What future for the Russian special forces after the reform?

The problem of reorganization of military intelligence and special forces in the criteria for the reform of the armed forces and bring them to the ranks of the newcomer is, perhaps, more discussion in the community. With all this being said, noting that the representations were divided on this issue: the population supports reform, but more people are all the same expressed very critical about the innovation. In fact, the main prerequisite for such cases is plausible defect disk imaging, although the special forces, by definition, do not have to devote to their plans public. But for now, if you keep up with the passage of time, it seems completely logical discussion prepyadstviya military reform.

Among the people who are interested in military theme, strolling rumors that top-secret Russian special forces units engaged in covert special operations throughout the world. But this information was denied by the captain of the 1st rank Intelligence Navy G.Sizikovym. According to him, in time of peace there is no need to conduct such operations. Naturally, the military government should have accurate data on the possible opponent, but this task can fully cope ordinary spies.

Well, today there is a Russian special forces far more basic task — to reorganize the management system. About the need for reform of the enormous amount of evidence. For example, the experts they say that the need to upgrade the Russian special forces operations by the example of other countries. But at this time traced frank unwillingness or inability to modernize the Russian special forces such Makarov, that it meets the requirements of modern times. Despite the fact that the decision on the creation in Russia of special operations forces all the same was made the first steps in its implementation frankly staggering. Thus, it is unclear to what remedy certain SWAT teams or reassigned them to other agencies.

At the current time, there is a very common outlook on what army commandos for its original purpose, in other words as a tool for operational intelligence, can not be used properly pay tribute to the scenarios of armed conflict. In addition, in matters of strategy there is also a shortage of intelligence for the successful conduct of hostilities. Catchy example — the situation in South Ossetia when Russian special forces had a real opportunity to show his best side. Instead purpose to successfully operate in the rear of the Georgian and provide intelligence "their", and adjust air and artillery strikes on enemy positions became available to the public information that Russian special forces moved virtually at random, and in the end more than once ambushed …
Often happens in such a way that the special forces oblige to change their bases. With all of this quite seriously expressed the view that those who do not support management decisions of the military department, and who do not like the reform of the armed forces, there is no place. And sometimes the situation comes to openly delirium: Dissent is not just blame the collapse of the army and the country as a whole.

For example, not so long ago it was reported that the 24-th separate brigade of special forces to move to a new place of dislocation. Note that this subdivision relocated to Irkutsk from Ulan-Ude to 2009, breaking the 700 km of the course. Immediately ordered to move to Novosibirsk, with all this military families remain in Irkutsk …

A similar decision has caused a lot of questions, the answers to that yet. If the decision is related to politics, how can I explain it necessary? Indeed, in the case of transfer of brigade on the ground from Ulan-Ude to Novosibirsk, which is 1,500 km in a straight line will not have the 1st military unit or a part of?

If the decision of the military has "roots", then what and how to explain that a quarter of the country's area, strategically principle (specifically here is Lake Baikal — the source of fresh water), it remains vulnerable. And how is achieved mobility of the armed forces and made operational strategic command posts if to near the military unit will Bole 2 thousand kilometers?

According to its own essence riot — a specially made, trained and equipped army units, which are designed to do certain tasks for services of political, military and other purposes in wartime and peacetime.

As for the GRU, the formation of this was intended to sabotage in the rear of the enemy on the enemy's territories of different Counteroperation, spetsrazvedki management and the creation of the guerrilla movement in the enemy rear. But, according to the latest reform, GRU no longer exists, so as the management of the GRU no longer holds the key to this special unit. Here such here's the result …

But on account of Russian special forces have successfully conducted an unlimited number of transactions. The high point of it is considered to be a time when there was military action in Afghanistan. At the time in the special forces were 14 separate brigades, two training regiments, some 30 individual companies. When the war began in Afghanistan acts specifically special forces served as the basis for the creation of the 15 th and 22 th Special Forces brigades, which are operating in the conflict zone. Three-quarters of all operations carried out there during the war, not without the active role of the special forces, even despite the fact that their number does not exceed 1 percent of the total Russian army.

During the war in Chechnya, GRU also took an active role in the conduct of special operations. During this period, 29 Special Forces soldiers awarded the title Hero of the Russian Federation, and in 2002 about 2 thousand commandos were awarded combat medals and awards.

In addition, to merit a full staff in the Krasnodar region was further formed 10th team SWAT (special), which during the Soviet Union stationed in Crimea.

So Makar, at the start of the reform Russian armed forces in the special forces were 9 special teams. In their structure were serving Russian Union of Heroes 5 and 30 Heroes of. It is catchy evidence not only that the men Special Forces different special courage and devotion to the country, but also that they possess highly professional skills and a tremendous battle experience.

Special Forces Brigade were distributed across six military districts. In 2005-2007, the federal motivated applets "The move to contract 'have been allocated money to the 2 nd, 16 th, 10 th and 22 th Brigade. On the 24 th and 14 th Brigade of funds was not enough. The state of the 67th Special Forces Brigade particular was very weary, so in many years funds for its maintenance and development does not stand out. The only thing that was made at the site of deployment — it carried out a full repair the barracks.

Moreover, if we consider the period 2003-2010, the two teams — and 14-th and 24-th — in the general difficulties have on the development of field base, infrastructure and landfills around 3 million rubles. (!)

In 2007, disbanded special 67th Special Forces Brigade, which was engaged in the conduct of operations in Chechnya. At first it was assumed that the funds will be allocated to its elevation, but then suddenly received an order for its dissolution. So Makar, special forces, who possessed great military experience, have become superfluous to the state and the government. Most of the soldiers fired, some defected to serve in other military units directly to providing logistical support.

And now 'hands reached "and to the 24th Brigade. At first unit was stationed in Ulan-Ude. There was not a bad training base, which made it possible to carry out a very good combat training. And as the brigade was nea
r the airport, then it's safe to talk about the fact that it was indeed a mobile military unit. Almost all staff were provided with housing. A military base infrastructure and its communication was allowed without the huge expense to equip a brigade in accordance with the new global standards.

And then military government takes the decision to move the brigade to Irkutsk, with all this does not explain the circumstances of his. Moreover, the funds for the "relocation" was not allocated because division was forced to redeploy its forces to produce (and it is 700 km). That of similar permutations won the War Department — is it clear, as on the new site was not the respective training facilities or landfill, where they could engage in combat training and shooting. In addition, the soldiers, instead of being engaged in battle training, had to deal with resettlement units, with their own money.

But even in spite of all the difficulties, the 24 th team remained on top, taking the highest prizes in military activities.

And so a new solution — one more relocation — at this time in Novosibirsk, where a couple of years back was abolished 67th Brigade …

Prospects of development in the 24th brigade of special forces on the new site would be a shame as it may sound slightly. The new move again take precious time that could be izderzhat on holding training. Instead of the soldiers will be required to keep a giant area, to develop infrastructure. Conduct military training in full team also fails because the very territory of the military unit is in the center of town, and no landfill. Moreover, the standard of living of military personnel on the new site will fall significantly, as the members of their families again become unemployed and will have to find methods of arrangement, so as the Ministry of Defence does not undertake any obligations to assist in the search for their work.

If the situation will continue to evolve in a similar vein, the Russian Federation will soon forget about the special forces. Or do you need to change the policy for special units. At the current time, the future of Special Forces soldiers depends on the President, on how he is interested in the existence of a force capable of defending the national interests and security of the country in the international arena.

To do this, check the performance of a very wide range of tasks, posodeystvuyut really reform the special forces, turning it into a combat-ready, professional, mobile, compact, great equipment, and trained force.

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