What kind of military equipment will be provided by Red Square

May 9 Russian capital once again accept the victory parade. By tradition, it will accept the role of the military all the armed forces, as armored vehicles and aircraft. Total on the pavement will be about 20 thousand soldiers from military schools and military units of the Armed Forces of the country and other law enforcement agencies. Musical Parade responsibility of providing a consolidated military band consisting of 1,5 thousand musicians. Command event will be deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Colonel-General Valery Gerasimov, and take Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov

In addition, the parade will accept the role and 100 pieces of military equipment. Among them, T-90 tanks, armored personnel carriers BTR-80 combat reconnaissance vehicle "Tiger", self-propelled artillery "MSTA-S" anti-aircraft missile systems "Buk-M" operational-tactical missile complex "Iskander" missile strategic destination "Topol-M" and the anti-missile system is large and medium-range "Triumph" C-400 self-propelled anti-aircraft missile and gun system "Armour-C1."

In the air of the parade will involve five military transport helicopters Mi-8. They carry the flags on Red Square Russian Federation Armed Forces, and their species — the Army, Air Force and Navy.

He graduated from the famous Victory parade march "Farewell of Slav", which is a year to celebrate next year its own 100th anniversary.

"Topol-M" — missile system with the strategic focus of an intercontinental ballistic missile 15ZH65. Maximum range is 11 thousand kilometers. The missile carries a single nuclear warhead of a capacity of 550 kilotons. Topol-M is based both in the mines and on mobile launchers.

"Triumph" C-400— Anti-aircraft missile system large and medium-range missiles. Created to defeat all modern facilities and air-space attack. Any AAMS immediately provide fire to 36 goals with the guidance of their up to 72 missiles. Target detection range of 600 km, range of fire — 400 km. Maximum height of defeat — 30 km.

"Iskander" — operational-tactical missile system. Designed to engage fire weapons, missile facilities and air defense, command and communication centers Fri enemy aircraft and helicopters are on the ground and critical civilian infrastructure facilities. Launch mass: 3800 kg. Warhead weight: 480 kg. Length of 7.2 meters. The diameter of 920 mm. Short range hitting the target: 50 km. Most — 500 km.

"Buk-M1-2" — anti-aircraft missile system designed to protect troops and facilities at raspolozhenii them in place and hode of offensive and defensive actions against shocks samoletov and helicopters. Detection range of more than 100 km, the simultaneous detection of 24 targets and fire 10-12 of them. The reaction time is 15 seconds.

ZRPK Armour-C1 — self-propelled anti-aircraft missile and gun system of land-based. Designed for close cover civilian and military facilities of all modern means of air attack. Air defense is automatic guns and guided missiles with radio command guidance. In addition complex is able to fight against lightly armored ground targets, and manpower of the enemy. The highest capture rate is 10 targets per minute. The crew of 3 people. Weight — 20 tons. Deployment time 5 minutes. The reaction time is 4.6 seconds.

ACS "MSTA-S" — self-propelled gun-class self-propelled howitzers. Created for the destruction of tactical nuclear weapons, artillery and mortar batteries, tanks and other armored vehicles, anti-tank weapons, manpower, anti-aircraft and missile defense. Etc. Rate of Fire (7-8 rds / min). Gun ammunition 50 rounds. Range of up to 30 km. Mass of 42 tons. The crew of 5-7 people. Caliber Guns: 152.4 mm. Most road speed of 60 km / h

-90 -Main battle tank. The combat weight of 46 tons. Hull length 6.8 meters. Width of 3.4 meters. Smoothbore gun, 125-mm. Battle set of 45 rounds. Most cross-country speed of 60 km / h The crew of 3 people. Armor thickness 800-830 mm.

BTR-80 -Armored widely used in motorized troops. Weight 13.6 tons. The crew of 3 people. Troopers 7 people. Armor thickness of 7-10 mm. Most road speed of 80 km / h

Armored "Tiger" — army vehicle off-road, the modification of the GAZ-2330 "Tiger". Done at the Gorky auto and Arzamas Machine-Building Plant. Combat weight of 5.3 tons. Capacity — from 2 to 10 people. The highest speed — 125-140 km / h

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