Their intentions and purpose of writing the book, author, Charles Andrews, says the following:

"For many years I have read all the books about Atlantis, which could get. I was looking for the answer to the question of the ancient sages and scholars, modern researchers, Native American, applied to the works of Edgar Cayce and other well-known mystics. I am very surprised that the resulting material is very mystic echoes the more traditional sources — even if a direct connection between them would not be at all. I soon came to the conclusion that in the age up to about 12,000 BC. e. Earth in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean … actually lived and prospered a civilization of Atlantis!

A large proportion of the information I have gleaned about Atlantis is very important for today's lifestyle. After all, our ancestors, the Atlanteans were able to live in harmony with nature without destroying it. They have learned to lead a life which we have today is a true delight — and a desire to return to this state when a person is fully aware of the hidden the strength to comprehend the greatness and power of the universe and kept her faithful relationship. "

What were the sources used the S. Andrews? First of all, it is a famous mystic — clairvoyant E. Casey, about which we will talk in more detail below, as well as mysticism W. Scott-Elliot and R. Shterner.

Indirect information about the people of Atlantis for S. Andrews served as some of the ancient legends of England and Ireland, that some time in this region were the thousands of members of the country, which, as stated, these people, sank in the Atlantic Ocean.

The initial information for the author of "Atlantis. On the trail of a vanished civilization "were the memories of the American Indian legend about the lost land, which they have carefully passed from century to century, from generation to generation.

It should be noted that our knowledge of Atlantis significantly replenished by many scientists. For example, Lis Spence (1874-1955), a Scottish expert on mythology and ancient history, which brought together the story of Atlantis, quoted in a wide range of authors, from Herodotus — the Greek historian and traveler, V century BC. e. and Pepi I of Egypt (2800 BC. e.) to British hunters recent times — such as Cuchulainn Foni, Leger Poppy Kriatian Labred and Mannannan Osin. As far as we are closer to the time, that of the legendary Atlantis S. Andrews learned from books Edgarton Sykes, David Zink, Ignatius Donnelly, Nicholas fats and many others.

All of these authors gave S. Andrews for the life of Atlantis. In addition, it uses some of the objects of prehistoric life that have survived to the present day.

First, it is Shamanism — a kind, according to S. Andrews, spiritualism, which held sway for 40 thousand years and is still practiced (in more or less the same form as in ancient times) in different parts of the world.

Second, it is amazing works of ancient art, created about 30,000 years ago on the walls and ceilings of caves in France and Spain. This beautiful cave paintings pushes researchers to a number of conclusions, which to a large extent help understand the way of life of prehistoric artists who created them.

More … Some important details that are directly related to Atlantis, were stored in the amazing libraries that long before Christianity existed in the cities of the Western world and are available to any reader or researcher at the time.

One such library is located in well-known Carthage on the coast of North Africa. As you know, the Carthaginians for centuries considered excellent navigators, and their stacks abounded maps and descriptions of the places of the Earth, where they swam, or their ancestors, the Phoenicians. In 146 BC. e., when the Romans destroyed the Carthaginian library, some of the leaders of the North African tribes managed to rescue some of these priceless books. They took care of them as the apple of an eye, and thanks to the penetration of the VIII to the XV century, the Moors in Spain, Western Europe acquainted with fragments of ancient knowledge.

Another such library is located in the north of Egypt in Alexandria. This is a huge library, according to E. Casey, was founded … Atlanta to 10,300 BC. e. Twice in 391 and 642 years because of the "invasion" of ignorant fanatics library burned. It is believed that left more than one million precious scrolls of ancient manuscripts.

In the turmoil and confusion of these disturbing events locals mingled with crowds of looters and "under cover" carried out of the flames of the book. Yet within a few months at a time in the water baths heated Alexandria, burning in the fire library books and papyrus. And in the period of the appearance in some Spanish regions of the same, some of the ancient Moorish manuscripts that were once saved ancestors Egyptians came to Europe. In 1217 in Spain, visited Scot Michael Scott (1175-1232), who knew Arabic and took the translation of African manuscripts, which, among others, and it was about Atlantis. Sure, they have been omitted S. Andrews and found a place in her book.

Finally, another source of information about Atlantis for S. Andrews were ancient sea maps preserved in North Africa and in the arid areas of the Middle East. In the XIII and XV centuries, when the inhabitants of that time already become accustomed to the idea that the Earth and extends beyond the Strait of Gibraltar, in Western Europe there were copies of the detailed and accurate maps: they represented Northern Europe with its lakes and ice, as well as with unknown islands in the Atlantic Ocean. In other words, the Nordic lands are shown as they were around 10 000 BC. e., when melted glacier.

As summarized above, we can conclude it to S. Andrews:

"In his detailed description of Atlantis I relied on hard data gleaned from many different studies, including the newly acquired intuitively messages mystics."

To understand how C. Andrews refers to the history of the existence and development of Atlantis, that is how she sees a picture of the lives of our ancestors and how it applies in particular to the problem of the appearance of aliens on the Earth from space, you need to, for example, see the table reproduced in her book, and which is shown below.

CHRONOLOGY OF ATLANTIS (all dates are approximate)

65 million years ago — The extinction of the dinosaurs.
450 000 BC. e. — The appearance of aliens on Earth outside.
100 000 BC. e. — The emergence of modern humans — homo sapiens
55,000 BC. e. — Cro-Magnons.
52 000-50 722 years. BC. e. -52 000-50 000 years. BC. e. — Consolidation of the five major development of science and people: fierce and crafts at Atlantis. warlike creatures.
50,000 BC. e. — Atlantis loses some sushi pole shift. and transformed into a group of five islands
35,000 BC. e. — The emergence of rock art in the caves in the southwest of Europe and in South America.
28 000 — 18 000 years. BC. e. — Atlantis again becomes part of the magnetic axis of the Earth's land and turning moves and starts at one island chain with an ice age. small islands that extend from it to the mainland of North America.
16,000 BC. e. — The peak of the ice age.
12,000 BC. e. — War Birds-Snake.
10,000 BC. e. — The final destruction of the Earth's magnetic axis again Atlantis. shifts, glaciers begin to recede.
6000 BC. e. — The disaster in Bimini.
3800 BC. e. — The emergence of a highly developed civilization in Sumer.

So, what kind of people lived in Atlantis in the period from 100 000 to 10 000 years BC. e., who managed to survive the terrible catastrophe that destroyed their civilization? What do we know about those of our ancestors and how they envision a life? ..

To answer these questions, we turn to a brief description of some sections of the book S. Andrews.


Atlanta was very similar to us, at least we are reasonable, they also laughed, smiled, loved, angry, angry, and took important decisions. They knew how to count, estimate, to dream, to think about the past, present and future. Strong in body and spirit, they sought to maintain a balanced and harmonious life.

When they were able to cope with daily problems in less time than anticipated, they dedicated the rest of the day did not work, which would bring them extra creature comforts, and mutual communication, love and joy, and his appointment to the comprehension of the world and their place in the universe. These men were tall and slender, and outer beauty reflects their inner strength and beauty.

Race to boast great longevity compared to previous ones. For example, said a representative of the Atlanteans — the Cro-Magnons in difficult climatic conditions in Western Europe live up to 60 years, while their culture preceding Neanderthals died, on average, not even reaching the age of 45.

A life dedicated to the love of other people and the beauty that inevitably led to the development of different hobbies. Remarkable examples of painting and sculpture, which the Atlanteans and their descendants left on the European continent, a sign of their extraordinary artistic talent, grace-cultural environment and quality of life.

Unusually highly spiritual and intuitive abilities Atlanteans made their existence very different from ours. They were all very receptive and were able to transmit thoughts at a distance. Full understanding and they were able to achieve without the help of words. They were able to send messages and imaginative concepts for long distances without interrupting communication, and separation. The ability to control your brain, most likely, let them talk as equals and with aliens from outer space.

Let us make a small digression here … The question of possible contact with aliens Atlantis is complex and ambiguous. But we must note that this is, in fact, the point of view of the author of the book before us C. Andrews. Many scholars have noted the sudden appearance of the ancient people of high knowledge that way, it would seem, could be the result of their practice. There is reason to believe that all this knowledge was obtained in ancient times from communicating with other inhabited worlds. According to the author of this will be discussed later.

Thanks to highly developed abilities to perceive (far superior to ours), Atlanta easily comprehend mathematics and philosophy, as well as the secrets of the unknown. Along with those obtained from space advisers knowledge, this has allowed the Atlanteans made huge strides in the various scientific fields, reaching the advanced level, including in aeronautics, which seems improbable.

In addition, the Atlanteans were inherent qualities such as creativity, self-control and persistence, that is, properties that develops in survivors of natural disasters — earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and floods, which, according to S. Andrews, gradually "absorbed" by their country.

In Atlantis, lived two groups of people of different physical type. For the first of them, the Cro-Magnons, were characteristic elongated narrow skull that housed the brain volume, far superior to the modern brain volume (average) person (?). They were small even teeth, rather long nose, high cheekbones and prominent chin. The men were tall — often above 180 centimeters, while women were more petite. Body structure was so similar to ours, that if Cro-Magnon had in modern clothes to walk the streets of our cities, it does not stand out from the crowd — except her beauty.

Another race of Atlanteans, lived in the eastern mountainous areas of Atlantis, much different from the Cro-Magnon: they were dark-skinned, stocky and very strong people. Their main occupation was mining ore. They offer superb sense of humor, which is not in the least helped them to survive the harsh mountain lands. These mighty men were great fighters and create value for the forces of Atlantis!

Customs and beliefs.

The following customs and beliefs of the Atlanteans can get an idea, though not complete, the life of people who lived through the last burst of their civilization on the island, soon sinking in the deep.

Understanding how the high moral values of the family and how important it is to share time on earth with another being, people of different sex in Atlantis wanted to choose a companion for life.

The marriage was called "Union". Two lovers who wanted to unite all, went to a local priest, who, through their spiritual ability to penetrate into the essence of their souls and determined compatible couple. Endorsing marriage, the priest blessed the couples and gave them a couple of bracelets that spouses are required to wear on his left forearm. The couple were equal, however, it was thought that the husband must take care of his wife, when she bore children.

Probably due to the fact that too many men were fighting in a foreign land, Atlanta allowed (especially at sunset hour of civilization) to take two wives. Such families usually harmony reigned, as children were taught to love not only his mother, but his father's second wife, who in turn tried to take care of them as well as their chadah.

If Atlanta found themselves unhappy in marriage, they believed that it was not to be for life to suffer because of the mistakes made in earlier years. In this case, they both went to the priest, who tried to make peace between them, that they continue to live with each other. However, if it did not work, the religious leader take their marriage bangles, and both were released from the marriage bond.

When parting couples who have had children, and none of the parties did not want to take care of their offspring, the responsibility for their education taking on other people's age, older people, whose own children have grown up.

Atlanta believed in immortality, in the continued existence of the soul, and therefore do not fear death. But it was considered important to preserve from corruption at least some bodily remains that they cherished the afterlife. If this earthly dwelling completely destroyed, but the soul of the deceased lost her immortality. To prepare the body for subsequent existence commonly used red ocher, a double burial and mummification. Preparation of the dead bodies to the afterlife required great skill.

For simple funeral body daubed with red ocher, and he was given a sitting or Writhing (as in the fetus) position — with toned stomach to his knees. Such a crouched burial Cro relating to the era of Atlantis, now found in Africa, Western Europe, and on the other side of the Atlantic — in South America.

In some areas of Atlantis conditions are not predisposed to be dumped in the ground. In mountain areas, there were few suitable places, and in coastal areas always the danger of flooding.

In this case, the double burial. Initially, the family of the deceased buried his body with the help of a priest. However, after the decomposition of the flesh, they exhumed skeleton, ground his bones and covered them with red paint. Then again buried skeleton, often placing it in a vessel, which was transferred to a secluded, inaccessible place the elements.

Atlanteans and their descendants made a double burial rite in various lands around the Atlantic Ocean. Discovered in South America, such funerary urns belonging to the Cro-Magnons, sometimes refer to an older age than similar finds in Europe. This points to the fact that they settled there before, or the fact that in the depths of the Amazon jungle grave robbers dropped in the cave is much less than in European lands.

Another technique Atlantis was buried in mummification. Mummies, indicating an unusually high skill embalming, evolved Atlanteans found in Peru, Mexico, Egypt and the Canary Islands (all the land, as can be seen adjacent to the waters of the Atlantic). It must be said that the people of these countries continued to embalm dead bodies for a long time after the destruction of Atlantis.

Clothing and appearance.

The warm climate that has prevailed in most of the country, the Atlanteans were usually simple and comfortable clothing. Dresses for women and men, mostly linen, were similar. Typically, a garment for them is ample dress or shirt with long or short pants. People shod in sandals, but sometimes went barefoot. Atlanta chose to wear long hair, as believed, that they still have the physical and spiritual strength.

During the last stage of civilization, when the Atlanteans began to attach greater importance material wealth, appearance, too, got in their eyes, of particular importance. Men, women and children began to adorn themselves assiduously various necklaces, and bracelets, brooches and belts made of pearls, silver, gold and colored gemstones.

Vestments of the priests in Atlantis emphasized their position and level of spiritual experience. The main color of their clothes, as well as belts, earrings, pendants, rings, wrist or head bandages pointed out who is wearing their people: healer, student or teacher.

Beginners only embarked on the road of priests, wearing a pale green dress. Then, reaching a higher degree of dedication, they dressed in blue, and in the end they were allowed to put on white clothes: it was the prerogative of the highest rank.

We will try to imagine the inhabitants of Atlantis. Dressed in a white dress well is purged or pants with elegant purple trim, embroidered on top. Our feet are protected by soft sandals woven from palm leaves. Both men and women wear long hair, bound in ivory hairpins decorated radiant rock crystal.

When Atlantis moved to colder region in the south-west of Europe, they needed clothes poosnovatelnee. They went to the right stitched shirts with collars and sleeves Zip up in skirts, jackets, long dresses with belts, in pants with pockets. Their feet were warming socks, boots and fur boots. On their heads were women cotton scarves or hats, and the men wore padded headgear.


As the Atlanteans are increasingly focused on material things, they began to organize in the ornate sanctuary areas, and in the temples. For such installations, choose a place where the energy comes from, and the Earth, and the Universe. Atlanta knew that human impact on the invisible forces coming from all natural areas.

Majestic temples dot the landscape throughout Atlantis. Although the construction of individual houses Atlanta prefer the simplicity and modesty, his favorite temples they tried to build with great pomp, because they knew that these buildings have to admire the generations to come.

Masters laid out interior walls and ceilings sanctuaries mosaic pictures of gold and silver and encrusted with jewels. Men, women and children gathered to care for the magnificent gardens, which revived streams and ponds.

Important place in the social life of the Atlanteans held religious festivals, ceremonies honoring the gods and rituals associated with birth and death. Ominous rumbling volcano gods very often, so much time was devoted to their propitiation. On certain days, all the people were at the appointed place, holding a dish with fresh fruits and vegetables, and then delivers them to the mountain tops, or placed in a niche carved into the rocks.

One of the most beloved in Atlantis was a celebration of the New Year, which falls at the time of the vernal equinox and lasted for seven days. New Year celebrations began at sunrise in spacious gardens surrounding metropolitan temple of Poseidon. With the first rays of light gathered crowd turned to the east, and a large choir began to sing a melodious song. This ceremony ended with the fact that all present fell to his knees, bowed their heads in silent reverence for the power of the Sun — the source of all life and power. After a morning of celebration people indulge in friendly communication, games, controversy and conversation on religious, philosophical or scientific topics.

At noon, everyone was treated to face the temple, where the priests swinging on a high tower crystal that capture the sun's rays and send a powerful stream of light in all directions. The crowd focused on the grand source of energy, and carried up thanks for his presence. That evening, at sundown, people have turned to the west and to the accompaniment of stringed instruments performed favorite celestial objects farewell song. On the last evening, after sunset ritual temple choir sang another song, appropriate to the event, and the priest was giving a speech about the power of the sun, and the meaning of his words were seen acutely by dusk.

In addition to the holidays, life Atlanteans decorated local celebration of spring crops, the ceremonies dedicated to Hephaestus — Vulcan (the god of fire, the personification of volcanoes), religious ceremonies at the summer solstice celebration of the full moon in the night, and other similar events.

In Atlantis was known many ways to spend your free time. For example, a favorite, though dangerous fun, is a walk in the mountains, which are always able to meet either brave the stench of toxic gases spewing from the bowels, or the outcome of fracture fluid lava flows. Moreover, along the southwest coast of Atlantis was pink sand strip that coral reefs are protected from the onslaught of powerful ocean waves. Atlanta enjoyed basking on the beaches of the shadow of palm trees or swim in the quiet backwaters.

At sunset during the Atlantean civilization was fascinated, and other amusements. Across the country, crowds who wanted to take a look at the bloody battle of the bulls or horse racing. In the latter years of the existence of Atlantis, many of its residents to get involved in more gluttony, wine and socializing. Memories of those tumultuous days not completely effaced from the collective human memory. The descendants of the Atlanteans, who lived in the West Indies, millennia later, claimed that Atlantis was a boundary, where feasting, dancing and singing, and in the Welsh legend says that under some special music Atlanta to dance in the air like leaves in the wind.


Atlanta could communicate with animals and birds telepathic way to what at times resorted to transfer thoughts to each other. Deer roamed at large, lions, goats, pigs, and other animals, and countless flocks of songbirds flitted among the houses and landed on the shoulders of trusting people. Animals in every way to help their fellow human beings and protect them from danger.

Pets are dogs, cats and snakes, as these animals are sensitive to fluctuations in the earth, and there is an increase of electromagnetic activity, foreshadowing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Involved in various sacraments priests, who were able to find anyone else rapport with animals kept in the temples of lions and other big cats. Almost every family living domestic cat, as it was believed that the hidden power of this animal owners protect inhabitants from hostile forces of the other world. I also believe that the oldest dog breed was "chow", resulting in a dilution of skilled appeared strong animals with heavy bones and very sharp claws.

Help farm Atlanteans were sheep, although they held slightly away from the home. Their wool stuffed pillows, spun and wove. A dung of these animals is an excellent fertilizer for gardens.

Among the special pets in Atlantis were dolphins. Atlanta houses arranged around ponds for these creatures and treat them as equals. Learn to recognize their fast speech, they were filled with respect for the intellectual abilities of these "animals" (the author is no accident took the last word in quotes, because it is known that the brain size of dolphins superior man — AV). Dolphins that inhabit the coast of Atlantis, its inhabitants were an excellent source of information about the sea (we talked about this can only dream of. — AV).

Horses also used in Atlantis. They worked on the land, carrying people and participate in the races, were arranged on a huge cross-country field in the capital — the city of the Golden Gate. The descendants of the Atlanteans, having settled after the destruction of Atlantis on both sides of the Atlantic, that is, the American and European continents, has been preserved for a long time, the ability to communicate with wild animals.

Language and writing.

To sail to foreign lands, Atlanta everywhere communicate with other people, and gradually their dialect became the common language of culture and commerce. Still says out of date, while the lexicon of Atlantis into a basic vocabulary, from which subsequently occurred many languages. The existence of a common language in the Bible: it was the time of the construction of the Tower of Babel, when "the whole earth was of one language and of one speech."

Initially, the Atlanteans had no written language. Their spiritual existence, stayed in perfect harmony with the natural world, and the continuity of the relationship did not need written support. Atlanta thought that writing causes forgetfulness. In other words, write the idea would not enrich, but, instead, to impoverish it.

Little by little, to denote the abstract sense or specific events, as well as other concepts, requiring multiple words in Atlantis began using different symbols — spirals, swastikas, zigzags, which Atlanta used when communicating to outsiders.

Moreover, with the help of pointed stones, hammers and bone cutters prehistoric sailors Atlanta in many places distinct painstakingly carved petroglyphs on the rocks and boulders.

Recurring characters along the ancient river channels cut to 10 000 BC. e., can be found today in Africa, the Canary Islands, around the Gulf of Mexico, as well as in many other areas, where the river once ran into the Atlantic Ocean.

Gradually, the Atlantis of the pictographic characters began to develop itself LETTERS, a more or less similar to those familiar to us symbols. The oldest icons based on the sounds of living beings. Extant many references to prehistoric writing. But the Phoenicians, traveling to neighboring countries to Atlantis, "picked up" fragments of ancient signs and symbols developed in Atlantis, and then out of them a phonetic (sound) alphabet.

Education and training.

As always and everywhere, in Atlantis, children begin to learn about the world from their parents.

Considerable attention was paid to the oral histories. Residents of the island (or islands) from generation to generation stories of Poseidon, Cleito and Atlanta, who have heard from their ancestors, or the history of earthquakes, floods, solar and lunar eclipses, the struggle with wild animals — in short, all the things that accrue to the people of Atlantis in the past.

Children practice memory, learning by heart a lot of songs that the Atlanteans were made to perform at various ceremonies. Children talk with flowers, friendship led to the birds and small animals, sensed in the stones and rocks hidden life and explore other hidden and complex manifestations of the earthly world.

However, all of civilization "mature", and to 14,000 BC. e. In Atlantis, the importance of science. In this regard, for the general welfare, it was recognized the need to streamline education. Children go to school in the church where I studied reading, writing, astronomy, and mathematics. Favorite way of teaching in the churches served as telepathy — transmission of thought at a distance.

For records in temple schools adopted a flexible writing material like parchment that fold into scrolls and cemented clay ring.

The day dvenadtsatiletie each child was allowed to speak privately with the high priest of the local church, which encouraged young thing to choose something for everyone. After such conversations teenagers often acted in various "trade schools" where they learned farming, fishing, and other useful skills. Some of them attended academic institution where the regular school curriculum is enriched studying the medicinal properties of plants and herbs, as well as the development of mental faculties, such as healing.

In the capital of Atlantis, the city of the Golden Gate, was a great university, which were open to all trained — regardless of religion or race. University consisted of two colleges (or departments): College of Sciences and College of the Last Inca. Education in the College of Science was highly specialized, that is, his students immediately chose for himself the subject of studies (medical art, mineralogy, mathematics, geology, and other scientific field).

Board Incal engaged in occult phenomena. It studied astrology practiced in predicting the future, reading thoughts and interpretation of dreams, the thought-transference and the materialization of thoughts of individuals. Healers trained in this department, takes an entirely different skills than those who studied the medical art in other departments, that is, in the College of Science. Different ways to recognize and treat both physical and mental ailments treated for the benefit of all the Atlanteans.


The favorable climate allows Atlanteans do without exhausting daily struggle for food and shelter, and because they had "free time" for the arts and music. To the works of talented artists could admire tribesmen, they are portrayed in the churches, which are now buried under drifts of volcanic lava under a layer of ocean water.

However, some samples of art that distant time still lucky enough to survive to the present day in the lands adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. In the south-west of Europe discovered a series of graceful statues of Atlantis, a unique cave paintings, as well as exquisite jewelry, carved from bone and precious stones. All these products are indicative of a long period of existence of Atlantis some artistic tradition. Found examples of painting, sculpture and jewelry are not the first timid attempts artisans, the masterpieces of skilled and experienced craftsmen.

Today we do not have the possibility to admire the painting, which Atlanta-persons created in the open air and the light of the warm sunlight, but the wonderful paintings made by them during the period from 30,000 to 10,000 BC. e., preserved in some of the caves in France and Spain.

Near the cave entrances walls decorated hunting scenes, meeting people, and detailed images of different seasons. However, the most magnificent paintings hidden in the almost inaccessible cave passages.

There creating their masterpieces, ancient artists suffocated from lack of ventilation, easy on the eyes because of poor lighting. And despite this seemingly unbearable working conditions, they have shown the body of the animal is an amazing gaze freedom, ease, vitality and also naturalistic plausibility, which few who manage to achieve in our day.

One of the strongest motives that encourage artists of antiquity for hours at work in the dank darkness of deep European caves was shamanism. Away from the noise and fun, painted with bright colors birds, animals and people seemed to come alive in the trembling and quivering flame flickering light of oil lamps. Priests or shamans are in a cave, it was easier to make contact with the other world of spirits.

Evidence of a grueling initiation rites (initiation) and captured in beautiful images of hallucinatory visions of artists who have visited these holy places where those able to "go" outside his own body — all this shows that once prevailed in Atlantis occult. At the same time intuitive shamanic abilities allowed these artists to create unsurpassed examples of painting.

Images of artists who moved from Atlantis to South America, most of them are not as expressive as the work of those who sailed from Atlantis to the east. Yet they themselves stories and paintings in Peru, Chile and Brazil are very similar European counterparts.

Atlanta depicted on the walls of caves in Europe and near the Amazon River in South America, that is, on both sides of the ocean, "the cycle of the year." This cycle is a circle divided at right angles into four parts, and each segment is meant for a single season. Although the Amazon was only two seasons, not four, as it was in Atlantis and in Western Europe, the Atlanteans continued to draw this cycle of four private, as before the house. In other words, the tendency of the ancient South American artists to the occult creations was evident.

Another material, which used the wizard in Atlantis was quartz — quite common in Atlantis volcanic rock.

In 1927, in the ruins of buildings Lubaantume Mayan expedition famous archaeologist Frederick A. Mitchell-Hedzhisa discovered skull sculptured life-sized crystalline quartz.

Skull found a young American woman who helped his father in Ann Mitchell Hedzhis. Here is how this subject is one of the Bulgarian magazines:

"Make the skull of a colorless transparent rock crystal and consists of two parts. Lower jaw — moving. Skull weighs 5.19 pounds, and is fully consistent with the size of a normal human skull. It is striking that in the cranial cavity and the bottom of the eye sockets are placed expertly manufactured lenses and prisms for image transfer items. When the direction of the light beam in the cavity of the skull eye sockets begin to shine brightly, and in the direction of the beam to the center of the nasal cavity of the skull is fully lit. The structure of the findings indicate that it is a female skull. Use thin wire threaded through tiny holes, you can get the lower jaw to move … "

According to FA Mitchell-Hedzhisa, perfect crystal skull and the lack of raw materials for its Mayan manufacturing (skull was created out of a huge rock crystal, which is not found in Central America) can be explained by the fact that the skull came to the Mayan … from Atlantis. Found other man-made quartz skull, not so fine work on display in two locations: at the British Museum of Man and the Anthropological Museum in Paris.

Since the radiocarbon method is not applicable to the quartz, the age of the skull is not. However, after careful study of Central American skulls, scientists from the California laboratory "Hewlett-Packard" concluded: it was carried out by people who belonged to a civilization that has full knowledge of crystallography at least (if not more) than the modern civilization.

Scientists who have examined crystal skull under a powerful microscope, found no scratches that would indicate that he carved with metal tools. Perhaps is manufactured using some mixture, dissolving rock. Some researchers have found that even with such advanced technology, what we have today, to play this unique skull is almost impossible. According to their calculations, to create it, that is vytachivanie from a single piece of quartz rock, it would take at least … three hundred (?) years of continuous work of one person.

Crystal skull has some strange properties. Sometimes sensitive to these things people see a kind of aura around him, others pick up beside him sweet-sour smell.

At times it may seem as if the skull sounds like ringing bells or barely audible chorus of voices. In his presence, many people are realistic vision, and it has a beneficial effect on those who are endowed with the gift of healing and prophecy. Crystal and promotes meditation: it is not only a radio amplifier, but perceives them working on the energy emitted thought-waves. Skulls and other similar items are carefully cut from quartz crystal, helped Atlanteans and their descendants to achieve high sensitivity and responsiveness in the contemplation of their own place in the universe.

Music occupies an important place in the life of the Atlanteans, as it helps to maintain their health and peace of mind. They sang, played on harps, lutes, guitars, flutes and trumpets, cymbals, tambourines and drums, and musical vibrations provided spiritual and physical impact on their mind and body.
In addition, the Atlanteans knew euphonious musical tones contribute to plant growth and well-being affect pets.
Important in his life gave a pleasant musical sounds and the Atlanteans, who settled in Europe and in America. This is, in particular, by the fact that among the personal property was discovered many whistles, flutes, drums, and other stringed instruments.
The sweet sound of the flute, monotonous and dull drums, quiet strumming stringed instrument similar to the harp, to help set up for meditation, even in the temple service. In addition, the healers used the music along with the medical and psychological treatment of the disease. For example, the drum beats and singing songs allowed to plunge into a deep trance, which stopped the bleeding, the body restores strength and heal physical and mental ailments.
Atlanta sang special songs for sick children and their persistent belief in the healing power of music helps to bring healing.


For nearly 100,000 years of its existence, Atlantis was home to a great number of cults and beliefs, but for the most part the Atlanteans revered single omnipotent spiritual being created and to keep under his rule that the tangible world with which they were closely related.

Trees, flowers, birds, water, — in short, all the reflections of this great mighty power was an object of their daily worship. Due to the fact that their country has repeatedly been tested severe natural disasters, Atlanta came to believe that God used physical force to punish a person for improper conduct.

Although religion in Atlantis was closely linked to natural forces, there is place and ideas about reincarnation — reincarnation.
People believed that in every body lives — besides the mind — the soul that exists continuously or on earth, in the material creation, or else in some other areas of consciousness. Soul, it turns out, keeps the memories of their previous lives in various guises and with each new incarnation of growing, striving for perfection, which represents the unselfish love to a single deity.

Atlanta gathered to worship in the open — close packed circles of stones that had and exudes a natural energy that beneficial effects on healing. Usually near the stone circles to administer sacred rituals dedicated to the supreme deity and the powerful nature of avatars.

In the twilight of civilization, as in the daily life of the Atlantean science gradually supplanted religion and moral atmosphere worsened, began to play a leading role religious leaders. Priests, more and more we get power over the minds of society. For proof they created the fiction that constantly communicate with the gods, demons, and ancestral spirits. If anyone dared to violate their priestly orders or decrees, the vain religious leaders threatened disobedient terrible anger of invisible beings.

In an effort to understand the actions of its most revered god, that the best way to send his people, the priests in Atlantis took into account that the energy received from the sacred stones, and the rhythmic vibrations of singing and drumming to help participants reach their religious rites mind towards the world. They have learned to slow down their brain waves and thus sink into a trance state. In this altered state of consciousness they were in contact with the spirit world in order to further increase its importance in society.

Natives of the descendants of the ancient Atlantis passed wisdom that helped explore the depths of the subconscious and the world. Priests or medicine men, and for training and cure people using their magical and religious knowledge, and their methods have remained virtually unchanged over the past four thousand years. To their mind was in a clear and open, the priests resorted to meditation, fasting, prolonged wakefulness and concentrated contemplation of symbols. Change the perception of reality as they were helped mushrooms hallucinogens and other drugs.

Atlanteans left their homeland and settled, for example, in the European Mediterranean or American Amazon continued to worship the forces of nature. Thus, the cult of the sun was common in all the prehistoric peoples who inhabited the neighboring Atlantic Ocean land.
The symbols of the sun, which was considered a powerful source of personal energy, cut in the era of Atlantis stone in Brazil — in particular, in a cave in Abrigodel Sol. Worshiped the sun and in Peru, where he conducted special solar festival. The cult of the sun also existed in ancient Ireland and throughout Scandinavia, where it acquired special importance is also due to the fact that in those parts alternately prevail long days of darkness and light …


Last Atlantis civilization flourished for 20,000 years — far longer than fell while the share of our civilization. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and even inherited grain of scientific knowledge from Atlantis, and then preserved in the oldest libraries in the Western world, and in the esoteric teachings of the various castes of priests or religious leaders. This knowledge shows ruthless scientific and technological talents Atlanteans and their advisers present themselves from heaven.

Subsequently, for example, the Renaissance inquisitive and eager for a variety of scientists and humanists intricacies, thoroughly examining and reinterpreting this fragmented legacy of antiquity, laid the foundations of our scientific thinking. Today we re-open and we master — albeit only partially — the scientific expertise of our ancestors and predecessors.
Ancient Atlantis produce energy in several ways, the most important of which is, for example, the following:
— Obtaining the vital energy of the released "living matter";
— The use of energy "sound levitation," exercised in using sound pulses and intense mental effort used to move heavy objects in the space of the festival. The cult of the sun also existed in ancient Ireland and throughout Scandinavia, where it acquired special importance is also due to the fact that in those parts alternately prevail long days of darkness and light …


Last Atlantis civilization flourished for 20,000 years — far longer than fell while the share of our civilization. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and even inherited grain of scientific knowledge from Atlantis, and then preserved in the oldest libraries in the Western world, and in the esoteric teachings of the various castes of priests or religious leaders. This knowledge shows ruthless scientific and technological talents Atlanteans and their advisers present themselves from heaven.

Subsequently, for example, the Renaissance inquisitive and eager for a variety of scientists and humanists intricacies, thoroughly examining and reinterpreting this fragmented legacy of antiquity, laid the foundations of our scientific thinking. Today we re-open and we master — albeit only partially — the scientific expertise of our ancestors and predecessors.

Ancient Atlantis produce energy in several ways, the most important of which is, for example, the following:
— Obtaining the vital energy of the released "living matter";
— The use of energy "sound levitation," exercised in using sound pulses and intense mental effort used to move heavy objects in space (from balloons to fly in the Earth's atmosphere) devices, namely, the means for individual flights, many-winged 'carts "and the volatile" projectiles ", which moved as over land and under water.

Atlanta (probably not without practical assistance to space aliens) in flying machines used the energy of the sun. In the later period aircraft, these "airplanes", managed by the powerful rays of special stations, which are in turn fed by solar energy.
Other airborne means of Atlantis, apparently resembling "low flat sled" could be transported over long distances heavy loads, flying at a height of ten meters above the ground in a straight line. Managed by the machine from the ground using a special crystal.
The rays of this crystal also send energy to the small "airplane" — for one or two riders, flying just one meter above the ground. The other kind of aircraft ATLANTA — called "valiks." These ships differed in length, varying from 7-8 to 90-100 meters.

They were like a hollow needle with sharp points on both ends and are made from sheets of shiny light-weight metal, light in the darkness. In these "passenger ships" there were a row of windows in the floor and sides — like recess, and light holes in the ceiling. Brighten the flight passengers helped books, musical instruments, plants in pots, comfortable chairs and even beds. These planes were built a special system, which in stormy weather allows "liners" to avoid inadvertent encounters with mountain peaks. Flying over the earth in such aircraft, Atlanta often threw down the seeds — as initiatory offering of the setting sun.
That is the succinct description of the "balloon fleet" of Atlantis, which in principle could fly and explore both near and far space …


While Atlanta maintained a close relationship with the natural environment, they are famous for their excellent physical and mental health. Regular performance of religious rites among the standing stones in the houses allowed them to take up the infinite harmony of the universe. Atlantis residents believed that power vested in these sacred stones, increase fertility, make a miraculous healing, prolong life and cure mental illnesses.

Aware of the power of the mind over the body, the spirit over the flesh, the healers in Atlantis developed unique ways to recognize disease. In addition Atlanteans used a variety of methods for the practical treatment of physical ailments.

First, they turned to nature. A great variety of plants growing in the prehistoric era of Atlantis and its colonies, represented many healers to treat various diseases and ailments, as well as improved self healing. Among these tools are antiseptics, drugs, quinine for malaria, hallucinogens, herbs to stimulate the heart and so on medicinal plants used in the treatment of fevers, dysentery, and most other disorders of the human body.

Healers-Atlanta and, in particular, the priests were able to use the energy from higher sources for the treatment of various ailments. In this case, healers often practiced in the pyramids (at one-third of its height from the top), where it was easier to store energy, is captured from space.

For the treatment of some other diseases Atlantis successfully use color and sound, as well as metals — copper, gold and silver. Were also used, and precious stones: sapphires, rubies, emeralds and topaz.

Atlanta knew that, like the human body, each agent (and sometimes the phenomenon) has its own characteristic vibrations caused by the movement of the internal tiny atomic particles. People instinctively determine which of these materials suits them most, and wore jewelry made from it, which gave them the strength and contributed to their susceptibility.

In Atlantis, the treatment of many diseases were widely used … crystals. Change the color in large "therapeutic" crystals help experienced physicians to determine whether the body is born the pain. Medical manipulation using "healing" crystals that are beneficial energy focused on the patient's body, were very common, as they helped to "inject" new forces into the body and prolong life.

Naturally, the times of Atlantis and it was necessary for surgical intervention. However, it is not associated with discomfort, as it applies healers' therapeutic hypnosis "is an excellent painkiller — so reliable that the patient does not feel any pain during the operation or after it.

Since the ancient Sumerians, in particular in the treatment of patients with a variety of methods helped extraterrestrials, then, most likely, they also helped and Atlanta …

So, using the book "Atlantis. On the trail of a vanished civilization, "we adequately and thoroughly familiar with certain aspects of the multifaceted life of the Atlanteans, and with some of their conditions of life. Finish this essay as well as we would like the words of Francis Bacon, quoted in the book Shirley Andrews:

"… I believe that one day the majority of this information is confirmed — for the benefit of our own civilization. So, opening wider mental eyes, staring eyes to the distant Atlantis and — … read not to contradict and confute, not to believe in the word — but to weigh and ponder … Read '

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