What are the prospects of development of Russian aviation?

It is planned that the Air Force of Russia until 2020 will the upgrade process by 70%, and the composition of air supplemented with new aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles. This was told by Colonel-General Alexander Zelin, who is commander in chief of the Air Force.
So, over the next 10 years as part of fighter aircraft will be the T-50 (PAK FA), aircraft radar and remote control of A-100, PAK DA (promising aviation systems distant aircraft) and attack drones. Speaking of T-50 aircraft, Zelin said that this machine is capable to gain an advantage in the air and insulate the area of operations.

Air Force Commander also said that such machines can be trusted only by experienced, high quality pilots. Same division, who will do puzzles in aviation complexes would be considered elite. Specifically, they will address the most important and challenging tasks. With all this Zelin added that the fighter jet T-50 has significant technical supplies, with which at its base it will be possible to make other options aircraft.

Zelin did not disclose details of the PAK DA, saying just the Air Force give this plane "full attention." This promising aviation complex, According to Air Force Commander to be more excellent solve puzzles, as in the ordinary and in a nuclear war and will hold qualitatively new military capabilities that will bring "a whole new problem-solving methods of deterrence."

Immediately there is a process of modernization of the existing strategic aircraft. So, all the bombers Tu-160 will be upgraded to version Tu-160M and Tu-95MS will be upgraded to the Tu-95MSM. Because of this efficiency gain bombers.

Zelin also said that plane AWACS A-100 — a logical extension of A-50U. This plane capable of doing the standard for AWACS tasks, including ground-based guidance and control crews, and also to use unmanned aerial vehicles of various types. According to Zelin, at the moment we are thinking about introducing a full range of aircraft AWACS A-100 after the year 2020-2030.

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