Two-thirds of German rivers are in poor ecological condition

Two-thirds of the rivers in Germany are in poor condition, according to Tagesschau referring to the report of the Union of German Nature Conservation (BUND). In the first place, according to environmentalists, it is the lack of water-meadows: 90 percent of them are built up either separated from the river by levees.

This is contrary to the EU's ongoing policy of flooding. The German government, which pledged to keep the river in good environmental condition and to provide more space for flood meadows, in practice, as noted in the BUND, doing nothing.

Instead renaturalization rivers and increase flood plains authorities build new dams, which adversely affects the ecology of rivers, deprived of the spill. This in turn has a negative impact on wildlife and the river leads to the extinction of many species of animals.

Added to this is the pollution of rivers, resulting from the activities of industrial and agricultural enterprises and active navigation. According to the BUND, revival of rivers by increasing the area of floodplain meadows must begin with the rivers with a low value for shipping.

In this regard, pay attention to environmental passing major reform in the German inland navigation, in which many of the rivers, which have little economic value, are no longer seen as the federal waterways. Due to the return of the initial appearance of an additional stimulus for the development can receive environmental boating, noted in the BUND.
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