What is the army of the world is considered to be the most efficient?

What is the army of the world is considered to be the most efficient? The question has no definite answer, the real army's fighting capacity can be found only in a real war. In peacetime, the combat capability of the army can be found by comparing several major characterize components.

For convenience, we divide these components on the points and on the basis of their conduct is very open-minded, dry analysis of the combat capability of the more massive armies in comparison together.

1.Battle and the size of the Army and Navy
2.Number and quality of weapons and military equipment
3.Quality and training the staff of the commanding officer

All these components of the army's military, expressing the potential ability to do the assigned tasks in the criteria of real military action.

The subsequent question arises: Which army of associate? For example, when such a question is given in the same web, on various military and paramilitary forums and websites, unchallenged in this list are our homeland and the U.S., as China is everywhere, as is constantly warring Israeli army gets into this list too. Very rarely mentioned Bundeswehr and army England, on the other hand, surprisingly in first place of European states favor Switzerland, a government that for centuries no one made war.

Take, for matching three countries: Our homeland, the USA, China.

So, let's begin. I would like to immediately note that the data sample taken from open sources, clear data stored by the commanders of the districts in the vaults, and based on these data can provide an overall assessment.

1.Boevoy and the size of the Army and Navy

According to these indicators is leading China (more than 2 million people), followed by the U.S. (about 1.5 million people), our home on the 3rd, something about a million people. Also, countless armies have North Korea and India.

2. The quantity and quality of weapons and military equipment

The number of tanks in the first place is Our homeland (Plans to reduce the number of passes in the military reform), followed by the United States, and the third place China.

Combat aircraft fully lead the U.S., our home in second place, China is on the 3rd.

According to the U.S. combat helicopters in the first place, our home on the second, China with a significant lag in third place.

As the number of warships usually leads the U.S. Navy, the second place is occupied by China, the third our homeland.

But the quality of weapons again as the lead sverhtehnologichny United States, by far the biggest in China, our motherland to be in second place due to the fact that China does not actually have its own military development, and has already established tradition copies strangers, including Russian. But there is not so exactly. According to U.S. military professionals, the backlog of Chinese army from the U.S. in this area is 15-20 years to catch up and overtake the United States even more so it is unlikely to succeed. Then, as in dealing with Russia, China besides the benefits available in the size and capability, even the production of Russian arms to equip more and better than the Russian army itself, because the purchase of almost all Russian military innovations China spends every year from 30 to 50 billion. bucks.

3. The quality and training of the staff of the commanding officer. In this respect again as the U.S. and China with his professor armies profitably different from the Russian Federation

The U.S. Army is equipped to Professor, a voluntary basis. Military personnel receive good by the standards of the U.S. wage and a huge number of benefits. In recent decades, the South American army diligently practiced in the conduct of actual combat to compensate for die-hard officers and softness of the ordinary highest technical equipment.

In China, as there is no compulsory military service, military service is organized on the basis of professor, is considered very prestigious (for priemuschestvenno of available benefits, such as guaranteed employment "in the civilian world," decent pensions and state maintenance personnel. Practices naturally enough, but the mobilization capacity of China virtually limitless.

In Russia, as part of the reforms are massive cuts, allegedly to increase the content of the remaining high-quality personnel. Russian army is losing really experienced officers can tell the elite. Soldier structure is motivated by nothing more than fully, the main objective as soon as possible to give duty to the Motherland, that "more has not been touched." From recent practice, the conflict in South Ossetia, where only magic eased our military from huge losses.

So Makarov, it appears that China's nuclear par with the United States claims to be the one of the most impressive military forces of the planet. However, these estimates are quite relative, truly army's fighting capacity can be assessed only in the conduct of actual combat. Yes, certainly the U.S. can own technological strength to break through virtually any defense, then they get stuck and lost. China presses quantity. Our homeland is historically in the case of what is "long harness" although in modern conditions the time it will not actually be perfect.

Also, do not underestimate the Israeli army without losing not one war, NATO troops euro, is also quite impressive power, there are India, Pakistan, Iran and North Korea.

Although in light of recent conflicts have shown the very highest combat capability of the guerrilla army, which could not cope any more of a standing army.

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