UFO over Chelny


After the story in the newspaper about the creation of a database on UFOs and anomalous phenomena in Chelny we began to call the townspeople. The database gathers a group of "Chelny-Kosmopoisk", representatives of the international movement, exploring the little-studied anomalous phenomenon. Of the most recent episode — filmed last December at the video of UFOs in the area of the stadium "Builder" and seen as the GESe at the beginning of this year, a luminous object in the sky. Residents watched with interest the flight fires, unlike in the aircraft and tried to look at everything, take pictures and even catch up. And here are a few stories of unidentified witnesses.

The car in the sky

In August, 92-Gregory walked up the street Belyaeva around the house 38/05 and found that 17 of the complex something is flying. No noise and if the steps. "Maybe the helicopter? But no screws. When he flew closer, about 200 meters was before him, saw this flying object. He was like a railway carriage: silver, with rectangular windows. Hovered above the ground 50 meters, though banked of an issue and then flew off to the side of the dam. It wanted to get closer, but the girl kept. "

Red burst

Echoes the history of the UFO over Kama told by fishermen, the case of the same era. According to the stories, it was also winter in 80-82 years. Quarry for 44 complex, evening, a lot of people skiing. Suddenly, in the sky — ruby flash. All fall down like a crippled leg. Red sky in a few seconds goes out, people jump up and run away.

Flat aliens

A little embarrassed, gardener from "Turbines" told his story. Immediately warned that no one believes him, making fun of, say, how much to drink. Alexander Leonidovich says that alcohol is not consumed. "In the late 90's stayed the night at the cottage. Weekends, heat, light. Suddenly woke up in the night, the light was very bright. Felt that there is someone in the house. I wanted to scream, to get up, but could not. Head to work, thinking straight, but could not move. Suddenly I see: rise up three Ambala growth under two meters. Average came close to me, leaned over and looked in the eye. We looked at each other, but instead of a face I saw only dark spot and silhouette. And the light from the window was such that at least half of the face I had to make out very plainly. Then they left. When they began to turn, instead of profiles, silhouette figures, there are three bars, as if they were flat. And all this in absolute silence. A wooden floors, even a child will be — all the creaks. Minutes after two or three after they left the lights went out. I moved away for about 15 minutes. When he was able to stand up, checked everything: the windows and door were closed. And no trace. Then a long afraid to stay overnight. "

If you witnessed the strange sight, call the editor at 8 (927) 456-30-70. We continue to collect information that will be transferred to the group Kosmopoisk.

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