What is Russia going to the weekend

Indian Summer in the Moscow region will come next week. Weather forecasters promise some places up to 25 degrees Celsius. But according to projected warming ended before it really began. Indian summer will last very long. The weather for the next few days in the "Morning of Russia," said a leading specialist of the PHOBOS Elena Volosyuk.

While, according to the forecaster, we need to survive is not a very good weekend. All week on the north of the European part of Russia moved a powerful cyclonic vortex, and he pulled the cold air, which this weekend has come even to the tops of the Caucasus. Today, in the south of the country, plus another 22-27, but thunder Rain. And the weekend is not above plus 18-23.

Worse still have residents of the northern areas of the country where there is rain and cold of 10 degrees plus. But in the north-west the weather starts to calm down. St. Petersburg residents have experienced flooding, strong winds, and now the rains stopped. Temperatures here will gradually increase. On Sunday, the entire north-west is from 13 to 18 heat, and in Kaliningrad — even to plus 20.

But in the central areas on Friday and Saturday rainy. On Sunday, the rain stopped, however, increase the likelihood of night frosts. But during the day the air warms up is 13-18 degrees, said Elena Volosyuk.

As for the Volga region, there yet warm, but also not without rain. During the weekend there will be a cold atmospheric front. He reset the thermometer, but not as much as in the central regions. On Sunday, in the middle Volga from 13 to 18 degrees, and only in the Lower Volga — about 20.

Residents have to go through the Urals crude, but warm weekend. Here, the temperature is still maintained above normal. On Saturday, thermometers here show 15-20 degrees. And on Sunday, when there will be more rain, the temperature drops by 2-3 degrees.

These atmospheric fronts will be able to spoil the weather only in the extreme west of Siberia, and much of the region is dominated by a huge anticyclone. It provides residents of Siberia clear sunny weather with a very large diurnal temperature. So, in the Novosibirsk and Tomsk regions very tangible night frosts and daytime air is heated to 20 degrees. And the weather is kept in the weekend.

If you go further to the east, the situation is quite different. Yakutia — in the grip of cold air are formed even snow. Frosty nights here, and the day is not warmer than 2-7 degrees. Arctic cold has got to the southern latitudes: much colder on the banks of the Amur and Primorye. On Saturday, there still remain cloudy with temperatures of 10-15 degrees. But on Sunday the weather will improve, the air will be very quick to warm up.

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