What is the population of the earth is more dangerous than the threat of Hitler?

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Whether there are sufficient grounds to talk about the Holocaust, the Slavs, what is happening in our days are?

In his radio address on May 9, 1945, IV Stalin said: "The great struggle of the Slav peoples for their existence and their independence has ended in victory."

For the first time in the history of all the Slavic countries have consolidated as a political force on the basis of the socialist choice and counter external aggression. But as a result of defeat in the war of the Warsaw cool Contract bosses subversive actions by NATO intelligence, political intrigue and bribery traitors who have gained that Yugoslavia has turned into a thriving area of continuous wars and, like the Soviet Union, to break the "sovereign" pieces missing from the geographical card. Then NATO has brought down its military might to this fact defenseless country, killing selectively specifically Serbs — one of the main branches of the Slavs.

"The working scenario after the defeat of the Union of Russian one and the same as in RF — Ukraine — Belarus, in Yugoslavia, — says N. Asmolov. — The main thing in this scenario — not to consolidate the Slavs, the time to nurture the microstates with napoleonchikami and evenly to reveal their contradictions between them. Must be backed by Russia to the countryside ages 15-16, and the world breathe a sigh of relief.

Ukraine, by the way, Ukraine, too, will need to be shared, it is almost ready for it. " He recommends "Russian who more intelligent" as quickly as possible and go over the limit culturally assimilate their own kids in other countries: "Europe wants it even, by the way, as the Slavs — poorly managed, but quite inventive and perfectly working people. Even by name in Western languages "Slavs" — a slave.

If these snow-white hard workers make more in Europe and is well kneaded in factories and brothels, so you can stop the colonization of Europe by the Turks and Africans. Plebs … from Belarus or Serbia, just praying for Putin when he was with Naomi Campbell says, or plays music "by the scouts." And so it should — to lull Slav patriotic speeches, shake the beads, the model is solid, make it into the cell, calm and quietly take him to a slave market.

Let the barbarian world economy is trained by the example of personal liquidity. Americans, and formerly the Vatican, as well Poles have traveled, is not it? Now Brzezinski and Lewinsky revolve on the political Olympus America, that people from the Slavs quite well. Good and the last option in a particular affinity with the President himself, with oral sex "(although the" last option, "they say, is connected not with the Slav, and the Jewess — VV). Here's a fascinating perspective offers us citizen Asmolov, voicing has actually implemented strategic plans Judeo-Nazis.

Our homeland, as indicated by the history of the last century, plays a particularly important role in the preservation and development of the actual strength of the Slavs in the stubborn anti-Catholicism and Turkish conquerors. On its territory is home to more than half (from Ukraine and Belarus in practice?) Of this ethnic group. A lot of the Slavs scattered over all the continents of the planet. In this critical era of our country designed to fulfill the purpose of re-consolidation of all Slavic peoples. Luck solutions that historical puzzles crucially depends on the choice of the ruling group in Russia course of internal and external policies.

The main objective of at least some (non-occupational) of state power is saving people, its location, natural and made the work of many generations of wealth. But particularly since 1992, when the restoration of capitalism ran across an open phase, in Russia began a steady decline in population. A small deviation of this trend in 2009, which bureaucrats are in a hurry to pass off as a success state demographic policy, caused in-1's, the fact that the activity of childbearing age to take young people born in 1985-1987., When the country was sharply reduced consumption of alcohol and had a great surge of fertility. So called "maternity capital" can not significantly affect the increase in the birth rate, since it does not compare to the costs necessary for normal maintenance and education of the baby, even in the first years of his life. Most of all, the total population affected zabugornye migrants, including those previously not recorded, and often with large families. Yet, in Siberia for ten years population reduced more than 2 million, despite the significant increase in migration in the main from China and Central Asia. In this regard, it is becoming increasingly real prospect of physical loss of this important region for Russia.

The main premise of depopulation of the country are obvious. After all, the national average salary 20 thousand may, more or less adequately, to live only the employee, but to support and bring even the 1st child, let alone three, is becoming increasingly problematic. But the average income of 2-thirds of the population is above 12 thousand per month. For the average figures — 500 people whose income is more than one and a half times the consolidated municipal budget, and about 20 million people living below the poverty line. First, drowning in luxury, shocking the world with their crazy extravagance, selling ladies bathe in the pools and fountains of champagne, the second die on the same line. So called "market basket" for 2011-2012. expressed by the sum of 2,653 rubles. Perhaps all of those who established a "basket", often eats her for a dinner. Is that why in Libya, which has virtually the same per capita income such as in Russia, the population in the last 20 years, grown three times, and we have a hell of falling? Demographic situation more complicated politics of the forthcoming commercialization of education, health, culture and leisure. All sharper face the task of payment of public services, housing and transport. Not the case, even in relatively prosperous Moscow 50% of the respondents of the first sociologists discrepancies dubbed the "fear for their future and their children's future."

Wholesale rejection of Russian spiritual values, to discredit the communist standards, almost all coinciding with the moral norms of Orthodoxy — all this has led to a spiritual vacuum, loss of sense and the will to live. People massively felt themselves thrown out of life that fatally affected the health of many. In particular, suffered from mental stress of working age men who find themselves out of work and dramatically lost in wages, or are obliged to change jobs by calling on all for the sake of survival or enrichment. As a result, they experience a profound spiritual change of heart, which is manifested in the deterioration of public health and the destruction of families. Not the case, 80% of grown dramatically during the "market" reforms of suicide — men from 20 to 50 years.

How paradoxically, depopulation, in other words, the degeneration of the population is accompanied by a "population explosion" — the rapid growth of the number of most ethnic minorities. Russia in 15-20 years may find themselves in their own country natsmenov, and by the end of this century, they have less than 5 million. It is no accident, graphic trends — declining fertility and increased mortality in our country demographers call the Russian cross. Vladimir Vladimirovich justified on an inappropriate slogan "Russia for the Russian" because of it should be formally denying the rights of other indigenous peoples in our country. Bu
t this slogan — the only answer to the danger of the practical implementation of the motto "Russia without Russian."

The fact that the possibility of such a situation is not possible, I will refer again to the well-informed about the mindset of the ruling "elite" N. Asmolova. "If — he said, — statistically ordinary people in the middle Russian anymore — they will become extinct. So it should be. Besides, no one will weep — albeit reduced this ferocious, the common people, it is easier to breathe. The best of Russian always lived in Europe, and now the same will. By the way, gay culture, as well as promotion of female hormones in beer — it's a good technical progress, that monsters are not bred. Here in Europe there is a VIP hotel, where Russian is not allowed because of their last nastiness. Just as the official advertising goes — "Rest without Russian." The exciting thing about that if you go to the hotel itself — where people sit in a restaurant, talking on the UK It is not good, with the passports of Malta, Estonia, South Africa, Venezuela, Brazil … In practice it are natives of Russia. But these people have made the right decision — not to be Russian, and pay double the cost of the hotel just for the fact that never hear Russian speech. " Comments seem to be superfluous.

Academic SY Glazev based on statistical analysis of the mass of evidence proves a causal link between the policy pursued in Russia and the degeneration of the population, "and that qualifies it as a genocide." It should be clarified: the genocide are more likely the Russian, which accounted for four fifths of the population of our country. The main instrument of destruction of civilization — creating mass unemployment in the country, handling in the monetary system — precipitous depreciation of assets (similar Gaidar 1992), defaults, constant devaluation of the official establishment of non-comparable to the survival of small salaries, "baskets" and unemployment benefits, "monetization 'benefits, etc. As can be seen, the main task — saving people — the Russian municipal authority apparently does not.

Statistics show that in all the Slavic countries, particularly the Slavic population dies out. Moreover, the genocide is more active in Russia and Ukraine, which account for more than 2-thirds of Slavs. While Belarus — the only government-intensive counteracts this process. As can be seen, the holocaust of the Slavs — is a catastrophic fact of our time.

Yet, at the IX All-Slavic Congress in Minsk in July 2005 recognized. Economist, General Manager Schiller Institute, intended to deal with IMF, Lyndon LaRouche said: "To save the world from fascism of money the U.S. can only Slavs as the Slavs is the highest cultural matrix, and they hold great wealth of the world. Monetary capital aims to capture all the planetoid and raises risk of life itself. 90% percent of the money — it's the Zionist capital.

The main enemy of the Slavs — Zionist fascism

World Zionism is now an even more formidable threat not only to the Slavs, and the entire population of the earth, including the Jews of German fascism than 70 years ago. This is evidenced by the fact that he was forced to remain silent about their own sins, the absolute majority of politicians, political parties, trade unions, public movements, international organizations, including the UN and the global media.

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