What kind of superman said Hitler?

It would seem clear that the "superman" of Nietzsche. But as used to say "Father Muller", "clarity — a form napuskaniya fog".

Chief of the Gestapo, no doubt, aware of the activities "of the German Society for the study of ancient history and heritage of the German ancestors," which Hitler in 1937, integrated into the SS.

Officially, the "Company" engaged in archaeological excavations Viking IX century fortifications, ancient settlements in the Middle East and the countries occupied by the Wehrmacht (including burial mounds in Ukraine).

But few people know that Hitler committed to work "the Company" means more than the U.S. to produce a nuclear bomb! And the lion's share of these funds went to finance expeditions to … Tibet.

Just look at a map to estimate the extent of the company. But that is not all of the expedition, which reached the mountainous country, there will not be refunded But from Tibet arrived obviously not "true Aryans".

The fact that Hitler was looking for connection with Shambhala, the powerful center of the underground technological civilization, the existence of which most of the "ground" earthlings and unaware.

Tibetan legends say that in 3000 BC in the Gobi was an accident that turned the area into a desert. And the remnants of the highly Gobi civilization allegedly moved into a huge cave system beneath the Himalayas.

Believe that their messengers and Tibetans were the same that were coming to the Third Reich. Already in 1926, when Hitler became Fuhrer Munich and started his "march on Berlin," in some German cities settled colony of Tibetans. And in 1945, more than a thousand of them — in a German uniform, but without documents and symbols, fought in the Alexander derplats the Soviets, who took Berlin.

Oversaw minded one of the leaders said, "Society" Professor Wurst, a recognized expert on ancient Eastern cultures, somehow related to the Gobi civilization and "superhuman" Shamballa.

Occasionally these "supermen" met with mere mortals. V1896, the founder of the secret organization "Golden Dawn" Colonel Matters, in his "Manifesto" described the impression of these meetings:

"… They met with me physically in due time and in advance at the appointed place. I think that these are human beings living on the Earth, have a terrible superhuman power …

My physical relationship of them have shown how difficult it is mortal, no matter how developed it is, endure their presence. Contact with them, and represents a terrible force, I could compare with a close lightning strike during a severe thunderstorm … Nervous prostration, of which I speak, was accompanied by cold sweats and bleeding from the nose, mouth, ears and sometimes … "

And here is what he said about the "superman" Hitler in a conversation with the head of the Danzig Senate Rausch-Ning, "I will tell you a secret. I have seen this man. He is brave and tough. I was terrified in his presence!"

The last phrase is indicative of the true words of Hitler, few people boyavshegosya. All those legends tell of Tibet's ability to "superhuman" Shamballa materialize and dematerialize when they want.

Known Russian researcher E.R.Muldashev Himalayas in his book "From we come from?" imagined the potential power of this "superman" if he were suddenly in Moscow on Red Square, large crowds:

"All people will be shocked by the appearance of growing up out of the ground as a man of unusual appearance. Obvedet He eyes people and stop the eye, such as the Mausoleum of Lenin. And people see as the beginning of the mausoleum will bounce piece of wall, and then sent to the Mausoleum, like a house of cards.

Giant catch the eye of people, staring at him. And his view of people feel incomprehensible weakness and then fall asleep, falling to the ground. Some of the Kremlin guard raises his gun to shoot at the giant, but a giant, instantly recognizing intentions, looks at the policeman, and the unfortunate fly in the air, along with a piece of the wall, close to where he was standing.

Caused by a regiment of soldiers, just seeing the giant will be immediately discarded and demoralized by an unknown force, along with armored vehicles. Pilots helicopter regiment, flying up to the site, they see that all the navigational aids out of order, as if the helicopter was in the area of the strong magnetic anomaly. Pilots will experience strange feelings of anxiety, anger, changing headache, severe weakness, loss of consciousness. Machines fall to the ground, exploding.

All attempts to hit the giant military will be doomed to failure. The element of surprise appearance and disappearance of the giant does not give the possibility to organize the defense. Military will be demoralized by the thought that their intentions are "read" and the organization of a massive attack giant mysterious ways … disappears, playing "cat and mouse".

His appearance in one, then in another city sow panic among people, which would include millions in a hypnotic state. Will be broken the whole energy system. Stop walking train, fly airplanes, stop industry will decline, agriculture, people will light their homes with candles, firewood. Begin hunger and disease. Prevail primitive life and savagery survivors that after a few generations have become a group of nomadic aborigines. "

That's what "superman" meant Hitler. And it funded the "Company" has made some progress to establish telepathic contact with "superhuman" Shamballa. Two female contactee (one Yugoslav, the second German) gave Hitler the drawings and descriptions of the operating principle of aircraft Shambhala. When German engineers were able to build them, it turned out that it … "Flying saucers."

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