What is more important bugs should not be repeated in the modern Russian Empire

For a man well acquainted with the history of Russia and the Russian people, it is the two facts are obvious: in-1's, the Russian people — this imperial people, to the code of which is laid Messianism (or the Russian Space Art), this people, who live comfortably in the empire, the majestic power that affects the global processes, in-2, it does not matter what kind of turmoil, dismemberment, disintegration of Russia, Russian civilization will not last forever, the time comes, and Russ, like a phoenix, reborn from the ashes of chaos, helplessness, war, born updated majestic power.

So in today's time to realize: temporary workers and weakness are gone, our homeland again utter their voices heard, supported by the best warriors in the world, no matter how many read as about changing the world — it's heresy, "the right of the strongest" as before is everything. Because you need to understand at least some errors of the Red Empire and the Russian Empire, so as not to repeat them.

— The core of the new Union, the empire is evenly formed, the logic of a globalized world, the external environment of active pressure forces the number of post-Soviet elites space to move closer. Signs of these processes — the Collective Security Treaty Organization, the Customs alliance expression Nazarbayev's need for a single regional currency, a single economic space. Apparently, the kernel will include: the Russian Federation, Belarus, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, perhaps, Ukraine (or the south-eastern part) and Transnistria, these areas form the basis of the future of the Russian Empire, the Russian Union (and do not need find fault with the word "Russian"" Russian "- is the Greek equivalent of the word, the Romans — Russ — often called the" dew ", and we love to borrow foreign words, since Russia became Russia).

Noticeable that the elites of Abkhazia and South Ossetia is the realization that, without waiting for their occupation of the Russian Federation and the genocide of the population by force "Georgianisation" territories. No RF Transnistria is doomed to capture Moldova with the support of Romania, and then "Romanization" as part of "Greater Romania". Armenia will be obliged to resist the one Azerbaijan and its ally (even worse) of Turkey, which in recent years indicates simply unprecedented agility, moving towards the restoration of the "Sublime Porte." Ukraine is waiting for the internal strife between the west and the south-east, with the willingness of neighbors to participate in a sharing of the pie — it's about Romania, Turkey, Hungary, and Poland. Belarus — a wave of "color revolution" brought down, but who said that there will be follow-up? Well, just Alexander Lukashenko may "suddenly" die. And then on the developed scenario — a dramatic impoverishment of the population, the territorial claims of the neighbors, pro-Western elite who will hand over everything and everyone, including high-ranking Belarusian gbshnikov, police officers who are responsible for the repression of the freedom-loving Belarusian opposition.

— The rest of the republic under the pressure of the global crisis and, perhaps, a world war, which is likely to be a chain of small but violent regional conflicts, and current events (including the economic, monetary and political crises are the U.S., the EU, the war in Libya, actions Syria), it is far not the end of the event, and not even the middle, is just the beginning, will be required to go to the integration of the new Union. It is clear that because of its own anti-Russian policy, with respect to the remaining Russian in their areas, they do not deserve equal treatment. In other words, the revival of the Soviet Union in the usual way will not be the national elite and the "small brother nations" will not receive any benefits, safety, and the possibility of more or less acceptable to exist will have to work.

Equality and freedom — these two majestic chimera, invented in the West, who were trying to enter the Soviet Union — should not blind the minds of modern Russian. Now we have sufficient disk imaging, that of the ordinary thing to realize — thanks in nature between nations does not happen. Russian empire and the Soviet Union to equip margins at the expense of actually Russian land, giving the Balts, Finns, Central Asians, the dignity of the peoples of the Caucasus and the benefits they are in the vast majority of this was not appreciated. Not rated Huge feat of the Russian people, which led on the path of progress of the peoples of early stages of feudalism or even primitive relations. Russian people created the "small brother peoples' writing, nurtured their national intelligentsia (who later reincarnated in the majority of the enemy empire), built communication, developed deposits of minerals, built schools, hospitals, museums (their own stories), libraries, creating urban culture, gave the beginnings of statehood (as, for example, Finland), made the development of the national economy, and much more.

Because only a vassal of the case and complete obedience, following the example of the Anglo-Saxons, in any way differently, of course, Russia will not agree to the genocide of other nations, for example "developed" Western civilization, it is not in line with our value judgments. A leverage for "whipping" is always possible to find, for example: quite the same deport Tajiks from Russia, and at least some regime in Dushanbe fall. The question is, how elites of Central Asia will stop the wave of the Mujahideen of Afghanistan? Without Russian military aid.

— Entered into Russian Alliance should forget about chimeras Russian period — the various attributes of sovereignty, on transfers from the core of the Union.

— In the area of foreign policy forget about the free support of allied regimes do not need to squander the wealth of our nation. For an instrument, aid in the development of mineral resources, various large-scale infrastructure projects, the development of peaceful nuclear energy, in the area of education, medicine, etc. Our homeland and people have to get real assets — excavation areas, resort areas in warm seas for our health centers, children's camps, bit of a made-ups, etc., and not a word about the "eternal friendship".

In relations with the West — though how tough confrontation attempts to get into our affairs. The development of joint projects with countries that are willing to develop oboestoronnie the case (for example: Our homeland — Germany).

— Bimbo Russian currency, after the collapse of Baksova system and attempts to introduce a new asset bubble in the form of "Amero", should be free from binding to the Western monetary system. From this form of dependency is to turn away. Flawless in a new world currency will be q / hour, a typical energorubl. As the country has really valued q / h, and that of course means for global trading. In fact, any products — gold, nickel, petroleum, steel, gas, coal, timber, wheat, cotton — easy to evaluate q / hour. Paper, gold equivalents — it's all out of date, unreliable, these systems have invented the Anglo-Saxons. Energy — this is the real, universal and understandable to all people measure the price q / hour, he and Somalia m.

It is clear that it will not be in the coming two to three years, but the course of the historical process is inexorable, the revival of the Russian Empire — the inevitable.

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