What might be a third global war?

Since ancient times people have all the means fighting for the best place in the sun and of the moon, too. Conflicts arise over the possession of the tenderloin plain, the best pastures, etc.. Victory gave affirmation in the middle of the other tribes, booty and slaves …

Several positive disposition (on the findings of historians) were unifying the war, when what-some prince conquered neighbors near and far, and eventually created a government strong enough. A distinctive feature of the long "half-childish" wars was that they did not spoil the nature and did not threaten to destroy whole human race. Exterminated, however, whole tribes and nations (and with great brutality), but the population of the earth as a whole not threatened.

Time passed. Fight for survival and approval forced to find new things and new weapons. Went into legends matches before the battle, and other chivalrous manners. The generals preferred to destroy the enemy en masse and immediately. Until the mid-twentieth century has had the opportunity to use at least some new gun without harming the planet. But later, the population of the earth is ripe before the invention of unheard before nuclear, chemical and biological potential. They are full of eyeballs whole the globe. It remains only to someone first to press the button.

Thus, the population of the earth is ripe, but not enough sdureli to apply this potential. Let the politicians shouting and quarreling, the generals express readiness, but is well aware that the favorites in the recent war will not be that dumb even hit the rebound zateyschika would get, and how would get! And who, in fact, need a shattered on long years infested enemy territory? Better in fact, that it was inhabited and filled with a cheap labor force. But how to achieve it? Meanwhile, the newcomer to the division of the world prepare certain forces. Dream about him. Sometimes there are local wars, but planetka generally keeps.

Now talk about computers. In the world at the moment is universal computerization. Regardless of whether a backward country like hers with the economy, there is a crisis of power, computers fall evenly in all areas. Even the global crisis can not stop the process.

I remember that before taking the train tickets. There are places — issue a ticket, no — do not give out. The picture now. The train arrived, the place is free, and everybody knows about it, and hung Network. No access to the server, and the woman in blue uniform did not do. Without a computer, it will not sell a ticket. There is no way of reversing. There was an electric machines and in shops and even in pharmacies. There is no connection, and you will not be called the cost of purchased drugs occasionally. In the ATM will not receive funds if problems with the bank server. However, such failures are rare. Above the Net work, the quality of its constantly doing better systems for care. But if in your office leaked terrible virus …

I remember very well how it happened in my office. Network virus has been launched in Germany, crossed half of Europe and headed for our factory. Very contribute, which was built between departments outdated Us — unhurried desyatimegabitnaya. So when we started to refuse computers, we were able to prevent a number of departments. Yet, half day or three engineers could not work until virus not pacified. Braked and several workshops through the network were charged programm on CNC (computer numerical control). And it's done just the only one virus, written brave cracker!

And if carefully prepared package or many packages such viruses and release them into the computer network is not very friendly power? This is a global power tool! You imagine the consequences? Stop at the factory, fail, as it should, run power plants, immobilize vehicles, banks will not be able to produce a single operation. Complete destabilization of the economy and life! It's time to stir up the people what-any cultural revolution and the government needed to slip. And you need not provide troops.

But the Web is no boundaries. As viruses are differentiated, to attack anyone? Trivial! By territory or by the language that is used. In addition to that you can advance to provide the desired regions of the vaccine. The poison is better to invent along with the antidote.

The further into the future, so this will be devastating attack or … war… And here we go back to the name of the article. Computers every year, every month, even harder to get all the niches of our activities, and the smallest of faults immediately perceptible.

A purposeful action buried a real chaos. Third global war will be computed. Completely may be that at this point in the secret laboratories is intense training. Hackers make the virus more for the sake of bravado, that assert themselves and show off and admire his "brilliant" fruit.

But experts at the Defense Ministry are working constantly and for the excellent facilities. I'm not saying that everything indeed the case. It may well be that I am wrong. But the idea of massive viral plaque is completely feasible.

More than once I was convinced that the reality is more fantastic than the wildest fiction. If any idea occurred to someone in the head, it is possible that this will come tomorrow someone else entirely
independent of the first head. And all may be, the idea is already done in some places.

So, let's take a lot less to think about stupid things! However, for bringing us the third global, even if the computer?

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