What is our defense minister, and that of the website

Screen on the article with the official! ! ! Web site of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation: http://mil.ru/index.htm

"Marine aviation — branch of the Navy. It consists of strategic, tactical, and coastal deck. "

"New Image", of course … "leaps" and bounds,
but to me, almost 30 years in the Naval Aviation, a wonder that neither the 1st! ! ! listed on the official website of the Ministry of Defence birth Naval Aviation it never was and NO! ! !

She ALWAYS! ! ! consisted of: sea missile-carrying, anti-submarine, ground attack, naval, fighter, reconnaissance and transport.
Simply it would be interesting to find out what it is yet — "Coast"?
In the titles of several regiments had and have the word "ship", unless they can somehow be identified as a "deck" — everything else is just absurd … (as well as tasks that are registered there …)

For example:

"Naval Aviation Helicopters — an effective means of targeting missiles at winding up the ship and submarine attacks reflection of low-flying aircraft and anti-ship missiles. "

The only helicopter Ka-sighting-25C, the last in the Navy, withdrawn from service sea Aviation in the 80-ies of the last century, the other was not and NO! …

The very "effective means targeting" — this is the target designation may issue, except that the hand waving in the direction of the enemy, and behold it if the crew neck binoculars on a flight hang …

Rather than a "strategic" assumed the Tu-22M3, it remained a part of Naval Aviation couple squadrons (one for SF and PF) more than a year have been transferred back to the distant aviation Ministry of Defense said that "tactical" — generally hard to imagine, for ground-attack aircraft in the sea, too, is no more.

The funny thing is that this nonsense is replicated and the newspaper "Red Star", and many websites …

And the sad and shameful, and hurt for the power …

Well, not only sad, and from that cave unprofessional "reformers" Army, it would seem in the details, is just creepy …

Not on another, as "girls Serdyukov" invented these "kind" Naval Aviation….

On the previous version of the website of the Ministry of Defence "hung"

Structural units BF:

Leningrad Naval Base

Baltic naval base

Separate Guards Brigade sea Corps of the Baltic Fleet

127 separate naval engineer battalion

The newspaper "Guardian of the Baltic" (where do without it) ….

Unknown to me in the middle "divisions" had no air force fleet, neither defense nor the Coast troops.

Actually, the 'unit' — a platoon, company, battalion (and then — not a single battalion, which is a "part" is).

Recollection was such that there were BF in MO only that what has (or had) your own website ….

As part of SF and "structural units" is not found,
but where — that "jumped out" is not carrying Marine and easy — and anti-submarine missile-carrying aircraft.

Perhaps at the crossroads of the Garden Ring, something of a "strategic" is transformed into "missile-carrying", and from "coast" flows into "anti-submarine".

As part of the Pacific Fleet jumped out and "Fighter", perhaps, turning from a tactical and there was "carrying Marine."

Obviously, all this is at one and the same web site, type the full "pot" that does not have even a vague idea of what he sculpts …

In the Navy they do not, but the fleets they came from somewhere …. Insanity ….

On the previous version of the website MO Caspian flotilla was completely unpretentious nicknamed as "the formation of the Navy of Russia."
At this she was coming, "development", so to speak, and turned into "component."

("Caspian Flotilla — the sea component of the Southern Military Area — based in Astrakhan, and provides national and state interests of Russia in the Caspian Sea region: conducting counterterrorism activities engaged in protection, protection of the interests of municipalities in the area of oil fields.")

What section or uncover — all bloopers …

So, for saytik PTUshnikom or for school, but he does not pull on the website of the Ministry of Defence … so do not except shame and disgust to those who are his "fills", nothing else is …

I have explained all this in his letter to the MoD website, but there my questions … "put" … the answers …

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