What is it — a war the American way?

In autumn last year in the South American state of Florida passed tests 2-drones. The materials found after the flight, it is argued that these drones fired independent takeoff, have gained the desired height and began to search for targets on the ground. In this case, it was all done without human intervention. After a while one of them has found a purpose and made contact with the second unit, which also made a study of the subject. Then the signal was transmitted to the robot-car for the final analysis. So Makarov, it was found that the purpose of the attack is chosen correctly.

Very successful results of this experiment are cause for hope is that over time, unmanned aerial vehicles will not only keep track of, and identify and deal with liquidation of enemy forces on the basis of computer programs, rather than calculations of people. Fort Benning Experience proves that a similar introduction such drones just need to cases where people do not have time to give the job aids. Scientists who have been developing the necessary software, are also planning to create a utility for the detection of man, his identification and, if necessary, launch rockets on it.

Recall that kind of self-contained objects, namely, time-robots that are already heavily used in the military industry in the area between with 2 Koreas, and in areas of likely hostilities.

Scientists predict that in the next few decades could be the creation of a fully autonomous working machines capable of fighting in the criteria for meaningful work together to adapt to sudden change in the situation. United States emit huge amounts to carry out research work in order to preserve the dignity of the enemy, are developing similar systems, and for the performance of potentially unsafe repetitive tasks.

Destruction of enemy objects to the introduction of armed UAVs that are managed for thousands of miles from the target, causing widespread criticism. Moreover, the oscillation is called into the legality of their use in countries such as Pakistan, Yemen or Somalia, not at war with America.

The idea of creation of machines that can talk, take the surrounding reality and to make appropriate decisions is at odds with the norms of humanitarian law. And always be necessary to develop further programs in order to enable them to distinguish between an armed enemy of the peaceful inhabitant.

It is still unknown what tasks can make drones flying over potentially insecure countries such as Afghanistan, Yemen or Pakistan, in addition, taking into account the fact that they are without the help of others to get from one point to another without human role. Together with the fact predicted that the trend towards autonomy will continue. If at this point one man-The operator can control only one device, then in the next, and it may be that the same man will be able to control multiple machines.

At present, a decision to open fire people take, but in the future, in the event of war with more advanced technical-level opponent, time to think will be very small. So Makar, the need for the use of such devices will increase.

Already, there are calls on the need for arms control autonomized. In Berlin, even the international committee was created by mechanized arms control, the aim of which is to convince politicians that the war may be less bloody.

There is also a fully real fear that the enemy would be able to crack the program from the bot and to subordinate to themselves. Do not do without the disruption of similar devices. So, for example, a couple of years back in Africa automatic gun destroyed 9 man self-same army. Because committee proposed to sign an international agreement to ban the use of certain devices autonomized.

And yet, research in this area continue to move forward with a fast speed, thus not only in America and in China.

Some experts are convinced that the introduction of robotic machines to the military branch of the time has not come yet. In the main battle is common sense, and the machines it was not and will not be for at least another half a century.

At present, more promising developments Yankees are machines Rapid Eye and Vulture, the purpose of which is to increase the capacity of use of autonomous systems in the military sphere, the refusal of the conventional method of use of aircraft. For example, Rapid Eye will take the place of intelligence with ballistic missiles, which will only take a couple of minutes. Machine will be inflatable or folding wings that will allow to place it in the nose of the rocket. This apparatus will be able to lead autonomous operation for 7 hours on a huge altitudes.

Design Vulture contains a development program that will allow the unit not to land within 5 years, which is the period of its operation. In fact, this new model, which is a cross between a satellite and aircraft. Maybe he will run on solar energy. As candidates are also considered and the options with the introduction of the nuclear reactor and the ability to refuel in the air.

It's no secret that the United States stepped up its efforts to create a new type of weaponry to provide military advantages in the world. But such actions are already causing severe apprehension in some countries, namely, China, and Russia. In case introduction America's ballistic missiles to transport drones, the situation in general can get out of control, so as the same rocket can be used for nuclear strikes.

Some analysts renders an even more dark picture of the future. If military action will only occur with the use of avtonomizirovanyh robotic machines, and if their work fails to happen, scary to imagine for themselves what will happen then.

Although there is talk about the power of creation absolutely autonomous machines still early, but taking into account the frisky pace of technology development, it is possible to imagine that they will be very, very soon.

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