Water has started to decrease in Bangkok

The water level in the northern suburbs of the capital of Thailand has begun to decline, while the center of Bangkok is still dry said on Monday reports RIA Novosti.

Thailand struggles with the strongest fifty years of seasonal flooding that hit the northern and central provinces of the country in late July. For four months in the country floods killed more than 380 people, flooded hundreds of industrial enterprises and more than one million hectares of rice fields. In October, the entire water mass accumulated in the three previous months of flooding, has accumulated on the northern outskirts of Bangkok, water retaining structures which blocked her way to the Gulf of Siam.

Body of water, "hanging" over Bangkok from the north, is reduced

On reducing the water level in the northern suburbs of Bangkok Rangzit and Bang Pa-In has learned from the daily evening measurement conducted on Monday by the Metropolitan Water Resources Management for the flooded areas of the Thai capital. Test results are published in the press release of the government's Centre for flood control and on the websites of the Bangkok NGO recheck government data.

These two sources are the same: the level of flooding over the northern outskirts of Bangkok has decreased over the past three days, an average of 6 inches. This was due to the fact that large amounts of water has passed through the river system of the city of canals and flooded a number of residential and industrial areas in the Gulf of Thailand this weekend.

In the west of Bangkok flooding continues on the eastern outskirts ends

On Monday, the situation remained tense in the most flood-affected four of the eight western districts of Bangkok, located on the right bank of the Chao Phraya River. However, flooding is not yet spread to the flooded area. Bangkok City Hall experts believe that the spread of the flood in more "dry" areas on the right bank in the next few days until it is likely.

On the eastern outskirts of Bangkok, the water quickly goes running down to the river and then Bangprakong Gulf of Siam. In this case, however, it fills in the territory Ramintra, who for the past two weeks remained dry through some overlap gateway in the eastern suburbs and around the city. Manipulating gateways, authorities are trying to maintain a "comfortable" level of water in the 20 — 30 cm in the way of her journey to the river Bangprakong. According to experts, the complete draining the eastern outskirts of the city — the case of two or three days.

Located at the eastern suburbs of Bangkok and secure a four-meter wall of earth Suvannaphum International Airport continues to operate normally.

Center of Bangkok is dry

Thirty-six of the 50 districts of Bangkok, including nearly all of the district center, remain completely dry. Water continues to fill part of Chinatown, which is located on the bank of Chao Phraya River, and the area of the location of the historical complex of Royal Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha. The complex is constantly pumping water, while it continues to go on tourists, although they are smaller than usual.

After a "long" weekend who left residents return to the capital

With the end of Monday 'long' weekend announced by the Government of Thailand to the peak of the flooding in Bangkok, residents who had left him for three — four days ago, returned to the capital. On Sunday and Monday stream of cars coming back to Bangkok from the provinces was considerably higher stream of cars leaving the city.

In the north of Bangkok Centre flood begins to erect a barrier of one and a half bags of sand, which are brought there freight trains trains. The purpose of this operation — to block access to the water in Don Muang district and the street Viphavadi — Rangzit, one of the main thoroughfares of the city, which is currently on the site Don Muang area impassable to all types of transport. Stopping the flow of water barrier chetyrehkilometrovoy length, the authorities plan to pump pumps water collected over the barrier in the Chao Phraya River.

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