U.S. ready for death. Case history

U.S. ready for death.  Case history

Near the city of Atlanta in Georgia found procured by the Federal Agency of the United States of Emergency Management (FEMA Next FEMA), and the U.S. government, plastic coffins in an amount of 500 000 to 1 million. And the graves of various sizes. In the largest can accommodate up to five people.

Just run by FEMA, there are numerous detention camps throughout the United States. Some of these camps have been recently built or renovated and fully equipped. Existing camps coupled with Presidential Executive Order allows the president and the Department of Homeland Security (of which FEMA) to exercise control over the "major national functions" in case of "emergency" that will lead to the need for the camp will be used to force the conclusion of American citizens unconstitutional goals.

While no one can or want to clearly explain what it took to create such a reserve mournful goods and pens for people. Have a question in the U.S. media … Why this training? Obviously, the U.S. is preparing for mass casualties is unknown what. It has been suggested that this may be a war, a terrorist attack, natural or provoked an epidemic (in storage center located CDC — Center for Disease Control — Center for Disease Control), natural disaster and collision with a comet … Anyway, apparently in the U.S. know massive loss of loved ones, and are preparing for it.

Excluding the release of the epidemic, disasters and space objects as unfounded, the most harmless outlook on the need for coffins — may need to be storing them green pieces of paper, which will soon turn into U.S. dollars. And the act of dumping U.S. currency will symbolically mark the arrival of humanity to a new financial system in which cash paper and iron money, replacing implanted under the skin of people to electronic chips.

Worse prognosis, if it is before the implant chips population, the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve (Fed) to justify the inevitable fall of the dollar, and implement trigger unheard-scale terrorist attack. And it will be 9/11 multiplied

a hundred or a thousand. Those people who are able to organize the beginning of world wars and revolutions, for that would prirovnyat dollar to gold, easily donate one country, even the United States to be able to introduce a single world currency, and become global financial control. And for those who remain alive and does not want to submit to the new society, are already prepared a new location — 800 brand new concentration camps.

"These camps are guarded round the clock, even if they are empty. Summed up the camp railroads, many camps have airports. Like Auschwitz, some of the camps have airtight buildings. Most camps designed for the maintenance of 20,000 prisoners. The largest of these complexes are located near Fairbanks, Alaska. Alaska complexes can simultaneously allow to treat "mental health" in droves — about 2 million people. Purpose of all these fixed and movable facilities vast majority of Americans do not know. And so they are multiplying around the rumors and gossip: some believe that many buildings are designed for the deployment of the UN occupation forces, while others believe that — for the millions of Russian army! And also for the troops Poland, Belgium, Turkey, Nicaragua, and so on. Few people realize that this is not even for the aliens, and for the Americans themselves. Currently, all the camps are empty, but all the camps are fully staffed guard, ready to receive prisoners of U.S. citizens who disagree with the government … "

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