U.S. presidential candidate is afraid of strengthening the Russian Federation and other global powers

One of the candidates in the South American presidents (the elections in 2012) Mitt Romney the week was marked by the performance, which was broadcast on a huge audience of 1st major U.S. news channels. This performance was of ordinary temper and sensuously colored, usually, to condemn all anti-Americans. Romney's speech, as once it was decided we read, interrupted by stormy earn standing ovations. So finally decided to bring to their own electorate freshly baked candidate, which ready to work around the next election of Barack Obama?

So it is accepted in the United States, that whoever of the presidential candidates did not speak in public, he'll have to announce at least a few words about Russia. Romney decided not to deviate from this tradition and ordained that our country (the Soviet Union and RF) A sufficient amount of time. In the likely return of Vladimir Putin (if he wins the election) on the political Olympus of the Russian Federation Mr. Romney sees nothing else, as the danger of Europe and the countries that were once part of Russian Alliance, in terms of their energy security. Romney recalled the fact that our current Prime Minister believes big disaster disintegration of the Union of Russian. According to the views of Romney, the destruction of the "evil empire" we will not have to regret.

Always amazed how people who do not have a fundamentally no understanding of how life works in other states, can quickly hang on these countries their labels. It turns out that Romney niskolechko does not regret the fact that the destruction of the Soviet Union led to a long string of bloody civilian forces, local conflicts, which killed a total 10 problems of thousands of people. Well, what business Mr. Romney before the collapse of the Soviet Union that has separated from each other close relatives nowhere who took boundaries. Is it thinks about U.S. presidential candidate, if the only thing he knows about the Russian Union is that once his steering was Nikita Khrushchev, who wanted to show the Yankees' gruel. " Mitt Romney recalled how teachers taught him to make the team, "Crouch and cover" if suddenly "Tips" will take well and will strike nuclear attack on its free and friendly country. Apparently, Romney does not know that Russian people were taught to do the same in the case of American anger.

In his speech indicated a candidate calls to the Yankees, so they led the world. And he says it's a civilization that year already lives in debt at the expense of other countries. A strange thing to call a man to head the union, given the fact that this particular man allowed the bankruptcy of this association. As such, people today and serve the United States.

Romney says that the U.S. has a lot of enemies. As usual, it is Iran with North Korea, and now also Venezuela with Cuba. Apparently, Romney's fear about Cuba remained since the era of the Cuban Missile Crisis 1962. Since it is difficult to imagine themselves than it is now so very Cubans scare Americans …
Well, of course, did not fail to remember Romney on China, which, like our native land, intensive development, and hence, the mere fact that the United States faces its own development. According to such logic, anyone in the world except the United States did not develop properly.

If against the populist speeches Romney is elected then the owner of white houses, it is possible for yourself to imagine what reincarnated Russian-American relations. If already at this point Romney says Putin ideological mastermind revival "evil empire", the specter of Russian danger again begin to soar in the South American society.

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