Ukrainian pilots to fight in Africa

UN officials said on Ukrainian military use of helicopters, located in the Congo. Fighting vehicles were used against the rebels, leading an attack on government troops in the country.

UN military mission in Congo is the largest in the world. The contingent of the mission has more than 20 thousand people. It is composed of serve and Ukrainian pilots.

In the statement of the organization, it was stated that the military mission will continue to monitor and prevent the destabilization of the civilian population. The war resulted in the refugee camp, located just a few kilometers from the front line, has gathered more than 7000 people.

From local population received conflicting information. Thus, the military claimed the destruction of more than 150 militants, who in turn deny the information.

In addition, officials in Congo accused neighboring Rwanda of supporting militants. In particular, in one of the fights of the Congolese tanks were shelled by artillery from the neighboring country. Rwanda categorically rejects the allegations and said the weakness of the Congo's army.

In response to the UN's representatives threatened to bombard the rebel base mission. Command resistance accuses international organization of violating neutrality and support of government troops. And also states that the use of aircraft and heavy weapons have killed civilians, which mission is to protect.

The use of helicopters was authorized to stop the rebel advance on the town of Goma. According to the official representatives of the military, were killed and 115 insurgents.

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