Urgent! The Academy of Sciences came to contact with aliens!


Communication with the aliens have established the Institute of Space Research of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IKI BAN). And this is not an April Fool's joke. Deputy director of the state agency Luchezar Filipov confirmed: contact with extraterrestrial civilizations installed!

It all started with the fact that three years ago a scientist met 70-year-old resident of Sofia Mariana Veznevoy. An architect by training, Vezneva long studied the phenomenon of crop circles (in Bulgaria, they appear as regularly as in Russia). And not so long ago, Marian, she said, found her to make contact with those who create them.

MIGnews.com.ua published unexpurgated interview, which gave the Academy edition of "Moskovsky Komsomolets".

— We decided to send the aliens Veznevu through several issues of concern to modern scientists. I must say that many of my colleagues at the institute to my proposal to ask questions aliens refused. Only two agreed. There were also representatives from the Institute of Plant Physiology, Institute of Medicine and the Institute of Geology.

— But it has long been known that the crop circles with mysterious characters — human hands …

— We have investigated this issue and found out that there are "works of art" that could not be met by terrestrial adaptations. First, there is no trace of them near the trampled grass or ears, but someone had to first come to a place that is treading the path to it. Second, the ears are not broken "cryptogram" and just bent, and always strictly an angle of 45 degrees, but so gently that no one dropped out of the seed will not find them on the ground. And third, soil analysis showed that the chemical composition of its changes after "application" picture.

— Do you know exactly how Vezneva comes in contact with the aliens?

— It is "the most rotten apple" in our work. No, it does not reveal the secret, very jealously defends its methods. As I tried to convince her to solve the mystery to scientists, she says that we should trust her.

— And you trust?

— Yes, just in case compiled a list of 30 questions that she had to convey in his contact aliens. Here are some of them:

Why it does not work with the international SETI (the activity of which is devoted to the study of the solar system and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. — Ed.)?

What needs to be done to get us to finally let a contact?

What happened on the moon before landing on it the Americans?

What will happen in 2012?

What should I do to the economic crisis is not repeated?

How do they relate to children from the tube?

There were questions about the asteroid belt and a few more we know of astronomical questions, but this is mainly to test the depth of knowledge of those who answered our questions. Well, you know what I'm talking about.

— That is, questions that could not give an answer itself Vezneva?

— Well, something like that.

— And what happened next?

— During call, questions aliens held last spring. Marian then informed us that the answers will arrive in the form of drawings in the margins over the next four months.

— On the territory of Bulgaria?

— They started in the different countries. There is a site on which accumulates all the information about crop circles. With him our seer and worked. From April to August 2009 of 500 new 35 laps appeared only on our issues.

— Do not wait to see what they said …

— We learned that the aliens are now living among us, and lead us constant surveillance. They are not hostile towards us, rather we want to help, but we are not sufficiently developed to establish direct contact with them. The aliens do not approve of immoral behavior in terms of their interaction with nature.

SETI program does not work, because humans are not looking where they should. Contact with an extraterrestrial civilization would be established not by radio waves, and solely by the power of thought. But in order for that to happen, humans must work together to learn how to decipher the message of heaven, and at the same time learn how to use the two hemispheres of the brain.

Crisis, we can be avoided only if you destroy all the weapons on the planet and let us live as one. About the 2012 … According Veznevoy, she demonstrated head pattern and the large Mexican volcano. Here it is what you want, and decrypt — psychic also not do anything.

But as for the children of the tubes — aliens gave a clear answer: they are their "do not take." These children can not feel this relationship with her mother, to establish contact with her. And do not be "hands touch the laws of nature." Perhaps, the only question that remains unanswered — is the question of the landing of men on the moon.

— As a reaction to this "interview" the scientific community?

— We can say that we made fun of. I think that the reason lies in the nature of man fearful. We are afraid to advance those who may be smarter and more perfect than us. We ourselves are ready to assist, and to command the weaker nations, but the same thing to someone else did to us — in any case.

Of course, the first thought that occurs — a high-ranking Bulgarian official is either insane or diligently doing his PR institute. However, according to Filipov, the leadership of the Space Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences nearly issued a reprimand him, but he personally still willing to continue research in this direction. Well, let's wait for developments. The following contact with extraterrestrial beings Mariana Vezneva appointed in March 2010.

The newspaper also asked to comment on the statement by the Bulgarian academician its counterpart — the director of the Institute of Space Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vyacheslav Homeland:

— We are working very closely with ISR BAN on several programs. This is the "Balkansat" — the creation of a satellite to measure CO2 and methane in the atmosphere. ISS also held a joint international experiment, which is attended by Bulgarian colleagues. Experts are studying the electromagnetic environment around our planet's magnetosphere, the influence of solar flares. Many Bulgarian scientists I know well, including Luchezar Filipov, but did not share his views on the search for extraterrestrials. To do this, there is a program SETI, in which space is periodically radio with encrypted information about the Earth and its inhabitants. Professionals working in this program, try to find a response signal in outer radioprostranstve.

Dr. Luchezar Filipov studied at the Moscow SAI (State Astronomical Institute. Sternberg). Thesis defended at the Institute of Space Research on "Black Holes."

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