What is the army of the Russian Federation need now?

Already 20 years have passed since day or full and final collapse of the Russian Union. For 20 years, our homeland shall without the help of others to meet new challenges without the help of so-called "fraternal" republics. And during those 20 years, our homeland has already felt to discover and pressure from the West, and painful injections by the neighbors, and the pressure of the media. Against the background of these events often occur cries that army in Russia is negligible, it does not do its mandated obligations that it is high time we reform the way that dear mother could not figure out. These statements are admixed to the same whiny cries of "patriotic" sentiments of the population. Like, we do not need an army, we ourselves somehow solve their own security problems: give a bribe gate of the ferocious, and he will fall behind.

And it hurts to look at how the two-meter fellow from the army, "mow", in co-inventing non-existent medical condition. Now you can confidently read that the Russian army again became a workers' and peasants. Why? Yes because kids businessmen, politicians, pop stars and other "elite" would never going to serve their own motherland even godok. Will, you know, lead singer of "Roots" and the rest of Nikita Malinin run in bullet-proof vests for the Tver swamps? They need it? Better these men snot will pour on display — pop. So go to the army Babes farmers, mechanics and cleaners. What these guys do? By the way, most of them are not even going to shy away from the service.

Yes if look at history, this state of things in our army has developed since that time. Neuzh then our society really thinks that perform the "international duty" in Angola or Afghanistan burning desire all the youthful generation of men? Certainly not! If we analyze the lists of the dead fighter during the Afghan war, the trivial pattern emerges: about 90% of the dead soldier military service — it's all kids of those same working families who had no choice. Their was no thought, no ability to pay a bribe to the local recruiting office in the district "petty kings" with a pair of huge stars on their epaulettes to stay home.

It turns out that Russian, Russian army was with a certain percentage of rotten. Do you want to serve — please, do not want to — also, please — and you can agree. Not in vain we have a lot of low-paid workers and honey lovers of easy money in the middle of serving military commissioners. In our time, it became more rotten.

If ask the usual question cadet has been called, no cameras and witnesses about why they entered the military University, the vast majority will say so and get an apartment for retirement earlier exit. It's amazing to hear from young people the words of the pension. So somehow it's not human. About the esprit de corps, valor of the Russian officer cadets read today even funny or, as currently adopted read, "dumb." That's gets such a lieutenant in the army, and how he is going to raise the morale of fighters. Maybe their stories about their own bright future with the certificate on the two-bedroom apartment or a military pension. Yes … from such perspectives fighters certainly will stand out of the trenches and will rush at the enemy …
To paraphrase the words of the famous TV commentator say: "This officer we do not need …"

The government says stubbornly to increase foreign exchange allowances for military personnel, an increasing number of benefits for their families, for other benefits. But in almost all the conditions of service of military units are close to the medieval. When the toilet is located on the street 50 meters from the barracks, and the one in the barracks, beaten for several months, and exudes a horrible stench, there is no need to read on the alert, but about personal survival in the deployment of troops Fri. On the TV screen, we are told that is a large-scale rearmament of the Russian army, but in fact we do not even trained pilots, tank crews and other members of the military occupations that the new instrument will be able to manage. And if there is, then they have nowhere to perform skills increase, because the training takes on an old technology with old military dogma.

So that there is readiness when fighter fed dog food, and the fathers-commanders laid Baksova packs in their pockets. What is re-if instead of new machines delivered to the troops our soldiers handed weapon with which the oath still perceived their fathers, and even grandparents. I remember a scene from the film "9 rota" when fighters arrived hand gun with a curved barrel, the owner of which, he says, "died a hero."

There must not fall into tearful hysterics, and together find and retrieve the output. If the army do not do any of the rod, and not even the smallest public control, the army from that you can expect anything, not protection. Modern army needed not saviors-contractors who can pay a huge amount of enemy and they will pass on its side, the army needed public support and real public control. Let us not sprinkle ashes, but rather try to regain sight of the Russian soldier and a Russian officer kind of real defenders of the Fatherland.

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