What is necessary to know the Russian Federation?

Without a healthy elite (nobility) in our country has no future. It is necessary to realize, as a theorem. What does "healthy"? This means management class should focus on long-term interests of the people, by common sense. The success of our highest people reached when his nobility was closer to the ordinary people, to solve puzzles to strengthen Russia's position in the world of people and other indigenous peoples of the Russian multi-ethnic civilization.

This is the first time the princes of the Rurik dynasty: Rurik (Rarog-Falcon), Prophetic Oleg, Igor and Sviatoslav Brave little old. During this period, the Slavic-Russian, partly Baltic and Finno-Ugric tribes unions were merged to form a single government that could resist the dangers of Islamization and the dangers of the Christian Rome and Constantinople. Was eliminated "tumor" of the Khazar Khanate. The limits of the Old country were extended to the Volga, North Caucasus, the Danube Carpathian Mountains.

Then, in general, because there were some princes who did General Russian puzzles (like Alexander Yaroslav), management elite acted on behalf of himself or of a particular company. Metropolitan branch of the princes took on the All-Russian puzzles because they accompanied the success. The highest point of success — this is the reign of Ivan the Terrible. Inside the country, he developed local government, crushed the resistance of the separatists, all kinds of "fifth column" since then. Made reforms aimed at strengthening the army, the judiciary, built the fortress. In foreign policy were eliminated, "Splinter" — Kazan and Astrakhan Khanate. Our homeland was again strengthened the position of the North Caucasus, the Volga was again under Russian control, the Cossack detachments began the march across Siberia. Our homeland was trying to consolidate the position of the Baltic Sea.

Those of the Romanov rulers, who in their own politics were "popular kings", achieved great success. In the USSR, this "people's king" was Stalin. The main premise, which ultimately led to the death of the Romanov Empire and the Soviets were degeneration of the elite. Degradation of the same elite starts increasing as a result of so-called. "Westernism" when the people of Western culture is beautiful, fascinating native. They begin to read on the German (French, British, etc.) language, go to rest abroad, to live there for a long time, read their newspapers, books, becoming "Europeans." Their kids are also constantly live in the West, there are trained, get married, there all of their real life. They cease to be Russian. Their interests do not coincide with the interests of the Russian people and the indigenous peoples of Russia. Their main aim is profit in Russia, robbery terrain, they are transformed into a kind of "colonialists", but the Russian form (although among them there are plenty of non-Russians — representatives of the peoples of the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Jews, and so on). Our homeland in their eyes "colony-ground" from which to pump out as much as possible in order to assure for themselves and future generations a wealthy life in the West or in any major city of the planet.

Because the main task for a change of elites in Russia is the newest education of the nobility, the Russian in the Spirit. To which his warriors will Eagle, Svyatoslav, Alexandra Yaroslav, the miracle heroes Suvorov, Kutuzov, "Falcons and the gods of war" Stalin, not the killer in pretty different types of Jolie, Pitt, Leonov-reno.

It is necessary to return the Russian culture in detail, as the basis of our civilization. Kids with nurseries, schools, universities need to know Russian songs, dances, stories, Russian gods, heroes, warriors and saints, the Russian fighting styles. For us to be the norm Russian prazdnichkom like Kupala and Carols, strange, corrupting the soul "holidays" like a new year and March 8, should go into the past. All media should be censored, honey and moral, do not miss degrading images, programs.

Only when it is restored Russian culture as the base of our civilization, we will have and the other elite. Know ready to defend the interests of the peoples of Russia. People who can not be bought or intimidated, because they will bear in mind the images of the world of Truth-Government. Ready to destroy evil, to stand for truth, justice, the ability to say "I'm going to … you."

Then return to the Russian and deference in the world. Now the world is almost all identify with Russian vorem and debauchery. It had previously been the best Russian warriors, engineers, teachers, doctors, pilots, astronauts, holy. Now for all of Russia — it's girls who are moving to the Arabs and Turks for "sex tourism", the thieves who sell everything and everyone, including their homeland. They do not respect the Caucasus, Central Asia, Turks, Arabs and Westerners. Just one example on this topic: Kuwait TV host and political activist Al-Mutairi proposed the adoption of a law which has permitted the peasants to take slaves to carnal pleasures of, say, Russia. Everyone knows that such illegal "business" exists, Russian ladies, kids sell tyschami worldwide. There is a slave in RF, days are held on the subject, as the fighter of the Saratov region was sold into slavery in Dagestan (a Russian republic!). There's a whole enterprises, employing Russian servants, everyone knows about it. Our homeland after 1991 fell into the area of real neo-feudal relations. I think, be in place so-called. real imperative tandem with the Russian government by the Spirit, after such messages would be carried out military operation, and thousands of slave owners, slave traders, their peremptory and police "roof" would head to build a metal road to the Russian North. She began to build under Stalin, but then brosili.Na this point in time the question of its construction there.

In RF must have existed back over a thousand years ago, so-called. People's aristocratic society. In this society, the base of all — three non-closed class, the workers, warriors, nymphs. Those who are now in Russia is considered to be the "elite" — various artists, thugs, thieves oligarchs, politicians — a caste "untouchables", "rogue states." They can not work, to live in a normal community. Only such a society can be healthy, impervious to decay, able to withstand at least some external and internal danger. Though some people it can take at least some post, regardless of their own capabilities, rather than belonging to a particular social group. The farmer, a teacher at the moment, though what can stand up to the guards, fighter become a "warlord", the supreme manager. The man who owns "relationship with God", which got a unique-to-date experience will be a teacher with a big bukovkoy, "Sage-sorcerer."

In today's Russia and other countries of the West carried out to create a system of social relations, when the "elite" are recognized people, a place where the very bottom of the social hierarchy. A hidden control produce from various companies, clans, families and other similar structures. Ultimately planetka, the entire population of the earth faces the danger of the public "apocalypse", ie, the total loss of control, dipping into the anarchy of the world's population, such as neo-feudal society. The main reason — it's a general degradation of the global elite, the loss of managerial abilities and humanity itself. Typical hierarchy came across — the evil and injustice of "running the show", but the righteou
s thoughts of great people hiding in monasteries, monasteries, "go to yourself." The best position is the one who is more cruel, crafty, stripped of all the principles that distinguish man from a smart animal.

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