We decorate the house mirrors the laws of Feng Shui


To date, the mirror is not only a tool for solving the problems of small-sized room, but also a fashion accessory in any interior. It has properties to reflect and draw the energy to recover the missing space, to be part of the design room. Plus — thanks to the reflection of the room is not only visually more and more interesting, but also lighter.

Feng Shui teaches us to treat the mirrors and their location in the house with the utmost care and diligence. And if you learn how to harmoniously combine simple rules placing reflective surfaces in the interior and advice of the ancient Chinese teachings, the comfort of your home secured. Today, the rapid pace is catching hang a mirror in every room in your house, regardless of their functional orientation.

Mirror in the bathroom leaves no doubt as to its relevance. Here goes the beginning of the working day and is preparing for bed. Therefore, in this case, it depends on your wishes and taste.

Help Feng Shui: Energy flows are always drawn to the water and move behind her. And if you keep the bathroom door open, there is a danger that luck will leave your house. In such a case, you can hold it with large full-length mirror, located on both sides of the door leading to the bathroom. On the one hand, the mirror reflects the energy flows, not giving them a "leak" from your home, on the other hand, does not allow the negative energy to penetrate the housing.
Most often, the mirror is placed as close as possible to the front door. This allows you to visually enlarge the entrance area. In the case of a narrow corridor is best to hang a mirror on the side of the wall, which will significantly expand the boundaries of the room. If this scenario is quite justified in wardrobes with mirrored doors.

Help Feng Shui: Often there is a layout of apartments where the front door is located opposite the bathroom. In this case, the mirror will reflect the incoming positive energy. The answer to this situation can serve as the presence of small round mirror with a diameter of not more than 6 cm on both sides of the door bathrooms.

Designers recommend not to be afraid to put a mirror in the living room. They give the room a festive mood and charm. Well, if the mirror will reflect a table if you have one in the room. Most relevant for the living room framed mirrors elongated, oval or rectangular. Well, if they are located as high as possible (about 2/3 the height of the room), and on an incline. Undesirable location directly next to the mirror picture.

Help Feng Shui: Well, if you have a beautiful landscape outside the window and you hang a mirror in such a way that it was not in front of the window, but it would reflect it. Always be sure the street scene that was nice. If the window dump, then with the help of a mirror you will attract garbage in your house. It will bring disorder and chaos in family relationships. A small river or the garden, on the contrary, will serve as the comfort and well-being.

Mirror looks stylish in any room. Bedroom is no exception. Given that occupies a significant part of the bed rooms, sleeping rooms and usually do not differ more square meters, the mirror is not less relevant than in narrow corridors.

Help Feng Shui: Bedroom is not the best place for mirrors. In sleep we get rid of fatigue and negative emotions, and the mirror reflects them back. In such a case it is unlikely in the morning you will feel fresh and rested. If the mirror is located directly opposite the sleeping couple, it is likely that their relationship will interfere with other sexual partners.

Recently, designers began to experiment with reflective surfaces in the kitchen. Imer eg, mirror tiles are used as "apron" of kitchen furniture. It looks really unusual and fascinating, but the decoration is at least not very practical.

Help Feng Shui: In the kitchen, a mirror can be used in two cases:
* To reflect the table with food that doubles the welfare of the family;
* So that the hostess, looking in the mirror, I saw people entering the kitchen. This contributes to her confidence and calm.
Not advised to use mirror tiles, as it symbolically cuts the reflection of people. This leads to a constant feeling of fatigue and weakness.

Unlike, say, suspended ceilings, mirror not only solves the problem of undesirable irregularities, but also a small height of the room. If you are afraid of fully glazed ceiling, you can spice it up with rare mirror inserts that will fascinate like a starry sky.

Help Feng Shui: Mirrored ceiling — not the most favorable part of the interior, in fact, looking at its inverted reflection, you turn your life upside down.

Increasingly popular in the interior of the room is the use of not one but several mirrors. This is called a storyboard, when several major vertical or square mirrors are placed side by side.
Help Feng Shui: The house must be located at least one mirror in which the owner of the house (or the highest member of the family) is reflected fully plus a couple of inches above his head, which symbolizes growth potential. Clipped small mirror head and leg lead to diseases of the body parts. In extreme cases, should be reflected in the mirror at least your head, but in any case not part of the face.

When placing mirrors in your home, keep in mind that you should not hang them in places where direct sunlight. Overheating mirror quickly fades. The main rule is that it must be sufficiently lit is not the mirror itself, and what it reflects.

In any case, to find a balance between the Design Council and the ancient doctrine should not forget that in a residential area it should be, first of all, convenient, and then — it is beautiful.

Anastasia Andronov

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