Scientist invited "up" and politely but firmly told that the experiment will continue for as long as they die all the subjects and the opportunity to conduct an autopsy. However indignant inhuman relations
tion to patients Bukstun turned to the press, and in 1972, several national newspapers published articles about the horrible experiences in Tuskedzhi.
The experiment quickly turned to all the survivors and their families were paid monetary compensation and provided free treatment.
Two years later, the law was amended to regulate medical experiments on human beings. But be that as it may, only in 1997, in the presence of the five survivors of the experiment (in the total of only eight people survived!) President Bill Clinton formally apologized for the government of the United States, calling the experiment inhuman and immoral.

Conspiracy against the minority

The illegality of the experiment conducted by the Ministry of Health in order to document the natural history of syphilis in individuals of the black race and racial differences in the identification of its clinical manifestations, no one will doubt. Scientists rightly accused of racism. However, the fact that the headquarters of the researchers had a few blacks, complicated investigation into the causes of racism. Moreover, the experiment was performed under the auspices of the University Tuskedzhi, one of the most distinguished citizens who are black schools of America. University Hospital for many years received special expensive equipment, and actively participated in the research, local blacks doctor. One of the main characters tuskedzhiyskoy tragedy was a black nurse named Eunice Rivers. She worked with the participants for nearly forty years, and most of them be trusted. In his defense, she said that only execute orders of doctors and are not responsible for the treatment of disease.
Strange. Black doctors and nurses were genuinely convinced that this monstrous experiment help solve the problem of sexually transmitted diseases among African Americans! They were convinced that the health program will help the poorest in the county Macon. Have they not seen that people do not have any help, that the end justifies the means barbarian? It is hard to believe.
Generally, when a medical conspiracy was discovered, a lot of questions. Among them is the last one — why do need to watch the "differences" in the course of illness among representatives of black and white race? Posed at the beginning of the experiment are deeply perplexing questions: for example, whether blacks suffer from cardiovascular diseases as a result of running a syphilis, whether whites are more susceptible to neurological complications, etc. All this is bad fit with medical science.
The experimental procedure also does not fit into any framework: it could be more understandable if people are tested for any drugs, but observation of the development of the disease without treatment did not meet the goals of medicine! It seems that the idea of racial physiological differences are so blinded by scientists that they deliberately sacrificed humanity.
This study was included in the history of medicine, not only as the longest, but also as the most useless experiment with tragic consequences. It was evidence of the possibility of the exploitation of not only the black race, but any other population potentially vulnerable to racial, ethnic, gender, disability, age or social status.
Case studies in the following years in the South of America, said the huge distrust black people the state health system.
Tuskedzhiysky experiment demonstrated outright hostility of the authorities and staff scientists to her African-American population. He is considered one of the most dirty and disgusting conspiracy in U.S. history.

Source: "Secrets of the twentieth century. Gold Series" № 51

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