Urban Legends: Mystical Kharkov

Kharkov — one of the most mysterious cities of Ukraine. According to legend, in almost every old building haunted. But most of all the secrets of the local harbor catacombs. Though there is a secret magic room, which houses the book of records of the future of humanity. True, it is just unsubstantiated rumors.

However, with the ghosts really've encountered many of Kharkov. Thus, students of the theater department at the University of Art talk about the lady in white, which sometimes appears in the corridors of the school. Usually phantom looks like haze, resembling the outlines of her white dress. Flashed around the corner and disappear …

Students theatergoers often rehearse at night in empty classrooms. Strange sighs, knocks, noises, squeaks are already familiar to them. But sometimes it happens and really frightening incident. Once one of the students, freshmen came into the audience and heard someone singing. Around the whole audience looked for curtains — no one. Another time, in front of several students began to boil water in the kettle, which did not include one.

One legend says that once housed in the building of the Faculty of the public house. Once the client does not get along with the local priestess of love, and in a fit of rage strangled her. That is what the ghost and now lives in these walls. According to another version, says Maxim Rosenfeld, offering guide services for mystical places in Kharkov, before the revolution, the building was women's gymnasium, and somehow one of the students hanged. There was even talk that she gave birth to an illegitimate child, slew him, and killed herself. Either way, it is likely that this is a phantom unhappy schoolgirl walks through the corridors.

According to the same Rosenfeld, some have even seen here for two ghosts — a woman and her child. In the lobby of the third floor of the building of Kharkiv National University VN Karazin portraits of former rectors of the university for all the 200 years of its existence. According to legend, at midnight, the ghosts come out of the portraits of the deceased rectors. Therefore, in this time, no one is trying without much need not appear on the third floor.

In a building the university of arts ghosts do not seem to see, but in a second continuously leaking one of the walls. They say that this cry of the icon, once hung in Kaplunovsky church, built on the site of the building. Besides, adds Max Rosenfeld, this university is literally on the bones. In the last century in the area of present Pushkinskaya street is several city cemeteries, which in Soviet times was destroyed. For example, the Youth Park, broken on the site of the old cemetery, survived several graves, in particular, the poet Nikolai Khvylyovyi shot himself. The inscription on his tombstone reads: "Long live the spirit nespokoyu Hai". Indeed, the spirit of the poet's suicide can not calm down, his allegedly met in two places — here in the park, as well as in an apartment where there was a suicide — on the streets of Culture, 9.

The number of inhabitants of Kharkiv, faced with ghosts or something incomprehensible, so great that the local planetarium even organized a special section on the regional study of anomalous phenomena. In the words of its leader Vladimir Mantulin, ghosts and similar phenomena are observed not only in Odessa, but also in the area — for example, in Zmievskaya, Zolochinskliy and Izyum areas. Personally, he says Mantulin, had a chance encounter with a translucent phantom resembling human contour trehmetrovogo growth. Early last century, the population of Kharkov were rumors of treasures hidden in caves, stretching for miles under Tainitski towers. They even though some Kharkiv got to the treasure and then became fabulously rich.

The archives preserved the story of how, in the mid-nineteenth century by a fire in Mordvinovskom lane in front of a crowd into thin horse policeman. When he pulled out of the pit, I found that it is an underground hole. The authorities have proposed two men sentenced to death criminals down in the cave and examine it. For this they had been promised a pardon. About what they saw in the catacombs of the prisoners spoke sparingly and grudgingly — perhaps they ran out there with something mysterious or even scary.

However, they are told, they found a large stone table surrounded by twelve chairs, also of stone, and he was in an open book with the predictions of human destinies. But to find this mysterious room clearly designed for some magic rituals, as yet.

Margarita Trinity

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