What kind of uniforms odezhku want to wear a Russian military?

Uniforms Something to Wear for the military — it's not a grand costume day or output, a huge part of their lives soldier holds particularly in clothes, "isolated" by the state for the daily service. Most people understand that we live in a country of huge extremes and dramatically reverse the decisions is not an exception here, and the trend of modernization of regimental uniform of military personnel. Deep-rooted uniform Something to Wear Russian army sought structural configurations, but which ones? As the configuration data should be reflected on the outer and inner well-being as the real guys — the defenders of the motherland?

Who is actually at least some review of the war theme addresses the issue of equipment worthy fighter uniforms, "hackneyed" is the topic of favorite verbovaniya Russian designers (Yudashkin, etc.) to develop new designs uniform clothes. We are no reports of who and what the "know-how" it develops, but there is an impression that we are dealing with another enrichment of individual officials for couples of municipal funds. It is not clear to what to develop new kinds of underwear, if you already have long established thermal underwear for men, these examples are a huge number.

First, you must ask the ordinary soldier, who sits on a leather chair in his office, which he needed a form? That's when we have to though what design solution can provide high-quality and reliable material that will not fade after the 2nd wash, wiped after 6 months of socks, in what will be hot in the summer is not as cold in the winter, we will step too far forward. High-quality material — half of success, add to this a successful and obmyslenny cut and all difficulties will be solved. We say that the form are true men, do not wear them in the same "not breathing" material with average savings rates of heat, give them a cool addition to the time, the military thermal underwear for real guys.

Russian phenomenon — the tanks and other military equipment, we always go out to do at the highest level, as well, a form as we can not! When the soldiers get comfortable and reliable uniform clothes, even underwear for guys, too, and the like, we can assume that the military reform in the Russian Federation "is approaching the end of its own logic."

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