UFO over the Vatican


Vladimir Lagowski


The guards shot at the American Embassy mobiles aliens visit to the Pope [Video]

UFO caught the eye at once three of the military, who were guarding the residence of the U.S. ambassador to the Vatican. And they are standing at the entrance, had to remove the "phenomenon" of mobile phones The video showed several Italian television channels, newspapers published reports, and the police to investigate. In short, everything to the visit UFOs seriously. Including the military itself, which were presented as gunners and named experts in recognition of aerial targets. But they have not been publicly revealed. Were published only excerpts of testimony.

Witnesses said they first noticed three bright sphere is June 7 at about 4:00 the night. It seemed that the balls hung above the cathedral of Saint Peter (St. Peter's dome in the Vatican). Dahle they began to maneuver and change the pitch. Then he disappeared. And after a while came back. While not completely disappeared.

Balls stuck together and moved synchronously. But the military is difficult to say whether it was a single object in the form of a triangle or three different ones. According to them, the UFO was not like any civil aircraft or the fighter or the balloon.

A representative of the Air Force, Colonel Marco Italy Picchio (Colonel Marco Picciau) reported that the inclusion of UFO visits to the country being in 1978. And now locked at 50-55 visits per year.

Conspiracy buffs believe that the Vatican is actively engaged in the study of UFOs. And the Pope — are aware that the aliens arrive on Earth. And the most crazy and wild suspect that the head of the Catholic church in general is part of the world behind the scenes, which is in cahoots with the aliens. They are regular visitors to talk to him. That flew on June 7.

Ufologists same date the first visit of a UFO in Rome 214th BC.

Creating paintings on religious subjects, Renaissance artists often depicted UFOs

Detail of the bigger picture: St. Peter looks at the "plate"

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